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Thinksound ON2 Headphones

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I hope they are good with phones too as much as dedicated players.
My wallet and this drop finally align, joy.
If shipping these $89.99 ON2's to Canada (B.C.), will there be additional taxes or customs fees levied?
Legally? Yes. $20+ on any items unless "Gift"-marked. Then the limit is $60. Although from personal experience, I've gotten away with higher marked items before. Not usually though. With Massdrop, always take the exchange rate + 13% (PST+GST)/HST into account. As you can see, only the best deals are really "deals" for Canadians.
Thanks. I subsequently learned that massdrop declares the full value, so I'm sure I'd get hit with duties.
I’m consideting purchasing these headphones for live and studio mixing. Most of the time they would be used to solo a track during a live mix or as monitors in the studio.
So far these are winning me over with the closed back and 40mm drivers, I don’t see a power rating though so i have to ask if there is one available or is there anyone else using these for live DJ work and can confirm they will not distort before the mixer and sound flat when driven hard.

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You're right. They do have a slight mid-bass enhacement. But they are good overall headphones and way better than any Beats. A lot of measurement sites are going with the Harman curve, which recommends a boost of the lower frequencies. I feel this is incorrect and that headphones should measure flat in the bass.
Im going to try these out. Thanks for the comments.
Gotten from last drop too.
Got these on the amazing 89$ drop and I very much love them!

I would like to change the pads to less sweaty ones like velour pads. Any advice on that?
Is this likely to be re-activated any time soon?
Wow, the price... For a heart-stopping moment I thought my eyes had deteriorated again XD
Still, it half pains me that I was in the last drop (worthwhile though it may be)
Do these leak a lot of sound? Looking for something to use in an office environment.
When these are snugged together very little sound leaks. So, it will depend on how it rests on your ears - big ears vs little ears :) For me the ON2 works well, but I have smaller ears.
I have those for quite some time ,I have average ears and even on very high volumes it almost does not leak at all, from 0.5 meter away you hear nothing at all.

I use it in an open office space with many other people and a lot of noise, so as well as almost no sound leakage at all it does a great job at blocking the surrounding noise.

Also as a bonus they sound great too...
So I purchased the ThinkSound ON2 for $99 in the last drop and haven't even received it yet, and the price is now $89. Massdrop, will you be crediting us back the $10?
Prices on items go up/down all the time on Massdrop. There is always a bit of a gamble when going in on a drop, whether the price will increase/decrease when it comes back, or whether it'll ever come back again.
Yes, prices do go up and down. But never down before people have even received their order from the previous drop. I remember that happening once before and Massdrop credited everyone for the difference. Having the price go down a week after the previous drop (before customers received their orders) and not taking care of who bought for the higher price makes this "gamble" too risky and can depress sales.
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I already gifted 2 of those...
Considering getting another one to have it for another gifting emergency...
I'm really committed to making the people around me get a better sound...
Also I gifted about 10 Porta Pros already...
Wow! I gifted one porta pro to a good friend, but these have much better bass response and they are great for acoustic music as well. They would easily satisfy most music lovers :)