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These or HD 25?
Had these for a few weeks now. Very enjoyable detailed sound, comfortable to wear, and easy to listen to for extended periods of time.
How do these compare to the emu purplehearts for 80?

If anyone wants to send me both I'd be happy to post a comparison >:D
These are leagues and bound beyond the emu. Build quality, sound and comfort all outclassed. These are among the best on ear headphones under $200.
Wasn't this $140 when it dropped last year? Looks like its $25 cheaper in this drop
Load 1 more comment the price gradually went down. Will probably hit 99 next year
It was 139 last year, that's when i bought em.
How do these compare to the On1 phones? I have those and they're great.
I can add my endorsement. These are fun headphones, and why else do we listen to music. Well made and nice to use. For an on-ear they are comfortable for a fairly long time. Sound stage is bigger and more involving that you'd normally get for a small, on-ear closed backed headphone. Kudos to the designers . Also kodos to massdrop for offering these sweet things.
I just want to say I've had these cans for over a week now and I am really enjoying them. They are small and portable. They are very light. They seem to be built well with travel/air travel in mind, and can easily be stashed in a backpack or purse. I had them tucked into the outter pocket on my lunchbox today for work.

They are easy to drive, I use my phone directly or my DAC on my desktop. They don't need much volume to thump.

They are comfortable and light. I get the headband back as far as I can on my head and after a bit it's hard to tell they are there. It does take a bit to get used to the on-the-ear cups, but they are there by necessity. These headphones are SMALL, and very portable. I wouldn't want the cups any bigger.

The sound is fun and entertaining. They can hang with ANY other 200 dollar can easily. If you listen to one or two sounds you like on a good dac/amp you won't be dissapointed about spending money on these. It's hard to describe how fun they sound. And they have hidden bonues of sounding great when being driven on a phone in a noisy environment, they take a regular 3.5mm cable, and they come with 2 cables. You can replace the cable for 2 bucks at Monoprice.

Kudos to Massdrop for introducing me to Thinksound. This is a great product and I hope Thinksound continues to make good stuff. If somebody was looking for a good headphone that travels well, can be driven by phone, and has sound that will make you forget where you are, this is what I'd recommend.
these really are great little headphones.
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Same, or leave them around my neck. Still, I do stuff them in my carry on when leaving the airport.
As mentioned before, this case could be found on Ebay for $5-6 from US sellers. It's a Beats case, so I colored in the logo on the top with a perm marker
Headfonics review of the Thinksound On2:
If I order these headphones to Finland, do i have to pay taxes? The massdrop checkout says taxes: $0,00
Most probably you will pay customs taxes when it reaches Finland. So far I always payed VAT in customs on all Massdrop orders.
Since they started with web customs clearance they stop everything in customs.
I have seen some people mentioned tight clamping force in reviews. Is there any way to guess whether it would be uncomfortable for me? If i do order and find it too tight, is a return possible?
Probably no way to guess, depends on the size of your head. Mine were clamping too much at first, so I did the the classic trick and now the clamping force is just right. Just leave them stretched out (eg: use a box, soccer ball, etc) over a night or two and the band eases up.
they stretch out over time, you can do the thing where you stretch them over a box or something as well.
anybody knows the "sensitivity" rating on these ON2s?