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Timex Weekender Quartz Watch

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A good value for money watch. Abit small but goes well for a casual look. The leather strap it comes with does not scream high quality but you get what you get for that price. One thing id like to point out is that the watch is abit loud. Other than that it is a really good bargain, quite happy with it.
Just wanted to say the youth I purchased this watch for couldn't be more thrilled. The strap is pretty much a joke, but for a first watch for an eleven year old the watch works well.
This watch is seriously light-weight, especially compared to the Timex Eagle Drive (which wasn't much more in price). The Leather strap is a bit-of-a-joke to be honest, so thin and flimsy the watch cries out for a decent Nato or Zulu strap....which is what I have done. The Indiglo on this thing is amazingly good, and the White Dial with plain black hands is easy to read and functional. The Minimalist style is perfect for my taste, this is now my work watch.
This is my first drop. For those that have done this before, any idea how long it typically takes for items to ship out from Massdrop? Thanks!
Hey! First of all, welcome ūüėä it depends on the drop to be honest. The estimated ship date is shown in the description, for this drop the date is the 15th of September. You should see an email around this date with all the details! Any more questions just give us a shout back.

The time to arrive really depends where you are. I'm in Ireland so it normally takes around a week for a drop to arrive after shipping.
This specific model goes on amazon for 32$:

and you can find other versions as well for 29$:

Also, some specific models, which also includes the indiglo (whole watch face illumination) goes for even less (24$):

So... not really worth it...
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Check out the clearance watches at Timex.com and use code save20 to take 20% off.

It might work for you or maybe not.

Might want to check out Walmart.com and Ebay as well
For some watches amazon does send to my country (this watch included), but you are right not all of amazon deals sell internationallly, or get better shipping price than in here - but again it ships in 2 days top, where massdrop ships in a month give or take.
Can anyone tell me if this watch can be engraved? I'm looking to gift it and this is the style of watch that the recipient would wear. Thanks!
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Hi Carol,

doing a little more research, you very likely could get this engraved, as it's a stainless steel back on a brass case. The back of the watch is pretty busy on its own however, and not really sure you could squeeze anything on it. Just more thought.
Yeah, I saw that and was wondering how to get around it... I'll check with my local watch makers/repair shops to see what can be done... I'm getting the watch anyway since I really like it. Thanks for the follow-up message! Much appreciated!
Is it possible to backlight?
And I'm curious about the weight.
Yes it has indiglo
3 ounces is the weight per Amazon
Could someone confirm that the case on this model is made of steinless steel? All weekender models i find in Timex site have brass made case... it makes a huge difference for me.
Brass case
Seems to have the case made of brass and the caseback made os steinless steel...
I can't wait for the watch to arrive. I just purchased one for a nephew of mine who expressed his desire for a first watch. This young gentleman is eleven years old so one does not want a watch that is too expensive for a first watch.
Is it fair to assume the leather is calfskin?
I looked at that watch and remembered "takes a licking and keeps in ticking..." And for those of you of a certain age (wink) remember the commercials with John Cameron Swayze. This is your basic watch...period. It tells time...period. There's something to be said for simplicity.