Topping D30 DAC, A30 Headphone Amp & PA3 Stereo Ampsearch

Topping D30 DAC, A30 Headphone Amp & PA3 Stereo Amp

Topping D30 DAC, A30 Headphone Amp & PA3 Stereo Amp

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I'm actually kind of confused here. Would I be pairing the D30 with the A30?
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Hmm okay. Maybe I'm just missing it but do both the D30 and A30 require a power wall outlet or is either of them USB powered?
From what I understand, they both require wall outlet power. I think one is a wall-wart type (DAC probably) and the other is an in-line power brick (similar to what laptops use). Neither are USB powered.

Yep, here you go...
... sort of an odd video, but shows what you're looking to see.

Wouldn't the TA-01 with golden lion be a better deal than a30 with d30 or no.
I have a question about the PA3... Can a powered subwoofer be hooked up to it along with a set of bookshelf speakers?

It looks like there is no dedicated subwoofer out on the PA3, but can a powered (active) sub with high level inputs be hooked up in parallel along with a set of passive speakers?
Extreme low-end DAC. A step up from motherboard sound but that's it.
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This is just your opinion. Maybe you don't hear differences in audio components. But you are right about DACs being a mature technology. The website you listed is a very good reference when looking for measurements. I use it myself but it does not tell me about component sound. The assumption is that if it measures good, it sounds good. Remember, we are dealing here with two systems: audio system (A), and the human brain (B). We know about the system A a lot, but how much do we know about system B? The sound evaluation happens in system B. Do you have a scientific model of how the two systems work together? So, keep your mind open.
"The assumption is that if it measures good, it sounds good. "

That's not an assumption, it's a scientific fact. Sound signals is are not magic, if they measure well they will sound as expected, there is no "good" or "bad" sound as far as dac output is concerned, only good or bad signal. All a dac needs is to measure well and be transparent (not color the sound in any way). I seriously doubt you can tell the difference between a $150 dac and a $5000 dac in a double blind test.
Can this come with Australian power bricks?
right now, i am debating between
topping D30 + A30
topping D30 + Aune X7s
i got someone local selling a used Aune X7s for a arroud 200$ used
Get the D30 if you want. If you have balanced XLR plug in your headphone than go for the Aune X7s, otherwise get the Schiit Magni 3. Don't bother with the A30.
I've seen many reviews and measurements of the D30, but very little for A30, only some subjective impressions here and there. Has anyone seen measurements / blind test reports for the A30?
All I know is that the A30 has a highish output impedance
I see it has a Cirruslogic 4398 chip dac, which is the same that the Fiio x3 II. Can anyone who has both tell me if their sound is exactly the same, please? I'm considering buh D30 for speakers but I have the fiio x3II too.

Any recommended Short RCA cables?
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That's the one.
post more pics of topping, it looks like those. But 100 dollars for cables? no thanks, their price on rca is pretty good tho
May 30th can't come soon enough
If a phone (Samsung S8) is plugged into the USB port would it charge the phone while playing?
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I don't see how. There is no battery inside the unit
Possibly my question was worded poorly. Does the D30 act as a dock and does it have the ability to charge the phone when the phone is plugged into it?