Topping D30 DAC, A30 Headphone Amp & PA3 Stereo Ampsearch

Topping D30 DAC, A30 Headphone Amp & PA3 Stereo Amp

Topping D30 DAC, A30 Headphone Amp & PA3 Stereo Amp

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Brand new Topping D30 DAC, I noticed it connects fine to my Macbook Pro via USB but is only recognized as a device on the Mac if the Macbook is on battery power. As soon as I plug the Mac in, red light on the DAC starts blinking and the DAC disappears from the device list on the Mac and connection is lost. Is this a common problem? Tried multiple USB ports on the Macbook, but same behavior on all.
Can we get another drop please?
Received a full refund + $10 in Massdrop credit as compensation since they cancelled all orders for this drop (June 29, 2018) due to backorders and not knowing if inventory will restock.
Me too. Order cancelled due to backorder status. I can't help but wonder if this is a byproduct of the Trump trade war China. Ah well, so be it...
Did this drop ever ship?
Just got the cancellation email.
I was OK with the delay as I joined the Fostex Ebony drop which was supposed to ship in September. My only hope was to get this before the headphones. However, it seems the Ebony is way ahead of schedule and is due to ship next week!! I really really do hope we get an update soon.
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Did this drop finally ship? Just curious, I canceled.
Nope. Still have not heard anything. I ended up grabbing an MX3 from amazon to use with my new pc.
I asked for an update on the June 29 shipment on July 6. Got a robo-response July 7, support is busy. No word in the last four days. My take-away: if you really want something, shop elsewhere. Massdrop is for stuff you don't really want.
Seeing how I haven't received an update, I requested a refund. No update there either...
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Any news on refunds for either of you? I am considering cancelling mine as well. This is getting pretty silly.
Mine officially canceled yesterday.
I would like to know also how close or far we are from keeping the deadline of shipping today...
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Yeah. I got the notice too, a day after I posted. I have been trying to figure out if the upgrade to a D50 is worth it.
D30 is $120 with 2-day shipping on Amazon.

D30 is $112 with 5-week shipping on massdrop and it's delayed with no updated delivery date.

I'll keep waiting because I'm a masochist. But come on massdrop!
Has this shipped for the June 29th ship date yet? No confirmation.
If you guys bring this drop back, can you add an option for the shelf? That's a sharp looking combo.
Do we have any update for those of us waiting for the June 29 ship date? One week off here now.
For anyone at MD, is this dropping anytime soon?

Thank you.