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Hi, I want to use it as an preamp, so what kind of info on the display in this mode?
it will probably arrive with a Type A connector, so your posted adapter should work. source:
Does anyone know why it takes until Feb. 5th for the shipping to start? I mean it shouldn't take that long to produce a batch size of 224...
slow boat from china.
I guess so. Unfortunately, I misread the ship date as being the expexted delivery date. Should have ordered it directly through shenzhenaudio or aliexpress, because massdrop's customer service wrote me it will take 3-6 weeks on top of that to arrive in Switzerland.
Is this amp powerful enough to properly drive the Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 600 ohm headphones?
Thanks. I was worried it might not be able to push 600 ohms.
I picked up a Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote because the supplied remote felt and looks a little flimsy to me. I opted for that over the metal one that's meant for the Topping DX7s. It wasn't clear to me in the user manual but I just "discovered" that if I press Line Out it toggles between being able to control volume with the remote, and volume fixed to 0 db in DAC mode. it says it right there in the user manual "Pressing Line Out DAC can switch DAC and pre-amplifier mode". I'm learning.
i have never use a active speaker so can i plug an active speaker into dx3 ????
The unit has left and right RCA aux line out connect points that are the two leftmost connections on units rear panel. There's a button on the remote marked Line Out to enable output from the unit to inputs on another device or active speakers. Your active speakers' input connectors will determine what type of cable you'll need to feed the inputs on your speakers. My active speakers have 1/4 " jack inputs on back as well as XLR type in the area marked Balanced Input type.

they cancelled my order without any reason and notification
What price was it sold for?
Be careful with the volume when switching sources. I switched from bluetooth on my iphone back to USB on my Macbook Pro and it was suddenly super loud. Not cool. This was while in DAC only mode. I realize that I was lame for not paying attention. Just a heads up.
on the website the link to update drivers contains .exe .bin .xml and .txt I know what .exe and .txt files are for. What are the others?
Bin is a binary file and xml is basically the same as txt. I'd try to run the .exe
hey Massdrop, Need a search only for comments within the discussions on a drop.
See edit> Any reason the Bluetooth isn't working with my macbook pro? It shows paired and DX3 Pro selected in audio devices and sound. I got optical in to work but switching from USB, OPT is flashing, the same with BT. Am I correct that USB source selected provides the highest fidelity? At first I thought the right channel was dead but I didn't have the plug inserted fully and now it's fine. Update> I can sometimes switch between BT, USB, and OPT and it works (I have to manually select between Optical Digital Out Port, USB, Bluetooth in sound preferences). I wish the Macbook Pro would automatically switch it's settings. Still haven't figured out if I'm doing something wrong.
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dats an amp
They are different products.
Does anybody know if the clicking sound problem they had is fixed or not? I can't seem to find any review on the latest driver that is supposed to solve that problem. At this point, I'm ready to pull the trigger, if it's not for that clicking problem.
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I got mine yesterday and I didn’t notice any clicking noise in 5 hours of listening. Maybe mine shipped with the updated driver installed. I can’t tell because I don’t have a windows computer.
Yes, there was a firmware update that fixed it. I would think that all new units will ship with the latest version.
Is there too much difference of sound quality between Fx Audio DAC X6 and Topping DX3? Which one I should go with to pair with HD 6XX? I'm fukin confused weather to save some money with Fx audio dac X6 or just go with Topping dx3 or Aune x1s.
The topping DX3 is more detailed than the DAC X6 due to sheer better specs. The aune is all right but dated with latest competitive offerings like this one. I got a DX3 and love mine.
Can please someone tell which would be better Topping DX3 or Aune X1S for pairing with HD6XX?
DX3, the Aune is outdated compared to it. I mean at the same price theres no reason to get the x1S.
I have a question. Is this dx3 pro comparable to the Schiit stack (Magni + Modi) or the Jotunheim? In other words, is Schiit Jotunheim an upgrade to this dx3 pro?
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Its better than a schiit stack, and Jotunheim not really an upgrade, but thats just my opinion. The dx3 is probably the best midrange solution for most people, and huge value for its price. I use mine with the HD6xx and DT880.
Jotunheim also had some problems with open loads and ground loops, which is unacceptable for a price. Also it measures slightly worse compared to MX3 (which, again, is cheaper), especially when it comes to SINAD and distortion+noise Vs frequency.
Is this model rated only to work with 120v (US) or is it able to take 230~240v (Europe/UK)?
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The power adapter is 110-230V compatible. Ordering from massdrop will give a US power plug, so will need a travel adapter or compatible power cord to plug into the power adapter. A plug converter will be cheapest and easiest.
Order from Aliexpress gives me a cheap EU plug...which I am going to replace it
I compared these with SMSL M9 using THX AAA 789 as my amp. I cant tell any audible difference. The Bluetooth 5.0 with aptx HD is pretty good though. This is a really clean and transparent dac. Its like its not even there, which is a very good thing in my books. SMSL tends to run hot but i never had that issue with this unit. I also like the fact that when i turn on my PC this turns on, on it's own.

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Hmm, okay. Well, in this case maybe I will actually consider getting an Atom at some moment in future. May I ask what output did you measure? According to this the headphone amp output actually measures better than linears at the back as I understand it.
Actually, the second version of SMSL SU-8 (which is the one that they sell on Massdrop now if they are in stock) measures slightly better than this DX3 pro. That said, the difference is negligible and I agree that at this price point, the DX3 pro is a steal.
Very noob ques...can it be used to power the Micca Covo s passive speakers?
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Thanks brother for lighting me about this. Would Aune x1s work ?
No, X1s is primarily a DAC with a AMP as an after thought. X1S is supposed to be paired with X7S headphone amp
New to the audio game and was wondering if this would give me a significant improvement over my motherboard audio? I’ve got an Asus Z270 strix which I’ve read as having decent audio quality. Also being in the UK will I just need a travel adapter for the US plug, or will I need something more? Have seen a few comments floating around about the unit breaking after a few months? Any thoughts? Sorry long post!
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Thanks for the reply, I do intend on getting a couple of different headphones, so would probably be a good purchase later down the line. Thanks to everyone who replied! :)
I have Asus Z270e also and they don't give you any data about the audio part, I rather listen to my budget DAC with TI6120A2 than the on-board sound card before I got the Dx3pro, big step up in clarity to my old DAC. And one more thing, it's bright not warm sounding DAC, similar to z270 on-board sounding in my memory.
Does anyone know how this pairs with the TR-X00's? Also, I hate that it has a 3.5mm plug, but it's still a nice looking unit.
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Ah that makes sense, thanks! I figured pretty much anything could power the X00's properly, but how they pair sound wise is a different story. I have my eye on the new JDS Atom as well as I can just get a good dac down the road, it's a tough decision to make, lol.
I don't think you can go wrong either way if those are your options ;)!
I'm using a Audio Technica M50X headphones and the audio is satisfactory / not quite super loud on the PC via onboard sound. Would this DAC be ideal for a non-audiophile? Other DACs I'm looking at is a Sound Blaster Zx or Audioengine D1. I also use Audioengine A2+ speakers that i'd like to passthru.
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I would say "Yes".
I usually not prefer on-board PCI card for distortion reasons. Audioengine D1 has a lower spec AKM chip and same OPA2140, but they say the amp part of D1 is weak, but it's fine for M50x I think. Honestly, U.S./your local warranty is some thing you should consider. Till now I heard few user reported that they had an amp failure on Dx3pro, I ordered a better DC adopter to see if I could avoid this since I don't expect to ship it back to China if it fails.
Does it have EQ/Bass/Treble settings as the MX3? If so, do they work for both the speakers and headphones outputs? Thanks
Yes and no there is no fully adjustable EQ there are however 5 preset filters
I love mine. Runs my hd650, k712. M1060c,M560, Cal! On low gain. Clear, and a black background. It's also great for sensitive iem's.
I never needed the "high gain" either, so far. Really clean output.
Arrived today as I was hoping, and I am absolutely blown away. Sublime is the word that comes to mind. The improvement over the Micca and even the built in DAC in my Peachtree M25's is instantly apparent. Smoother sound, more definition and clarity. I am quite sure I am hearing my Sennheiser HD58X's for the first time in their full glory. As others have said, build quality is nice, no complaints there other than the cheap remote. Only thing I've noticed it doesn't do that I wish it would is automatically switch from line out to headphone when I plug in to the 3.5mm jack. Other than that, all is well. Have yet to try my m40x's, but have a feeling I'm in for a treat there. I am tempted to pick this drop up just for a backup, it's that good.
2 questions: can this unit control the volume of powered speakers via the remote/volume knob or is it simply a line out? Can it be usb powered or does it require the power supply to be plugged in?
Needs power supply, volume has 4 modes, headphone only, speaker only, both (volume controlled is equal for both) or locked line out (0db)
Thanks, not for me then.
the power supply can accept 110v-220v??? and is it european plug or american plug?
When ordering from massdrop it'll arrive with US plug. you might need a travel adapter for other countries; 110-220V yes.
Should I use the USB input or coax/optical ones?
I was going to use coax but honestly USB is fine and clean, supports higher rates and no drop-outs/latency so far. I saw no benefit in coax/optical since USB already works so well.. the included usb cable is also a decent one.
I've seen mixed answers, so i want to be clear. Is there a way to hook up my Powered Monitors (JBL 305s) to the pack (L/R outs) and then use the front port for my headphones? If so, can i switch between them on the unit? I DON'T want to have to unplug and replug my speakers/headphones as i have to do in my current set up.
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Thanks for the answer! I think i'm mixing this up with the MX3? which did say you had to use the headphone out, am i understand that all correctly?
The mx3 is a speaker amp with a headphone out port, this is a headphone amp with a line out. yes you can use both speakers and headphones at the same time, or you can run just headphone or just speakers.