Topping MX3 Power/Headphone Amp w/ Bluetoothsearch

Topping MX3 Power/Headphone Amp w/ Bluetooth

Topping MX3 Power/Headphone Amp w/ Bluetooth

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Hi, i was thinking of getting this for my PC along with a pair of Q-Acoustics 2010i. Main source is Tidal (Up to 24/96).
is this good enough in terms of amplification ? Does it sound sharp or brittle ?

I was going to use a vintage entry level kenwood KA-60 and buy a separate dac when i stumble on this. seems much simpler and also really cheap...

opinions needed !
This is much better for sure.
Can this amp output 2 audio sources at once? I was thinking of plugging in my Avaya IP phone at work over the aux input and my phone and tablet over Bluetooth and listen to my mobile device while on the phone.
What price was mass drop selling this for?
It was $100.
Anyone tried the Bluetooth function on this? I tried using Google Pixel -> Bluetooth -> MX3 -> Headphone and it lags from time to time.

I was using Spotify and I tried Google Play it's the same thing, and I plug straight to phone and it's all fine again.

Anyone else notice this?
I'm currently using a Yamaha RX-V379 as a headphone amp and as my amplifier for two Klipsch B-3 passive speakers. I kinda want to "downgrade" to a more compact unit. Can the MX3 "beat" the Yamaha?
Beat it in what sense? I'm using the MX3 to drive a set of Fluance SX6 bookshelf speakers and, currently my VE Zen Lite earbuds being fed from my PC/PS4/Switch. I have run the Sennheiser HD6XX out of it as well without issue.

It's a great little all-in-one unit, and I'm strongly considering grabbing a second one to create a clone setup in another room. My one major complaint is that the remote is complete trash, and I haven't found a reasonable solution to that issue yet.
Anyone know if the subwoofer output signal is controlled with the volume control; i.e. matches what is being sent to the speakers? This is the case with the SMSL Q5 pro which I already have, but I'm looking at comparing the two since the SMSL's subwoofer signal distorts pretty badly at 35/60 and above.
It's variable.
I found this link on the Topping site to manuals for the current products.
Has anyone used this with AKG K712's? I was looking for a cheaper solution while I am waiting on my Darkvoice. Just wondering if this had enough power to drive them correctly?Thanks for any info/knowledge.
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While we're on the topic, would anyone know if this can drive T50RP MKIII? It's suppose to be hard to drive "properly". But what's "proper" is kind of debatable lol.
I tried that, I was running, These at 90 and my computer was at 40-45 and MKlll works fine at that level but when I switched to AudioGD R2R11, it was better. But this definitely is a good unit
Anyone know if there are any alternative remotes for this thing? The amp itself is wonderful, but the remote is required for some features, and to be honest, it's a complete piece of garbage.
I have seen some forum posts on audiosciencereview and head-fi that reference using the logitech harmony remotes with the Topping DX7S. They emailed logitech and added the remote codes to the database. You might be able to search and find the info you need. I recall one user picking some other brand's code and getting some functions to work too.
I'm debating to get this or the Schiit Fulla 2 to pair it with my Google Pixel when listening to music at work.

If I get this I'll use the Bluetooth function so I can charge my phone while using it, with Fulla 2 it has dedicated power too but it will take up the USB C slot on the phone (for audio signal) so I can't charge it (granted the power draw will be low).

Anyone can comment on the sound quality of this vs other headphone DAC/Amp?
It would be better than the Fulla2 for sure, that is really a poor device overall. From the cheap pot, to the power interference problems, to the really poor soundstage...
Ahhh good to know, ok I'll definitely be going with the MX3 then, thanks!

How do you hook up active speakers to this thing?
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Why wouldn't you? I have JBL monitors (MD flavored series 3XX) and run them through a dac/amp unit. Yes the speakers are powered but that doesn't prevent them from benefiting from the DAC circuit. My unit has separate preamp outs where this one doesn't seem to, but I'm guessing the manual covers that connection. The other nice features offered are obviously the bluetooth connection and the remote control--I wish I had both on my Jotunheim!
it is mono, or summed. per Topping support. "Your MX3 is normal. We do this is because some users will use MX3 as a pre-amplifier, they will connect the power amplifier from the headphone jack, and they need subwoofer output at the same time. So if you need to use headphone only, please pull out the subwoofer output."