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Zeal Will these work on the Kira by Input Club?
It seems the Kira uses plate mount stabilizers, so no, screw in PCB mount ones like this won't work with it.
Zeal Do these come with rubber washer to prevent shorting on the PCB?
No, but there are only a few PCB designs where shorting is an issue. Easily fixed with a small cut of paper or a sandwich bag.
Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Varmilo VA87?
Varmilo uses plate mount style stabilizers, so no.
CP layouts need 5 2U stabs, is there any way to get 5 instead of 4?
Not for this particular drop, unless you pick up the 8x 2u pack. I should be able to hook you up with a custom cart if you order from us direct though.
Does anyone know if these work for the xd60?
Yes, the xd60 uses pcb mount style stabilizers. Our screw ins are PCB mount + screw in.
Are these... ENDGAME STABS?
Request AMA: A person that owns and used these stabs before. How are these stabilizers compared to your normal cherry stabs?
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Yes, definitely.
Damn, too bad we can't order just a single 2u stab. I just want to try it out before I get a whole keyboards worth of them. Especially at this price.
They're definitely worth the premium for them.
Dang it Zeal! Your stuff is absolutely fantastic and beautiful and SO expensive. I have found other good cherry stabilizers but these are the best. Will you ever sell non gold plated ones for less or would it not change the cost much?
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Are these compatible with the k type, because i kind of want to replace those stabs
No, the K-type uses plate mount style stabilizers. We do offer Authentic Cherry plate mount stabilizers with gold plated wires on our site though.
So glad these are back! :D