Transparent Gold-Plated PCB Screw-in Stabilizerssearch

Transparent Gold-Plated PCB Screw-in Stabilizers

Transparent Gold-Plated PCB Screw-in Stabilizers

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Should you lube these? since my lubbed stabs keep popping the wire out.
I heard a rumor that next week there will be a drop of a genuine carbon fiber aero wing for mechanical keyboards.
It comes in Cherry red and Cherry blue.
Same thing, around $10 in Chinese market.

$36 + shipping here for a "Group Buy". (lol)
Again, Zeal is selling something 3-4 times more expensive. No surprise.
I have bought about 5 sets from the Chinese market of these exact same stabs for about $15 for a full board set. They are good quality, but do not come with the little washers like Zeal's do. Another to watch out for is some out there might be using the 1v molds which were looser and thus more rattly. The ones I found are not these however.
Genuine question. Why are they so expensive when genuine stabs can be found under $10?
These are good if not better than genuine stabs. If you know where to look, you can also find these for about half of the cost here.
This would be awesome if it was plate mounted.
Just got my package and it's missing a screw. Make sure you check your orders when you received them
I reached out to their support staff and they provided 2 options:
- Replacement (limited availability)
- Return with a full refund.

I would contact them asap. Good luck!
whats the difference between this and the one on zealpc?? isnt it going for $30 there???
There isn’t a difference, however shipping might make one more expensive than another.
Yeah there's a 4,5% handling fee and shipping to consider. I think, unusually, Massdrop comes out on top here for shipping to Europe as ZealPC is a bit expensive shipping-wise being in Canada.
I joined the TADA-68 kit drop a while back, and while they're typically plate-mount, I saw several people in the discussion saying that they'd used pcb-mount/screw-in stabs in their builds. Can anyone give me more info on whether these would be a particularly good/bad idea for a first-time builder?
It appears the TADA68 PCB has PCB mount stabilizer support, is why people are using PCB mount stabs with it. Our stabs should be compatible with the TADA as well due to this. The only difference between our stabilizers and regular black ones is the surface finish on ours is much much smoother.
Hello Zeal, will these work with this:

? They offer what they say are "PCB mounted clear cherry style stabilizers" with it, so it's hard to tell from that.
Yes, it will.
I am building a dactyl- keyboard (Pciture:, anybody any idea if I could use the 2u stabilizers in this build?
Dactyl uses costar stabilizers, so unfortunately no, our stabilizers won't work with that keyboard.
Thanks for the fast answer:) Ok, then I will look for costar stabilizers, thanks for the information. And good luck with the drop.