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Got my stainless dual brush and razor combo, very impressively built. Sturdy and heavy for the size, no sharp edges and well machined. Clears up the clutter in my shower nicely; it is currently sitting on the shelf as I don't want to drill holes in tile to mount it properly, and seems more than secure. Might look into waterproof adhesive tabs if that doesn't work but so far so good.
I am interested in purchasing one of these to replace a mis-purchased stand, but would like to know first if the handle of my Feather AS-D2 (Ø11.3mm) razor will fit in the slot of the Z-shaped stand...
I bought a Muhle stand last week, but unfortunately, the AS-D2 handle is too big to fit it properly :-S
I've been using the black powder-coated dual brush/dual razor holder for the last 6 months and it's quietly awesome. I shudder to think of going back to my old ways! Quality piece, you can't go wrong with these. Contemplating getting a handful for stocking stuffers next year...
Will this stand work for these two brushes?
Hello and thank you for the inquiry. Yes both of your brushes will fit any of our brush stands. We have a Dual Brush & Razor stand, a single brush stand and even a Quad brush stand.
These stands hit the mark every time! Beautifully crafted and a great way to hold your razors and brushes!
Just took receipt of my stand. Box was a little beat up on the bottom and the adhesive was coming undone, but the stand was protected and I don't see anything wrong with it on cursory inspection.

A lot taller than I was expecting it to be. Unfortunately, I asked for the wrong measurement before I purchased. Should have asked for the circumference of the hole for the brushes. The knot on my larger brush is tough to get in and out of the stand.

Here are some pictures. For reference the smaller brush is the Vulflix one that is sold here on Massdrop and the other is an Omega 10048. Razor is the Merkur Long Handle (MK23C).

Also added a Colonol Conk travel size container below to give people height reference in case that is helpful.

Fedex label created. Not sure if it is ground of smartpost, but given my proximity I think I should have mine by end of week.
These stands are beautiful practical and the perfect product to hold all kinds of treasures. 100% made in Chicago by a company that focuses on form function and the art of both tradition and modernity.
Been wet shaving for a few years now and have never owned a razor/brush stand (not sure why), so this is as good a time as any to get one!
Are the black versions powder-coated steel, or are they made from some other metal?
The black powder coated stands are laser cut cold rolled steel. Great solid stands to hold all of your brushes & razors!
Yes the black stands are made from cold rolled steel.
A good looking stand.

One concern I have with metal stands, however, is how my brushes and razors will stand up over time with the day-in, day-out scuffing from removing and replacing them onto the stand.

I know it seems minor each time, but after a while I fear wear marks/bright marks on the areas of my razors where it meets the metal stand. And the same on my brushes, except perhaps more wear because the handles are resin or plastic.

Any thoughts? I'd actually rather have the stand take the brunt of the wear instead of my expensive razors and brushes. I've tended to go with plastic stands for that reason. Anyone with a metal stand notice anything like this happening over the course of several years?

I like this stand a lot, though.
I use the regular stainless metal stand to hold my Merkur double edge razor and shaving brush. Haven't had any issues with either of them scuffing. The double edge razor hangs from opening at the top of the stand, so the handle doesn't touch the sides. The brush also hangs from the top at the point where the bristles meet the handle of the brush.

You might want to consider the Black versions of these stands; I have two of them, used mainly for toothbrushes and other stuff. They have a very smooth, thick black coating on them.
That is a good question, we grind sand and polish each opening of the stands to ensure they are very smooth, so I don't I think it would ever become an issue. But if you are concerned enough, although I dont think any damage would be caused, Then perhaps the black stands could be a great option because of the thick black powder coating.
Great product! I have 2! They are versatile and can be used for girly stuff and toothbrushes too!
Does anyone know if the dual brush and razor stand is tall enough for this brush:

yes, it is tall enough.