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Does anyone use these with old iphones? I keep getting skips and pauses when using these.
Why would you buy them on md you can get them for 20 euro on aliexpress
Is it my imagination or are these TRN V80 IEM more treble oriented than anything else? When connected with a SYFX amp, it gets worse!! Make me wonder...
Yes. I usually prefer warmer iems, but l've learned to love these due to the clarity and quality of the sound.
I ordered these on Dec 2nd and they arrived Jan 2nd. The tracking info didn't work and I ordered the blue variant and ended up getting the black :(

do what any normal person would. request a swap?
I'm just commenting on what the experience was like, so others know what to expect.
These sound ok but no response over 14khz. Anyone else have the same problem? On another note all I get is hiss when I plug it into my LG G6. I mean I can hear music but the hiss is unbearable it's louder than the audio. I have Osfry which worked perfectly fine on my LG G6 and on my desktop and these work on my desktop just fine.
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That's awesome, and should be pretty noticeable.
humans can't hear over 20khz.... most people in their mid twenties even can't hear over 17khz Do you perhaps have the legendary GOLDEN EARS?
It said it was shipped on the 11th. Where can I get and ETA? The tracking link brought me to a page with multiple shipping services, and none had information on my package.
I ordered two and they were shipped on the 11th...received one today so any time now!
Anyone have a problem tracking their order? MassDrop links to a website with a dozen shiping companies with 2 very big ones not listed UPS and USPS - BUT NONE of them have my tracking number on their system. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
I finnaly got them today.
Mine was shipped on Nov 2. Still have not received (today is Dec. 16). MD said it’s coming from Singapore, so to give it time. Are they shipping by boat?
Can anyone recommend a balanced cable for use with es100 that doesn’t cost more than the headphones? Is a balanced cable worth it? These with es100 is a killer gym setup.
Mine showed up today, so far so good, listening to Steven Wilson on my Shanling M0 and these sound pretty darn nice, especially for the price.
Finally received my "TRN V80" today. However, they're actually TRN-V20 IEMs. Anyone else have this issue? Either way, double-check what you receive before opening and make sure you get the IEMs you were supposed to get. Massdrop support has been contacted but no word back yet.
Received a prompt response from Massdrop customer service and they explained that since this a group order, they can't process a single order and send me a replacement TRN V80, which I completely understand, given the business model of this store. They instead offered a full refund at no additional cost on my part and return the item I received, or I could keep the model I received for half the price I paid. I decided with the latter since that would be cheaper than outright purchasing the V20. I'll just get the TRN V80 another day. All in all, I am satisified with the service that Massdrop support provided today.
Finally received it couple days ago. it sounded good when listening to music on my android phone, but the mic for the phone did not work. When receiving or placing a call, there was a constant loud static noise, and could not hear any sound.
Do the highs sound incredibly scratchy at higher volumes to anyone else? especially with vocals pronouncing "s"s
Nevermind, just needed some burn in. These are amazing for the price. Wishing I ordered more for Christmas gifts.
Incredibly trebley for me
For those still waiting, mine just arrived today hope everyone else’s do too
For anyone interested, TRN also has 0.78/0.75 mm TWS bluetooth adapters. I got a pair for my KZ AS10s and they work well. Only SBC codec support, hopefully a future version will support AptX-HD
Do you prefer the separated pair compared to a neckband? Seems like many more opportunities for failure. 6 hours playback also seems a bit short
I never got mine either.  Massdrop refunded me and said the package was likely lost so I replaced them on  Amazon for an additional 10 bucks.  Now it sounds like they may show up after all? 
Everyday I go to my mailbox thinking "today is the day" but each time I walk away disappointed.
These or the TFZ Galaxy T2 IEM's? I would like a mini-comparison if someone is knowledgeable about either pair. I am new to IEM's.
For anyone wondering why their tracking number doesn't work; finally received an answer from support regarding the issue after 3 days or so of silence. The courier being used is Track 4PX, which comes directly from China. This drop DOES NOT ship from within the US. Once customs clears the package it should take about 3-8 days for it to arrive. Contact support until you get a response for more detailed tracking info.
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Thanks for this info. I am now able to track the package and looks like customs cleared the package yesterday. So should receive them soon.
Looks like mine are now in Ohio, maybe by Friday? No mail delivery tomorrow Nationwide.
Same here, got shipping notification the 19th, cant track it and have not gotten any other info.
Got mine today (Norway), very pleased.
Shipped date 11/19/18. Tracking number no good. Still waiting
Supposedly my order shipped on November 19th, and same as a few others here, the tracking number does not work anywhere, and still no package. Anyone get theirs from the same ship date?
Got same ship date and emailed mass drop they said it takes 3-10 days through fedex and sometimes the carriers forget to scan the package. Guess they forgot to scan all our packages. I’ve still got faith it’ll come in considering thanksgiving was mixed up in there and if you don’t count Sundays it should be here today. Hope we all get em today
Thanks to @Dee_Mann , I found out these aren't coming via FedEx, but direct shipped from China, check a few posts above.
Treble is problematic, but love the bass. I hope they aren't still manufacturing these, but fix the treble and have a hit, something worth using and recommending.
Nice to see these back up for another drop. Pretty good earphone for the price. Here is an except from a review I posted about them a while back. Might help out some of you: Sound: While I generally prefer to listen at very low volumes, the V80 is best suited for mid to high volume listening. I found that as you increased the volume, bass presence increases disproportionately to treble and mid-range levels. At low volumes the V80’s treble is overpowering and splashy, and bass is simply lacking. Increasing the volume brings bass and mid-range presence up considerably more than the treble, so the V80 ends up reasonably well-balanced. Treble quality increases too, with it gaining a much tighter, more controlled presentation. While I do find this earphone tiring at higher volumes, since it was much more enjoyable that’s how I spent the majority of my listening time. At a suitable volume, the V80’s treble retains a forward and aggressive nature, but is well-controlled with impressive extension. Upper treble is quite prominent giving the V80 a lot of sparkle to instruments and air to it’s sound stage, but at the same time ends up feeling somewhat lean and unnatural. Compared to another quad-driver hybrid, the KZ ZS6, I actually found the V80 at least as bright if not brighter, so I was quite surprised to see next to no one having issues with it. With the ZS6, “piercing” seems to be the main descriptor for it’s treble, something I could easily say about the V80. This presentation happens to be quite enjoyable to my ears, if not slightly over exuberant on some tracks, but you won’t hear me complaining. The mid-range on the V80 isn’t as recessed as I have come to expect from hybrids in this price range and shows off a level of clarity and detail you don’t commonly hear in the under 100 USD field. Vocals are extremely crisp and clear, and while they come across somewhat lean or thin, there is a pleasant bit of warmth that keeps them comfortable and non-fatiguing. Sibilance is kept in check, only cropping up when it’s a part of the track. The V80 is revealing of flaws like that, and as such I recommend sticking with high quality source material. Tossing on some music from SoundCloud or Youtube will sound fine, but you’re notice the digital compression right off. Timbre I found overall fairly accurate, though not up to snuff with my baseline, the JVC HA-FXT90, with instruments sounding slightly lighter than they should. Still, for the price it’s handled well. Bass is where the V80 kicks it into high gear. At low volumes it lacks impact and depth, but dial in some volume and it picks up considerably, battling the KZ ED15 for my self-imposed title of “best budget bass”. It is vivid, impactful, and full of dynamic range and texture. You need rumble for that explosion? No problem. Those speedy double bass drums tripping up your other earphones? The V80 is up to the task. Are the Prodigy’s grungy low-fi bass lines lacking texture? Not through the V80 they’re not. The bass presentation here is addictive and will probably have you seeking out tracks to challenge it. For something costing under 40 USD, the quality of bass on tap is impressive. The V80 is no slouch when it comes to sound stage either. The quad driver setup gives it some excellent layering depth and separation qualities, letting sounds fly between channels with abandon. Imaging accuracy is a step behind the KZ ZS10 and AS10, but easily bests the BGVP DM5 which was vague at best. If you like to listen loud and favour a vivid signature, the V80 will unquestionably satisfy. Can read about other aspects here in the full review if interested:


+1 for the presentation style ;)
Master Chief makes everything better :D
These are real good, mild v-shape with enough mid presence to not dissapoint. For this kind of sound signature, I like them more than all KZ models (including ZS5 v1, ZS10 and more...) and maybe even more than the TFZ Exclusive 5 which cost around twice than the V80. The cable 3.5mm connector is weak tho, mine unglued after a couple of days, but nothing a bit of glue can't fix. For the rest, they're perfect, even included tips are pretty good.
Anyone got these yet? Order says it shipped a week ago but the tracking number is useless
Yes, these came in last week, on November 19 unexpectedly, as I was told my order was lost . Anyway, I think they are pretty good sounding, and I love the fit as compared to KZ ZS6. Will have to do some comparative testing between the 2 after these burn in.
Has anyone received a shipping notice yet? Shipping date was supposed to be Nov 16th.
I received a shipping notification email on the 19th. The link for tracking does not show a specific carrier and when I click on it all the carriers listed show no such tracking number in their system!
I listened again to these a few times, and liked them. I paid more, so this seems a decent buy. They occasionally are a bit sibilant on some tracks, or perhaps it's related to how much fluid collected in my ears.. I listen to rock, folk, and jazz, so I'm not so mid-centric. I like the bass, but the treble not so much.
Think this will be good for electronic drums? Or will I need something more high-priced.