TT Core P7 Tempered Glass Full Tower Chassissearch

TT Core P7 Tempered Glass Full Tower Chassis

TT Core P7 Tempered Glass Full Tower Chassis

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What graphics card does it have
It doesn't have one. It doesn't have a motherboard, or a CPU, or RAM, or drives. It's a bare case.
Second time buying from Massdrop and first with such a small amount of takers. If the 5 isn't hit will I still receive my case?
I believe I found my answer - I will receive the case if I read the help section correctly. Please confirm if I am reading this correctly or not...
Have the P5 and have done 3 builds in it. Love it. This is a monster tho 0_0
I looked at this case a day ago simply for amusement. It's super creepy of Massdrop to send me a notification the drop is ending when I didn't sign up for it specifically. Maybe you should reconsider your auto-stalking features.

There is so much there there.

If I had a VR room, this would be on the wall.

Just joined the drop for a crazy compute-heavy rig. 6x hybrid GPU's - perfect for this. I tried cramming everything in a P3 and ... failed.
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I've been studying crypto for over 6 years now...
they don't ANYMORE because it's not profitable. if you wanted to go out right now and mine bitcoin you can with a gpu. people don't because it's inefficient.
I bought this case as an air purifier. It collects dusts very well. Now my allergy is gone. 10/10 wod recommend.
HEPA compliant?
True HEPA, guaranteed.
Does this support Windows Vista?
This is some Dubai level casing here.
Will keep my cats extra cool while displaying them nicely :))
I feel like an idiot here, but where would the motherboard go?
Its pictured upper left 25% of the main unit.
To ship this case from America, to Australia.... My only concern here is that the glass will be more than shattered before it even gets in the country...
If you report issues to Massdrop within 30 days, they'll refund or replace.
I bought a couple P3's. The glass is very well packed - I wouldn't be too concerned.