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Fastpacking + tenkara (well, nymphing with a seiryu rod to be more accurate). This is the previous generation 30L model. No, not the lightest stripped down UL pack, but it is good at it's intended niche - moving quickly and comfortably. If your backpacking includes some running and loads under 20 lb, it's worth a try. I find it very comfortable, and the pouches on the front are great for organization (i.e. water bottles, fly boxes/tippet, camera/phone, sunscreen, knife, headlight, TP - really, anything small that you might need quickly and don't want remove the pack). Aside from backpacking (3-4 day UL trips), this pack has worked great as a travel bag / carry-on, and fishing pack when a long approach hike is involved. Downside is your back will get sweaty.

looks like an interesting bag. Not sure I can look past the the giant brand name tag.
is this left over merchandise from a boy band tour or something? otherwise too heavy for 25l.
Probably the funniest comment I‚Äôve seen on massdrop. Well done sir! ūüėā
Are these packs considered waterproof? I see they have a waterproof zipper.
It weighs over a pound at and is called a "fastpack" for 25l? There are 50l bags that weigh less.
I thought the same thing but those are usually cuben packs and the pricing on that is waaaaaaaaaaay higher. I don't have one of these but tested one out the 35 that a friend has and I think the vest style harness is amazing. Is it worth the weight penalty, that's up to you.
This looks cool. Don't need one right now though.
When are you guys going to ship this thing?
Has anyone received a shipping notification yet?
Damn, I want to test out this 15l, think it would do well for dual-sport riding / adv crowd
geometry of the bag & lightweight materials are great, but...

I cannot get over the screaming "ultimate direction" wordage/advertising on the bag. I want to use your bag and support you, I do not want to be a liminal advertisement for your company (as much as I want you to succeed!). Really, If I ever came across this, I'd be modifying the bag to censor or remove the wordage, it could be waaay more discrete.

beyond that, great work, keep it up :)
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Totally agree with you on that. I hate all the neon colours and vibrant colours on a lot of outdoor equipment.

It seems you either have to wear "tactical" or look like a billboard.

Why can't more manufactures just do subtle?
I do a fair amount of hiking/camping in forest where hunting season is very relevant to keep in mind - so having the bright colors is actually important. So it goes both ways, but setting is always key.
Is the fitment true, i currently have a nathans vapor air , it can carry up to 2L of water and some snacks , its a small, with this being a larger volume and could fill more, should i get a S/M or M/L
The storage has to do with what model you get, the small or large has to do with your chest size. The storage doesn't vary much for the respective model whether you get small or large.
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