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Reporting in with the same issues as everybody else with the Matias keys. In my case it's the N key that often double or triple presses itself. Love the Matias keys otherwise, they're both silent comfortable with just the right amount of strength required to activate them. I'm quite disappointed the quality is so low.
A lot of ALPS style switches have issues with repeating, but if you know how to reset them, they'll usually behave afterwards. If you're still having problems with repeating keys, try pressing the switch down and jiggling the switch in a clockwise fashion. Another trick is to press down with pressure from the upper edge of the switch then press again with pressure from the left edge. Continue and do this for all four sides several times. Usually this will get repeating ALPS keys to stop repeating. I've found that some ALPS are susceptible to vibration and being stored "improperly". I had a board that was fine and had zero repeating issues. I kept it on its side for a few months. When I brought it back out, it was repeating like crazy. I had to retune a bunch of keys. I also sold an ALPS board that was working perfectly before I shipped it and when it was received, a lot of the keys were repeating. My ALPS boards all do this and they work fine after retuning and continue to be hassle free so long as I'm still using them daily. The trouble starts back up only after I put them away. Not all of them are this quirky though.
It is really a pity, tactility wise it is such a nice construction.
Switch on the "R" key died after 3 months, replaced with a spare that came with it... switch on the H key died a month later. Binned it.
Seems exactly the same to me.
I have some questions regarding aftermarket stuff. Mainly:
Can I swap out the case for another 60% case that I can buy online? Are keycaps for Matias switches easy enough to come by?
I own 2 V60s 1. V60 uses the same PCB as poker, so most 60% aftermarket cases will fit. In some cases, screw holes don't line up correctly but the case will still fit. Also V60 has dip switches so not all cases will have cutouts for them, but dip switches are common amongst 60% boards so you'll have an easy time finding cases. Just look up "tex 60% cases" if you're curious. 2. Matias switches are ALPS clones, so you can easily find keycaps online, but your selection isn't as big compared to cherry stems.
Just a question for the OP running this Group Buy;
Where are the Datacomp Alps switches?
Sorry, I can not find them in the buying selection list. The only other clicky alps switches available, are the Xiang Min (XM) switches.
What is clickier and lighter to type on? The XM or the Matias clickY keys? I’ve typed on Matias but never heard of the XM alps. Thank you
Wonder how do you use the arrow keys on the right hand side while the Fn key is also on the right hand side?? Never used this kind of keyboard, can someone enlighten me.
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i have a KBParadise V60 (but with Cherry switches) and in it, there are arrow keys on both left and right hand sides. The keyboard also lets you swap the Caps Lock key out for another Fn key (via the dip switches on the back) so you can use either depending on your preference. I'm assuming this model also has the same functionality.
You press FN + ENTER, which puts those lower right keys into arrow mode. FN+ENTER again to cancel.
(UPDATED 2018-07-17: Would no longer recommend. See reply.) Only just got to try this out, some months after the drop (my parents brought it to me on a trip, since I live in Thailand and don’t order things here because the import duties are insane).
It’s currently my second-favorite keyboard, after the HHKB Type S that I use as my daily driver. In some ways, I even like it better: the Matias Linear switches feel more responsive, like they actuate higher up the keypress than the Topre 45g switches in the HHKB. I like the light key-feel, and the keyboard is very quiet compared to my Matias Tactile Pro (with the clicky tactile Matias switches). The dip-switches give some good layout options, and with a bit of work in Karabiner, it’s very much like the HHKB now. Also works with a USB adapter on my iPad, which the HHKB doesn’t.
If I have a gripe with this, it’s that some of the keys are a bit squeaky and rattly. The space bar is squeaky, and right shift rattles. Not sure if this is something to do with the stabilizers. I also miss my usual PBT keycaps—my fingers feel sweaty typing on this now. Good value, though, at the USD 89.99 I paid for it, ex. shipping. Would recommend as a way to try Matias Linear switches.
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i'm not bamdad but yeah isopropyl alcohol's chemistry name is isopropanol (the -ol suffix indicates that it's an alcohol, as butanol is the alcohol from butane, propanol is to propane)
yep. same thing. : )
bad reviews and no warranty, i'll be sitting this one out
Is it bluetooth?
Nope. Wired only.
I bought a Matias Tactile Mini (tkl version w/ clicky matias swtiches) a few months ago, and it really didn't feel too nice because the switches were too scratchy. (And yes, they were the clicky matias switches, but they definitely could have been made smoother). Also, there was waaaaaay too much key wobble! I know that alps switches naturally have key wobble, but I know this was a problem with QC because I also ordered a Matias Tactile Pro before and it had nowhere near the key wobble on my Matias Mini Tactile Pro. Then there was the issue with support and the ability to contact with Matias Corporation. They never answered my phone and emails, which were the only means of communication with them.
Now, I don't really know how anyone's experience with this board would be, but I hope you consider this before buying.
i was already to go on a rant saying how is this board any different from a poker3. ..until i looked again at does Matias switches..alas i don't have the best of luck with Matias switches..the only chance i had to try them was on a "Matias Ergo Pro" for a week.. and they felt awful to me.. But he that's just me..this board does look sexy the only question i would have is "is it programmable" my number one rule with 60% or less board is fully 100% programmable and compatibility with opensource firmware like QMK... so i'm not talking layering like the poker3 does..
a little necro, but - was that board new when you tried it? the alps design of switch starts feeling bad very quickly if they get any dirt inside them, and it's very easy for them to get dirt in depending on the keyboard's environment. they have quite a lot of components, but aren't anything other than fiddly to disassemble and clean to restore their feel. my matias tactile pro board felt great when i was using it daily, and after it had sat around for a month it felt terrible. i found a vintage alps board in a garage as well, and that felt really weird.
But it is not orthogonal ... :/
Hey mine, is kind of over accomplishing...:/ As u can see. Did you try to fix it? I thought I put a stronger spring in so the space bar is faster on the up stroke, but the cherry spring don't fit. Apart from the strange spacebar, I do like the keyboard overall. The matias switches are really nice.
Hi, is your board working again? So red around and found that it is kind of a common issue with the Matias switches. Many report that it is getting better over time. Here is guide for fixing it: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/5wv5ec/guide_fixing_matiasalps_keychatter_yourself/ Did not try my self so far, but hope that this works out.
I wish more people made boards with matias because the qc seems do be really weird with these boards
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Thanks for the fast answer. Ok will try my luck. I see what u mean like the contact leaf is on the other side... Will see how this works out. Did you solve the bending problem of your space-bar?
yup its the contact leaf I have no idea about the space bar I think it might how tight it holds on to the stems
Case in the pictures looks different from those in the review videos. Did they swap it to a Poker 3 case for the photo or it comes with a different case now?
sorry , I think Massdrop fit V60 Matias board on a Poker case. So wrong photo made. You may refer the bottom pics which is correct V60 case
Which of these switches feels the most like complicated alps? I want a ridiculously tactile experience, not worried about sounds, so far I am comparing the matias - click, the fukka, and xm? Any thoughts? I want the keycap to pop through like it is nobodies business..
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How would you compare the datacomps to the matias clicky?
They feel really similar to me. The Datacomps feel slightly less tactile and a tad lighter, but they should be a bit heavier according to their specs.
http://www.datacomp.com.tw/ShowProducts.asp?id=245 http://matias.ca/switches/click/
Bad layout (compared to Pok3r), not programmable. I always wonder why this keyboard is so popular around here.
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it's only popular because it's one of the only 60% models with matias switches rather than mx shit
That's definitely the best reasoning I've heard, but I don't always hear people saying they're getting the Matias switch version.
why oh why is there no datacomp option this time? the only reason i requested this again is to try those.. : (
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soo datacomp will only be there in the next round?
i misread datacomp as unicomp and got really confused, but also excited
I have an Apple Extended Keyboard ii that I'd like to use the keycaps from. Would this board be compatible with them?
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how's the typing feel on those alphas? apple like ibm curved the switch plate instead of the caps, right? (edit: fixed typo) it looks flat in the pic, but i'm not 100%. (just curious cos rn i have dsa caps on bc i like the flatness, but also enjoy alps-type switches)
The typing feels really nice on them, it's especially nice as it is difficult to get ahold of PBT keycaps for alps switches. They curve much more subtlely than do the base keycaps on the board, but I don't really notice the difference all that much.
noob question : i own keebs with gateron brown, mx red and mx clear. what switch would be the best upgrade in term of silence ?
The quiet clicks are really quiet and very tactile, they're quieter than my brown keyboard.
The Quiet Pro switches are pretty quiet. I love em.
With shipping and tax, it comes down to the "same" as other retailers online and you do not need to wait until April to get it. Mass drop should do a better job at the pricing maybe?
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Don't assume that YOUR shipping and tax applies to everyone else - it just might mean that MD know this pricing structure will appeal to other people. Seems like you might be better off looking into sorting out a cheaper shipping option that helps you avoid duty. I'll leave it at that ;-)
Yes, I apologize, that was very US centric comment on my part. I was just expecting even for US folks the price will be more competitive but I realize if I was still in Europe, Massdrop will be like godsent in terms of even being able to purchase these keyboards reliably. Thank you for being nice while schooling me :)
just to write a short review here too (as on the V80 version):
i am extremely happy with this board, a lot better than the V80 (in my opinion at least) - if you can get used to having to use the fn layer. also, the ability to press fn+enter and you can use the right modifiers as arrow keys is just genius.
the vintage keycaps seem to be a lot thicker this time, but this might just be the result of some random production difference. they are labelled nicely, and kbparadise (or massdrop) even included replacement caps for the configurable keys and mac-style super keycaps (command/apple). this is a really big plus in my book, makes me want to keep the stock caps even more.
the build quality is solid but light at the same time, there's virtually no flex or creaking. the angle is just right (at least for me) and the feet stick nicely to any surface. the only minor thing i don't care for like is the non-braided stiff cable and the non-angled USB plug - makes it hard to make use of tight spaces.
the matias switches are great still, on a board this small i'm thinking of not even undampening them, since the build quality has improved a lot lately and the subtle sound just 'fits' a small board like this. i'm not noticing any chattering or ghosting, and the slight 'click' sound on the upstroke when you press some keys on the topmost edge is almost gone too.
lastly, about the NKRO. it is not NKRO, it's 6KRO, although it's implemented differently than on the V80 - there if you held down more than 6 keys at a time, they became sort of 'locked' and no subsequent press was registered. now in the same scenario the key that was pressed first becomes de-registered and the latest one takes its place. makes a lot more sense to me.
that's about it. aside from some really minor things, this is one awesome ALPS board for a great price. not to mention i didn't have to go through the customs nonsense this time - maybe DHL improved some things. if anyone has a question before requesting, feel free to ask here.
Pulling keycaps off Matias switches is hard as fuck.
Have you tried taking off the space bar off yet? xD
It's even harder to find keycaps for this keyboard with matched stabilizers.
I thought I might write a short review for this board for people considering joining future drops. I got the gray caps with matias clicky switches. I am going to focus on the negatives to give some perspective, as it seems to be something of a consensus that this is a pretty good board overall. First of all, the key feel is absolutely great, but very inconsistent. About half of the keys on my board are sounding and feeling absolutely fantastic, while some of the switches seem to suffer from sloppy quality control. Even the poor ones are better than cherry style switches, but the inconsistency is annoying. My P-key is pinging a lot, and some keys has a less sharp click noise and tactility to them than others. The biggest drawback with the board I got is that the space bar was super squeaky, to the point where it were unbearable to use. I bought some lube and applied it to the stabilizers, which fixed the issue but that was like the equivalent of maybe 9 dollars extra and some work, which should not be the case for a board this price. On a side note the space bar now is one of the best i've tried so far, super stable and absolutely no rattle. However, some of the other stabilized keys do rattle quite a bit, but I havent tried to fix that myself yet. The point is that it should not have been the case in the first place. Another weak point is that the key caps are feeling pretty plastic-y, and so does the entire board both in feel and sound. The key caps are also super duper hard to remove, to the point where I'm worried I will damage something if i pull harder. This is also the reason why I havent yet tried to fix the rattling stabilizers as it is not a pressing issue and there is no replacement switches included if anything breaks. Also note that there is pretty much no other key caps available from any source.
But, despite the above mentioned issues I do recommend this keyboard solely for the fact that no other modern switches compare in terms of feel and sound, including the "bad" switches on my board. It took me a few days to get used to the feel as it is very different, but they are indeed amazing compared to the modern alternatives. I would have wished for better quality control, less plastic feeling (and more weight) to the board, better key caps (and some alternatives), no squeaky space bar, less rattling stabilizers and full programability if it were possible. The switches could also be improved aside from the inconsistency as they are a bit scratchy and has a weird seconds bump after the actuation if you press slowly. However, the difference between these switches and cherry-style switches are as big as the difference between rubber dome and cherry mx. So its a good purchase for now, but be aware that there are a variety of issues yet to be resolved.
Got a tracking number today. Just thought it was worth noting a very early shipping drop for once!
Does someone here know if this case would fit the KBParadise V60 board?


More info here: https://goo.gl/VK7vuP
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But it could fit anyway? I think I'd give it a try since the plastic cases of the V60 feels very cheap.
Next question is the location of the USB port :)
Are Matias switches pretty reliable/long lasting compared to the usual popular suspects?
Which of these switches would be the closest to the ones in the Matias Tactile Pro 3? The website for that one only says “alps mechanical switch“, which doesn’t map clearly to any of the ones on this drop.
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Oh wow, and the x40 as well. It has Alpha Zulu (honestly know nothing about them)
Never really paid attention to either of those boards because I went from the OG Das to the 4