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Am I seeing things or is Massdrop shipping something early for once.
Warning, I bought a Varmilo VA87MR here on Massdrop. I received it in May of 2017. It's now December, and the "alt" keys stopped working. Varmilo told me to pursue warranty through Massdrop, but Massdrop says they only have a 30 day warranty. Varmilo keyboards are supposed to have a 1 year warranty, but no one is honoring it. I will not be purchasing another Varmilo keyboard, especially not through Massdrop.
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Hi, have you ever tried firmware upgrade?
Yes, I did a firmware upgrade. No luck. I'll be throwing it away and going back to a WASD keyboard. It's too bad, I was really enjoying the Varmilo up until this point.
In the picture of the keyboard you can clearly see Gateron switches with clear top, which I'm guessing spreads the LED color better than the Cherry MX black tops will. Is that a safe assumption that since Cherry MX switches are used, the tops will be the factory black?
I'm new here. Anybody knows why these drops ship so late? February 2018 is 3 months from now.
Because the order isn't submitted to manufacturer until the drop ends, so they have to be manufactured after that. And the date Massdrop counts as being shipped is when they have a US shipping label, so they need to get into the country first.
Does anyone have pictures of the Key Color/Style options?
I just got a tracking number. Nice!
So sad that none of the keyboard on Massdrop are available in ISO layouts.
More pics of the available configurations?
I've been using this keyboard everyday for a good while now with cherry mx brown switches and it's great, no complaints at all. Now that I've tried PBT switches I won't go back to ABS.
Are red switches possible?
I miss the Gateron switch variation that dropped last year.. might going to buy another one with Gateron Clear.
Not sure if Varmillo is willing to make more gateron version though.
I've been using G Clear version of this for a year, and i'm highly satisfied.
Overall quality, sturdiness, pbt keycap quality, everything was great.
The usb cable came along was kinda defective, but I didn't mind and just used random cable at home.
Could we get images of the different options. Specifically wondering about what shade the grey and mint keycaps are.
Im assuming they are the same grey and mint set you can get on varmilo's website
A fair assumption, but I'm a stickler for proof. The normal standard for drops with multiple color options is at least one pic of each color option, so I figure it's a fair ask.

I'm seeing some of the keys with stabilizers sticking. I've trying adding a little greasing, but the right shift key insists it would rather be down. Anybody else seeing this or have advice?
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I read posts elsewhere that said this might be caused by the stabilizer posts not being all the way into the key cap. Best I could do was make sure both the left and right stabilizers on the shift's key cap were in as far as they could go by putting the cap on by pressing the left and right edge, rather than just pushing in the middle of the cap; I was hoping to flex the key on either side of the switch down enough to fully press on the stabilizers. That seemed to help, the shift sticks a lot less, and may be worth trying with your space.
Small update....With seating they keys, lots of grease, and actually using they keyboard, mine at least is no longer getting stuck all the time; in fact, I'm really enjoying the keyboard.