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Venture Electronics Monk Plus Exclusive Blue

Venture Electronics Monk Plus Exclusive Blue

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Not bad but too much high frequencies : tiring...

I prefere the Qian 39 (aliexpress) with great basses (not to much but real basses on IEM, it is a surprise). Price less than 5 $.
Is it possible to get any more covers for the earbuds?
when monk will be activated again?
I've got several pairs of nice iems like the Pinnacle P1 yet I listen to these almost daily... I actually ordered 8 pairs to share with people but I've just decided to hoard them for myself lol. These and the Koss Kph30i are really great in my opinion... HD 6xx are collecting dust in the corner.
I love this pair, it's like I've strapped some speakers right next to my ear. However, one gripe I have is the VERY inefficient foam tips that come with them. I've already blown through most of them, as they will loosen up and fall off every two weeks. With this being said, I'm pretty sad I didn't get the extension kit, but next time this drops I'll be all over it.
Well I'm glad to at least have tried these. With that said, I'm pretty disappointed. Powered by S7 Edge, these had lesser sound quality than my $8 Panasonic earbuds. Just going to keep these Monks in my car's glove compartment and forget about them.
Your phone is the weakest link, stack a portable DAC/AMP to your phone and watch those $5 earphone put a smile so big people will see your molar tooth a mile away.
I just got some Regular black monks with stock cable from somewhere else, and kinda sad I missed this blue drop because these sound great! Definitely reccomend these for work where noise cancellation isn’t really ideal. I can imagine these will be a great reference for testing expensive iems against before buying.
Anyone know how long is shipping if ordering directly from venture ?
Not sure if their AliExpress shop counts, I ordered 5 pairs and they got into canada in 7 days with regular epacket. However it landed in BC and somehow took 12 days to get to Ontario 🤨 kinda expected of Canada post though.
I got these for $3 here, which is awesome but is another month until they ship, so I ordered another pair of amazon for $10. Is not as great of a deal, but they'll be here by Friday. I figure I'll use them until the blue pair arrive, then ill give the black pair to my friend

Edit: and they do sound amazing for $5, for sure worth the money!
Look at all those savings.
To those whining about the 0.01 cent discount, WTF! They're five dollar earbuds, for the sound quality and price not sure what you're all whinging about! Want a bigger discount? Go to the Veclan or Aliexpress website and save more on the shipping.
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Amusing! Rather than a gif though, why post the obvious then? Makes one think doesn't it hahaha.
LOL! If that makes you think, you need to grease the hamster wheel! Bhwahahahah!
Did I forget how to use a shopping cart or is there not an option to choose different options for the order?

Also, is the braided cable just that? No mic or whatnot?
I press join drop then am presented with two options color/mic/cable with limited options and with or without extra pack which is extra options for the foamy fabric thing that goes on them. There is different options on their website but they are also limited as to which ones you can put mics on and which have the braided cable. I think this is the only place to get the translucent blue pair and the black ones look almost black but they say is midnight blue.
Drop ended :/ but I was more trying to mix and match colors.

I was also wondering if the braided cable had a mic attached as it is not mentioned anywhere. Oh well.
I have given all of mine away again! (Except the one I'm using right now!) I'm in for 8 this time, 2 with mics, 5 without, and 1 with a braided cable. The 5 without mics are all just to give to people! I really like these headphones.
Wow what A great DEAL. With an insane 1 cent decrease in price you will be loving these buds!
Yeah not even any savings, or things I can't get elsewhere!!! Except the exclusive colors, DOOOHH