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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

That 1 cent discount, tho.. So tempting.. lol
Any word on shipping?
>$4.99 $5.00 Why.
This pops up as a new drop in my feed every two days. WTF
I got a new, inexpensive Galaxy J3 Prime cell phone a few months back and hope these ear buds will be OK for every so often streaming Spotify. I currently use some over 10 year old Sony ear buds that almost sound OK. So, I'm hopeful, but not heavily invested in the Monk Plus drop that I joined.
It's cheaper on amazon?
Can anyone offer thoughts on the upgraded cable?
Is there an option for a balanced 2.5mm cable?
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Maybe MD will get some and offer a volume discount to us...
I think they would if enough people were interested. I have seen a special edition on here in the past ("espresso" edition) that was beige and brown and had a few accessories like a case and those little rubber wings to keep them in your ears. On AliExpress they had a TRRS version IIRC, but I don't recall whether or not they offered it here.
I STILL cannot fathom why these are so popular, I TRIED to give mine away and everyone would listen for five minutes (after trying unsuccessfully to get them to sit comfortably in their ears) and declined saying they had some JVC gummies that were just fine.
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Maybe. They're still available om amazon though, unless amazon have been changing what their "past orders" link to.
Unlikely, as they were "shipped and sold by Venture Electronics" through Amazon. I would also doubt there were many counterfeits of the espresso limited edition.
I own some Ve monks, but just why? They are inexpensive already.
Any hope for Massdrop Monk Omega?
is that 1 cent discount even necessary?
I have the really old ones that say "52vecn" on them. Has anyone compared them?
How do I ban this item from popping up?
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I agree lol. But it's pretty funny.
This is a ridiculously dramatic reply to a bad reaction to a bad drop.
I don't know what I expected from a $5 pair of headphones, but one thing I'm sure about now is to avoid reading reviews. I've gone through better sounding headphones from fivebelow. They are so uncomfortable that I couldn't even pay attention to the quality of the sound. Definitely a design failure.
Haha, my Degen 1103 bought 15 years ago came with same phones.
The Vido is the best budget earbud money can buy IMO.
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Vido is just an inferior Monk. Cable, driver, everything. Why would you get a cheaper version of something that's already cheap. Kinda funny because the Monks are a knock-off themselves... don't knock-off a knock-off.
I agree that the cable and overall build of the Vido is not as good as the Monk. However, they have completely different sound signatures. The Monk to my ears is a little more focused on clarity, while the Vido has great bass, without sacrificing too much detail. I run the Facebook group Earbuds Anonymous and we love the Vido over there. A lot of users replace the cable with something better. I have a few stock pairs and a few modded pairs myself. I just love all earbuds, but the Vido will always have a special place for me.
Not sure if this has been posted yet, but the "3 Button Android" version is really an iOS version. I received two of them about a week apart. I could not get the top or bottom button to work with any android device I had. However both worked perfect with an old iPhone 6 my daughter used to use. So, if this is a repeat, sorry. If not, just a heads up.
Dang it! I specifically wanted the three button control. Dang it! *sigh*
Why does this keep getting bumped to the top when sorting drops by newest? Can this be fixed please?
Does the +$15 braided option actually make a difference to the sound please? Thanks
no, i think it is only so that the wires don't get tangled so easily and so that the wires are more durable
No way that this is worth 5,00, but 4,99 is a steal!!!
You beat me to it
The plastic housing is identical to a pair I had with my iRiver 128k mp3 player. The iRiver buds were very good...for the price 😊
Thumbs up for bringing back memories of iRiver.
I don't understand the 4 stars. These are garbage. Good vocals that's it. Absolutely no sub bass.
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For the price they sound better than 5 bucks for sure. But take for instance the Xoami iem, they can be had for 28 bucks and that sounds way better than 28 dollars.
I'll check them out
People think this penny-off discount is insulting, but at least the product is dirt cheap to begin with. I literally saw a $1,200 Stax earspeaker driver selling for the massively-lowered price of $1,199 on their website the other day. I mean...c'mon. lmao

I tried ordering these, and it said they were back ordered and it was cancelled. Without a guarantee of orders going through, can't help but feel it's not worth it to try again.
Meaning the time it physically takes to reorder etc will likely not be worth your time in a cost/hour basis if you make anywhere north of minimum wage? 😝😝 Sorry..couldn't resist. Although at this point you've already invested this much time to comment and likely to check on my reply to you..might as well go all in for the $5 if you're in the market for a pair and are that curious. I got the curiosity bug as I often tend to pick up and was pretty let down, even having expectations I thought were in check and realistic. YMMV this obvs
These will surprise you. They are easily the best sounding earbuds/in-ears you will get for under $20.00. (If you can keep them in your ear, I can't get them to stay in mine, very loose fit.) Also, insane shipping, $7.14 for me.
I just don't get I listening to a different set than most reviewers seem to be?
Terrible earbud. Not even good enough to listen to AM radio.
Didn't these come with my Creative Zen in 2002? You can get more solidly built earbuds with better isolation in the checkout line at CVS.
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Technically, they're not open back. The dynamic-driver sits in a semi-hollow shell which adds some pretty stellar open sound-stage. Also they sit just outside the earcanal which gives them no sound isolation and adds an airiness sound to them, if that makes sense. What makes these better than earbuds (not iems btw) found at pharmacy/dollar stores is they're build quality is stellar for the price. Strong magnet for the driver, smooth chassis with no protruding plastic that can scratch the ear and a pretty good rubberized cable, not that cheap hard-plastic or "braided" cables. I'm not trying to convert you. I'm just stating why 22,000+ people have purchased these from Massdrop. I may be biased because I own a bunch of monks but these cannot be compared to CVS trash. I've also tried numerous other earbud brands (philips, sony, etc.) and they don't even compare to VE Clan's product.
I'm just happy someone else owned a Zen.