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Versace Urban Gent Automatic Watch

Versace Urban Gent Automatic Watch

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Nice Black watch. I saw the casing showing that it's limited to 500 units. I wonder if that's only for the black option or if includes the other colors. In either case. It's slick, not too gaudy. I think it'll make a great everyday watch.
lol, "urban gent." Stopped right there
Buying a watch named Versace, a little like buying a car called Levi's... wtf, really? As if there were not enough reputable watch brands out there, who needs fashion brands to enter the market, especially at such a high price bracket where they would compete with brands like Stowa, Hamilton, Seiko Presage line, etc... ?
not to mention you can get this same movement in a Hamilton for about 25% less than this and it's twice the watch.
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A perfect example of the sad decline in rap over the last 20 years. :-/
yeah, kinda tacky. Also, Greek style art, not Egyptian at all. The pattern around the dial is a meander. Dunno if Versace or MD provided the copy, but it's pretty uninformed about the influences and design choices. For a $900 watch, I'd think you'd want to know what you're buying and what it visually represents.
*Fashion* watch at its best, my friend.
This watch has a great movement and is striking in appearance... so it deserves to be looked at. The only issue is it's price; this model number is available at authorized dealers in the same range making this Drop only competitive, not exceptional.

Also, what does "Massdrop International Warranty" mean Massdrop? Please let us know what the coverage is, or the link to the coverage. Thank you.
Sorry MD... Found the link to the warranty. ;)
For what it's worth, Versace is a paid-up member in good standing of the Swiss Watch Federation (FH). So are Chanel, Dior, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton, but most "fashion" watch brands aren't. Generally speaking, FH members are considered manufacturers, who may have one or more brands. What this actually means with a company like Versace, I don't know. But for instance you can see YouTube videos of the Hermes strap factory on YouTube, and it's obviously a dedicated, high-end workspace/factory just for their straps. So at least some of these fashion watch brands take this stuff seriously. Chanel is also quite famous for their watches. I suspect that Versace contracts out the watch itself to another Swiss maker.
The movement appears totally undecorated (the display caseback feels wasted), so it doesn't seem that Versace did anything in-house WRT the movement , and I reckon supports your contract manufacture suspicion.
Versace??? Really??? Don't think so!
$2895 msrp hahaaa only a fashion house and invicta would claim such non sense
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