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Got the watch! Australia for reference
Just received the watch! Western Canada for reference.
Hey guys! Any of you have received the watch? It says it shipped on the 22nd, I've been tracking the DHL, but after the status says "en route to destination country" there is no more update. Its been 5 days since that status update.
for me purchased on Feb 8, 2017 received on Mar 12, 2017 By DHL
But Collected by My self at post office.
Can you tell me how you will ship this to Canada? Then I can make an informed decision whether I join or not.
Models 241677 come with an extra NATO strap ?
Hi there, 241677 does not come with an extra NATO strap.
received the watch on Mar 12, 2017
but the watch model 241675 does not come with an extra NATO strap.
What material is the bezel?
I like how Massdrop has left the retailer's watermark in the four model pictures.
What is the shipping cost to Canada?
14.50USD - It says so right on the right side bar underneath the price
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