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Victorinox Summit XLT Quartz Watch

Victorinox Summit XLT Quartz Watch

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Curious about the loud ticking. Seems like an odd feature.
I have an older version of this watch. Pros: tough finish (no scratches on mine), water resistant (unlike a lot of other 100M watches I've had to take in for water damage), good size, strong initial lume (but it fades fast).

Cons: Short battery life (about two years), non-standard strap.

Great for hiking, swimming, or any other activity where I don't want to damage an automatic on a nice leather strap. And after all these years, fewer scratches than on my Hamilton Khaki Field...
I had this watch with an orange dial and loved it as an everyday "beater". Great price, but I've got this color scheme covered. If you bring the orange dial version I will buy two in a heartbeat. One for me and another for my son!
Nice size, but where would I find a replacement strap?
Hi, how do I find out what postage to Australia would be?

Press JOIN DROP and tell it your address It will estimate shipping
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