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Victorinox Swiss Army Cyber Tool M

Victorinox Swiss Army Cyber Tool M

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Got mine today, awesome SAK! Does anyone know if Victorinox makes a leather belt pouch that fits this model?
I have had my Cybertool 34 for over 12 years. I will be sending this drop to everyone I know that works with PC's
If I didn't already have the small version, I might consider it; buyer be warned, even the smaller version is quite thick. For reference and better pictures:
This has everything I need, but it's much lower in price on Amazon.
I think it might be helpful to see a picture showing the thickness. Will all those tools, I can imagine it would be quite thick.
$71.99 at Amazon right now! Come on, Massdrop.
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The link does not have scissors and wrench the closest one with both and another too at tbe downside is 90.00
I looked in detaik your link and it is not the massdrop . i have the massdrop it is thicker than the amazon
Yes, as indicated in replies above, I had the wrong Victorinox. Thank you very much.
One of the Korean online malls is now selling "Cybertool 34M 1.7725.T" at around $66, looks like exactly same one. I have to wait until I travel back to my home.
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I am not sure whether this can help you. They don't ship overseas.

Current exchange rate is 1091KRW = 1$.
Thanks for the link; I do appreciate it. But frankly the language issue is a problem, and dealing with it and the shipping issue makes buying from the Korean site a bit impractical.

If I do buy this knife, it will be from the site I linked above. As of right now, the price is the same.
There are several VSA knives that are very similar to this, so comparing prices is tricky. The lowest price I could find for this exact model is $81 shipped, no tax (to NY) from a very reputable source; Massdrop's price would be $82.74 with shipping (which is ridiculous for this item), assuming the $79.95 price is reached.
Bought the blue version like 8 years ago. Paid about 48 Euro's back then, so they must have gotten more expensive?
Yes, I remember having paid $45 about 2001, but that was on a military base in Europe, not sure what all contributes to the price difference though.
Central Banks printed lot of money, thus devaluing our purchasing power. So companies have two choices, either cut corners e.g use mystery steels or raise prices.
not a deal... $79.95 on amazon
True, but both are currently listed as temporarily out of stock at that price.
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