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Victorinox Swiss Army Rescue Tool

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I have a question and a comment:
Question: Is this a lock blade knife or a slip joint knife?

Comment: For volunteer EMS use, I don't have a need this. I already carry a lockblade knife in my pocket. My holster carries my shears, a Spyderco Rescue, a center punch and pen light. In the USA, almost all firefighters are EMTs and are similarly equipped.

For personal use, however, I like it. I have actually cut seat belts. Having a non-pointy tool is a good thing. Being able to break glass in a controlled and safe manner is also a good thing. One doesn't want to stab or shower a patient with glass in order to extract them from a vehicle.

I also spend a lot of time out doors in very remote areas. My current go-to Victorinox is a Boy Scout Huntsman because it swapped the silly cork screw for a Phillips screwdriver. This gives me better tools in a sturdier package by sacrificing the scissors and a redundant screwdriver/bottle opener combo. I can live with that, although I wish they had kept the eye in the awl / sewing needle.

If it is similar to the Trekker, then the main knife blade and the screwdriver/bottle opener tool lock open with a liner-lock. Rest of the tools are the normal Victorinox folding operation.

Edit: on second thought, perhaps they removed the liner lock in the Rescue to make extra space for the other tools. The liner lock on the a Trekker occupies at least the space of another tool.

Really the Trekkers are less expensive and more appropriate for outdoors carry. Form factor looks about the same as this rescue tool, and it will have a wood saw instead of the glass saw and seatbelt cutter. The screwdrivers, bottle opener, can opener, and awl are the same. Depending on the model you can have serrated or non-serrated knife blade.

And I hear you about the Huntsman. I have had a Super Tinker since the 1980s. I actually use the scissors far more than I thought I ever would, and the philips screwdriver instead of a corkscrew should be mandatory for a beer-drinker. LOL
These should be reverse, or basically left-handed liner-locks, on the main blade and screwdriver.
I can see a LEO or firefighter carrying this on duty. But for a regular person, I am dubious. I would rather carry the German army issue Victorinox, which this takes about 50% of it's form, and costs about 2/3 the money. You lose the dedicated glass breaker, belt cutter, and the glass saw. What you do for emergency is keep the serrated knife sharp to cut a seat belt, and open the screwdriver/bottle-opener tool to improvise as the glass breaker (that tool locks open). If I am trapped in a car, I'm not taking time to neatly saw out a hole in the window like in the video. I'm smashing out like the Hulk. LOL!
I was thinking the same thing. Is the model of that one the Trekker?
Looking at amazon, I see some variations on the model I wish I had known about before I bought my German Army version.

I think I would have gone for a non-serrated blade black version for the $1 more. I don't have much use for serrated blades with EDC. I wonder if they were available when I bought? (visible on the link above)
so can you have the seatbelt cutter and the shatter-proof glass cutter installed at the same time?
It's made for individuals to rescue themselves in an emergency
Not sure about this to be honest, wanted a Swiss army knife for a while but half of this doesn't seem that useful for an everyday knife
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I get what you're saying, I just thought it was a niche market for an expensive to that will probably always be carried around and never used. Can't see much use other than in a relatively serious car crash but not one that was too bad.
Oh I agree this doesn’t have a great value to utility ratio, for sure. You can probably get a cheap seatbelt cutter and a window smasher for under $10 that’ll work just as well (or better) than this thing. I mean, realistically, you’ll never actually use any of this sort of thing, and if you do, you’ll likely only use it once anyway. But that’s true about many of the items on this site. I can see a Victorniox collector (I assume there’s such a thing) picking one up. Or someone with more money than sense.
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