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Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game Bundle

Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game Bundle

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Start Your Own Winery

Step into a rustic world of fine wine and strong competition with the Viticulture Essential Edition board game bundle. In this game for up to six players, you’ll be in charge of your own winery, attempting to plant the best grapes, make the best wines, and beat out rival wineries in the area. Set in pre-modern Tuscany, the game elicits a natural and idyllic feel, but the stress that comes with making wine is nothing to take lightly. To do it, you’ll need to properly allocate workers, take advantage of generous visitors, and choose a wine-making strategy to expand your vineyard. Don’t forget about the seasons, as some tasks can only be completed in summer, and others only in winter. This drop comes with the base game as well as the Moor Visitors, Tuscany, and Visit From the Rhine Valley expansions. With all three, you get an extended board, different visitors, and added intrigue.

Note: This drop includes Viticulture Essential Edition, the Moor Visitors expansion, the Tuscany expansion, and the Visit From the Rhine Valley expansion.

Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game Bundle

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  • Designed by Morten Monrad Pedersen, Jamey Stegmaier, and Alan Stone
  • Artwork by Jacqui Davis, David Montgomery, and Beth Sobel
  • Players: 1–6
  • Playing time: 45–90 min
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up


  • Viticulture Essential Edition
  • Moor Visitors expansion
  • Tuscany expansion
  • Visit From the Rhine Valley expansion


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