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Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game Bundle

Viticulture Essential Edition Board Game Bundle

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Just got this today. It is NOT the original Tuscany expansion as the description suggests, it's the Essential Edition.

While I knew it was unlikely to be the original despite the description, it's still disappointing because I wanted the cheese making expansion and the extra meeples. Regardless, this is still definitely false advertising. Whoever is running this had the opportunity to clarify this week's ago when someone asked about it and it's pretty annoying they didn't.

Still a good deal, however.
What happened to this? It wasn't at the drop deadline yet and I don't remember seeing a unit cap.
The unit cap was 30
63$ for the game.
53,5$ for delivery.

Gonna pass this one unfortunately
Question: Is the Tuscany included here the original Tuscany or is it Tuscany Essentials Edition? The picture looks like the original version. whereas the Tuscany EE looks like this:
Do you know what the difference is between these editions? Can't find any. Also it seems like the original based on the pic
Kind of complicated but it seems the original Tuscany has more:
why shipping costs so high?
Yeah...40$ shipping to Canada and exchange rate don't make this worth at all for "out of USA" potential buyers. No thanks!
I’d jump at this if it was free shipping. I’m happy MD is finally doing free shipping, but when there is shipping, it pretty much negates the value, as you only end up saving a dollar or two, literally.
Viticulture EE is a very good, medium weight game that I've enjoyed at every player count I've played. It has a few things from the old version of the Tuscany expansion packed in, such as Mama & Papas cards (asymmetrical starting resources). So new Tuscany is a bit leaner than the old version, since they removed some stuff that I guess nobody liked.

Nothing in Tuscany EE will be in the base Viticulture EE game, so no overlap. The Moor Visitors expansion just fattens the two Visitor decks with some more cards. It is a nice throw in, but not at all essential. Those are also all unique.

Moor Visitors and Tuscany all fit inside the original box. The Tuscany board fills the box nicely, making it flush with the lid. I use small bags to separate the expansion player pieces, since I don't use them every game.

Board Game Geek has a file for cut out "meeple buckets", that you slip in the tray to pull out the player pieces very easily. Otherwise, it is a tight fit, and sort of annoying to get the player pieces out. Highly recommended.
How much is shipping ....?
also would like to know that, for europe(uk) though
Here's an overview of the Essential Ed. It seems like there is still a lot in the Tuscany expansion that is not in the Essentials, so not really double buying. (
Also, looks to be highly recommended from Dice Tower, and $62 is a great price for all that is included. Best I've seen for the base game is $44.
IIRC, some of the original Tuscany expansion was is included in the Essential Edition, and the rest was added as the Tuscany expansion, so not double buying. The expansion seems well recommended on BGG from what I've seen. I don't know anything about Moor Visitors, though.
Obligatory BGG link:

So, BGG says that the Essential Edition already includes some of the Tuscany expansion, so are we potentially double buying? Anybody care to comment if there's enough still left in the Tuscany expansion to make it worth the extra purchase?
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