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Vivo Electric/Manual Stand-Up Desk Workstations

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Has anyone tried painting one of these?
is this better than this desk?

any thoughts?
Considering jumping on this, but also considering waiting and praying for the Massdrop 2.0 Sit Stand desk again. Any thoughts? The desktop is not a deal breaker for me, just interested in the frame.
i just click REQUEST
anyone bought the manual crank model? Can the crank handle hide away nicely or stick out as in the picture?
We have experience of this frame, and Steelcase Series 7 (very expensive/over-priced) sit/stand desks. I would say the motor on the dual Vivo are smoother and faster than our Series 7's (which to be fair are older). I have not watched the linked video below, but we have 40" monitors on the back edge of the Vivo, and no stability issues whatsoever.

We're trying next, as we've had good experience with some of their other products - but that is for comparative only. Personally, I'm most likely to use Vivo dual for a desk I need at home.
Again, no availability to Canada. Dudes can you please make drops country aware. I hate getting drops that get you all excited, and then BAM, not available to ship to your address.

It's a little thing but it would really help! If I can't get it I shouldn't see it, and if you can't do that at least put a big "AVAILABLE IN THE US ONLY" tag on the dang thing.

Small amendment: I don't want to get notifications and email for stuff I can't buy. Flagging it and still sending it to me is just spam. Sorry, just don't send us info about drops we can't share in!
Please watch this review before you buy!!!

I was about to pull the trigger on this sucker but decided against it. I'm the type that researches for days before buying anything, and realized this VIVO standing desk was not a good buy. One thing that would allow me to entertain the idea of buying it is the manufacturer's warranty. However, I would confirm that it is actually 5 years and that it covers both electronics and frame because last time I researched they only covered 1 year for both.

I would recommend Autonomous.AI (Business Edition) at the least (you'll have to shell out more though) since it comes with better electronics/frame AND a nice manufacture's warranty to go with it.

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Holy crap! That's pretty dang heavy! Do you have any issues moving the table up and down?

Glad it worked out for you though. That price point is really tempting for sure. I can understand why people would get it. I ended up saving up a little more and getting a frame from Uplift and used a desktop at home that wasn't being utilized. So far so good!
While it's going up or down, I lift up on the side with the computer b/c it has most of the weight and I don't want the the motors to labor really hard. It will error out and I have to reset it back to 25 inches if I don't do this.
Omg and I JUST paid for the other drop that happen a few weeks ago
Anyone else's motor/controller not work? I plug it in and i get one movement up down for however long, then it goes to a "sleep mode" and the lights are dashed lines, then no input accepted on the control pad. i have to unplug to get it to move again.
Hold the M button for a few seconds, it will bring it out of sleep mode and you can then enter your setting
Is the warranty actually 5 years? The standard manufacturer warranty for this item is 1 year.
Anyone know where I can get a table top that is 24” x 40”? I want to use it between my desk and credenza in my office. And don’t trust myself to build one that’s presentable.

Thank you
If everything fails, look up your local joiner/carpenter, which should be able to make a table top to your exact specifications. Depending on the craftsman and if you know each other, prices range from surprisingly cheap to very expensive, though.
IKEA... I have a desktop that's 23" x 40" that I bought for about $10
Does anyone know what is the minimum height adjustment?
I will purchase when the Dual motor is available again.
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Also comparing :
Ya but its 329 CAD on prime cables which is cheaper. I just bought it 2 weeks ago and threw an ikea tabletop on it and its awesome for the price