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I’m furious. My desk arrived today banged up. Frame is dented. It’s obvious that the desk isn’t new. Missing screws. Can’t expand it laterally. Not at all happy with this. Thus far, no response from support despite repeated inquiries. Buyer beware!!!!
Did you ever get a reply from customer service?

I had the same issue with my desk. The box was damaged and ripped. The desk suffered several scratches. I've contacted support and it took a week before I got a reply.
Wondering why the single motor requires a 1" thick desktop while the while the dual motor goes down to .75" thickness... would make more sense the other way around, no?
I saw an Amazon review that someone was able to attach a diy crossbar to some existing holes on the back of the legs. Can anyone else confirm this?
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Extra support to reduce wobble when extended. A foot rest would just be a bonus!
Looks like someone was able to but couldn't say for sure based on the pictures (found the Amazon review you were referring to). I'm planning on getting a decent weighted table top to mitigate any wobbling. I'm finding a lot of stand up desks aren't deep enough and the monitor is too close for my liking.
Anyone has suggestions on how to attach an IKEA (or any other wood) countertop to this desk? I bought the Karlby to go with this but not sure what I need to do to attach it to the desk, like screws and/or some glue? I really don't like to put the Vast monitor on top of it just to drop it because the countertop is loose.

Any suggestions will be very welcome! Thanks!
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I finally went with the IKEA Gerton tabletop It's of a preferable length (61 inch vs the 74/94 inch Karlby which is too long for me) and it's also cheaper. I'm going to apply some Danish oil so that I can get a similar dark walnut looking just as the walnut Karlby.
I'm looking to use the Hammarp 74" counter-top with the dual motor legs. The counter-top is unfinished but I'm going to finish it using the instructions on this video -
Any updates when this will ship? The last drop says July 16th (today) and usually Massdrop ships items a few days before the listed ETA shipping date.
I still don't understand the reason behind HIDING previous drop prices. Must be the Russian spies who are actually double agents for China. -_________________-

The desk looks interesting but I don't see myself buying this anytime soon given my current apartment situation (student;shared and rooms are kinda small.) Nevertheless, I will likely end up getting a desk like this one.
$269.99 for the dual motor. $219.99 for the single motor.

They do it because from drop to drop prices can change, a previous version of this drop could have cost more or less than it did this time.
Thanks for the reply. I may seem salty but I feel that the website could use a few tweaks and some rules could be revised; I still don't know where or how to see the drops I've requested, for example (I'm aware of the save feature but it seems redundant when you can simply hit "request" and be notified on the drop's activity.)

Anyways, that's a really nice deal for a desk stand. I hope to see a drop for it in the future.
Does anyone know the distance, center-to-center, on the arms between the screw holes used for mounting to the underside of the desk? I understand that the width is variable, but it appears the length is fixed. I have a number of pre-existing mounts in my desk, and am trying to determine if I'd need to drill new holes... Thanks.
It's adjustable. I have mine at the outter most settings. My table top is 65" wide and the stabilizer arms, on the end, are only 5.5" in from the edge. This allows me to keep the through holes for cable management unobstructed. The gap in the middle is adjusted to 14.5" of separation on my desk and I was able to securely tighten all 4 hex bolts.
I hope this helps.
Can anyone confirm if this will support 230/240 V power supply?
It is designed for 110V only.
Has anyone tried painting one of these?
is this better than this desk?

any thoughts?
I have not used the one you have a link to, but this one is very adjustable and will work with almost any table top. You are pretty stuck with the top that comes with the one in the link, I would think.
Just my opinion.
probaly has better features, but its 500$ probaly better off buying this drop.