Vortex Backlit PBT Doubleshot Keycap Setsearch

Vortex Backlit PBT Doubleshot Keycap Set

Vortex Backlit PBT Doubleshot Keycap Set

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A really good set. Match my K95 RGB real good. Good quality keycaps! Very happy with the product.
MD support is amazing.

I bought both black and white sets. For the price the keycaps are really good.
However, I was having trouble with my 6.25u white space-bar. The images shows that it should be shine-through, but mine isn't. Also, it didn't fit well on my keyboard.
I contacted MD and within 12 hours they have responded and are sending me a replacement.
Love the keycaps and quite satisfied with the quality - however I got the same problem as previously reported with the J key.
Oh and also, the spacebar "fitted" for my keyboard (standard ISO I guess) won't stay in place either. :/ If anyone knows who to contact to get replacement keys...
Has no one noticed the problem with the "J" key? If you you press too hard to one side the key cap just falls off, and i'm not the only person this has happened to. There are multiple reviews on amazon stating this as well and if any doubts my post press the left side of the "J" key with moderate force (you might not even need to use moderate force if you have stiffer switches).

I paid good money good money for these key caps and waited quite a while for this drop to happen and this has ruined my day, I would like a new "J" key that works as intended or a refund for the set.
Got these keycaps today, replacing them was a little bit of a hassle but when I re-plugged it in the lights were absolutely beautiful. The difference between my standard K95 Platinum keycaps and the vortex ones was incredibly noticeable, no doubt these are some good quality keycaps. I thought they didn't include a windows key designed for my bottom row, but two of the keycaps were diamond shaped in the second box and fit perfectly so I assumed those are it. Anyways, good purchase; great keycaps.
Is this the exact same keycap set? Or am I going crazy?
126 vs 108 keycaps set... not same offer at least...
Is this key cap set compatible with the K70?
Everything except the bottom row (ctrl, alt, win, etc.) will fit. Corsair boards generally don't work with most keycap sets because they use a nonstandard bottom row.
Are these available with front printed legends elsewhere?
Would these be flush on a Colemak setup?
HIDEOUS 'stencil' font! No way.
I spent weeks looking at backlit keycaps, and as far as double-shot PBT goes, there is only one decent (not great) choice:
I bought those, and while the "shine through" isn't flawless, at least the font can be looked at without retina damage.
because of how molding works, you'll have to go for either "stencil", or dark spots where the stencil part would have been.
(you can see the effect on the low profile planck drop)
Unless some lighttools wizards simulates a design that miraculously shines through evenly.
I personally prefer this for the time being. Though I do want them front facing on black pbt..
Agreed! Cant stand that stencil font. I have the K-Type which uses Tai-Hao PBT backlit keys (NOT stencil). I'm looking for a similar key for a separate numpad. I found these on Tai-Hao's website, which may be the K-Type keys, but can't seen to find them at any other store besides the Tai-Hao store.
Are these the same keycaps as the front printed ones? Just different location for the legends?
Yeah essentially
$25/30 on amazon free shipping.
Even cheaper but maybe still good enough for most: https://www.amazon.com/Bossi-Mechanical-Keyboard-Doubleshot-Replacement/dp/B01IBM8W9Y/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1519217761&sr=8-15&keywords=pbt%2Bbacklit%2Bkeycaps&th=1

<$20 / free 2-day prime. I had a hard time justifying $30 caps for my $23 refurb velocifire TKL, but I will do the $19 or so for some decent blue caps. thx.
Does anybody know what keyboards are those?