Vortex Double Shot PBT 104 Keycap Setsearch

Vortex Double Shot PBT 104 Keycap Set

Vortex Double Shot PBT 104 Keycap Set

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Dying to get a set of these. I'll pay too! :D Come back Massdrop Vortex Double Shot! D:
so, I'm noticing many things in the mechanical keyboard section have way more than the required 200 requests for a relaunch of the drop. I wish they would get on the ball and relaunch some of the things that everyone has requested. I would love a set of these keys as well as the Tex CNC 60% aluminum case that has more than 700 requests right now. With Xmas on the way, I'm surprised things are so stagnant around here.
I am still hoping to see the Blue Legend set. Been waiting for those for a really long time.
Still waiting for these to popup again.. just missed it
I want pink color
나도 공제
Really want these as well. Exactly what I'm looking for.
We need to do this drop again! I need these keycaps!
Still waiting for my set in SouthKorea.
I'm still waiting... When I get this?

Status: Shipped <- ???

UPS shipping = SUCKS?
Did you lie to me?
I don't feel so bad about not receiving these yet. Solely based on the fact that ripster commented in this discussion. See you on reddit ripster.
still waiting on my set
I am still waiting for these... and no responses from anyone in california saying they got them -_-
How can i buy this keycap color blue in korea ...?
Finally got my set last week. No missing keys, although the fonts could take some getting used to.

I use mine mainly on a Ducky Zero Shine (blue LEDs) but the colours that do come out is very nice.
anyone else in california not get these yet?
First day back at the office, just finished installing my new keycaps.

- Awesome quality! Typing feels great.
- Backlights on my Ducky Zero illuminate through the keys, nice!

- Missing the F10 key, but got an extra F11 key instead...
- Font weight is slightly inconsistent (as others have mentioned)
- Non-standard caps lock symbol (upside-down shift symbol? Why not use a solid red shift symbol something?)

Overall really happy, and would definitely recommend these caps.
Received my keycaps almost two months after I placed my order (partially because of shipping to my overseas address), but the wait was well worth it. The keycaps look awesome on my keyboard, and I couldn't have gotten double shot PBT keycaps at a better price anywhere else.

I ordered the red letters on white and they are so much easier on my eyes than the stock keycaps that came with my keyboard.
Mine keys arrived today (to Poland). No customs fees.

No missing keys, and no duplicates, all fits my Das Keyboard very well.

Keycaps "font" differs in thickness between keys, but it was expected and I do not blame anyone. Over all Massdrop did great job :-)