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I have the Vibe. I really did need 10-key (unless I go with an ortho board next). The arrow keys are not quite the same as on a full-size keyboard but they're the lower keys on the keypad with the numlock off. I haven't run into issues where I need both arrow keys and numlock on at the same time (Tab or Enter usually is fine). If you do, might as well buy a full-size keyboard...
I need my arrow keys.
Would totally dig this with a nav cluster instead of a numpad, but hey, still great looking!
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I just use HJKL (vim) for my arrows... and if you want arrows on them could get the WASD HJKL caps.
I use an HHKB and other 60%s. I own a VA68M, which is darn close to perfect to me. I would just like to see a 60% with a full nav cluster! Appreciate the info, regardless!
I'm tempted, I don't really care about a numpad but it would be nice to get those keycaps out of storage.
Q: Does this have the dip switch to turn the Caps Lock into a Fn key like the Pok3r?
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I do have a spare Massdrop keycap set arriving in March (or whenever... lol). So hard and time is running out. :P...
No, the Vibe does not have any dip switches.

I have my Caps Lock set to Control via software. But with the firmware update above, it looks like you can.

(I just wish I didn't need a Windows computer to update the firmware...)
It's literally a poker with a numpad thrown on it
*Vortex Race
This would be perfect if the numpad was on the left side :/
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<Graphic designer perspective here>I'd probably never let go of my stylus if I had a num pad on the left side.

I enter a lot of precise measurements and would find it useful. I'd imagine that a lot of 3d modellers and video editors would find this useful too.
Hey Everyone

Even tho I did not join in on this drop thought I share another one of my boards. Its with cherry mx silver switches. I decked it out with the SA- Penumbra keyset with it makes it a fine looking board with it. Even tho this board lacks RGB it can be made beautiful with any good SA keycap set.
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I wanted to join in on the SA carbon set but missed it when it came out. Would be nice to see that drop again on here or the danger zone SA keyset again .
Not a troll or kindling, but I'm curious what the motivation is for this format? I get peeps that need the numpad but not the nav cluster not wanting to use the extra space but in that case why not go with something like the MasterKeys Pro M? Is it just because it's uncommon? I guess it's hard for me to imagine being so space constrained that the additional row would cause an issue.
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It's not as long in length as the MasterKeys Pro M and the lack of border frame makes the keyboard easier to clean
When Numlock is off, the arrow keys and insert/delete take their natural place, which makes this board, with all Pok3r functionality and sub keys, quite versatile and appealing imo
Why no MX Greens? :(
I don't know man Vortex does them on the Poker series but I haven't seen them on any Race or Vibe series boards.