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The keyboard is beautiful to type on, but my escape key (which is also the tilde / grave key) works maybe 1 out of every 10 presses now. When I first got it, it was maybe 1 in every 4 presses worked. I emailed support, but they said they don't do returns or replacements.
I've been using software (uncap, autohotkey) to map escape to caps lock and key combos for grave and tilde, but it's frustrating that I have to do this for an expensive keyboard. Was this a refurb?
Update: desoldered the old keyswitch and soldered a new one in. Same problem though. Must be an issue with an electronic on the board.
I just got my package that I ordered with Cherry MX Silver shipped to me with Cherry MX Brown keys! The keyboard seems messed up. It has a rattle in it when I type like a springy noise and it was missing the 10 additional keycaps and the feet. The package also showed up in the box with the tube busted open on one end and my space bar and the left ALT key has a mark on it. Ugh Massdrop you need to do better for a 140 dollar keyboard, also make sure you're sending what the customer ordered.
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Thinking out loud here, could there be a chance our MD orders are 'seconds' where the boxes were beat up/customer returns and refurbished, etc? I was surprised to see shipping notice that quickly to be honest and I'm curious now whether everyone is receiving Vortex kbs with minor issues as noted
Honestly I have no idea, but it has me wondering if they were selling seconds/returns. I’m still waiting to hear back from Massdrop to see what they’ll do to fix my situation. I hope what you’re saying isn’t true, because I’ve bought a lot of keyboards from Massdrop and they’re usually pretty good. Hopefully they’re not starting to drop the ball, which would mean I’d have to look for another vendor.
Just got my shipment notification for MX clears. Wasn't expecting it so soon!
"Micro USB" Boooooo! Mini or C, the only good options for KB connectors. Micros grip terribly and seem to wear out faster. It was the one major flaw with the Ducky Pocket.
Silent Red Keys are not available, please change the description in the overview page!
I'd buy this instantaneously if it was a 96-key with arrow keys
It's my current keeb-- you can active the arrow keys by turning off numlock-- at that point the 0, 00, decimal and 2 keys become the left, down, right and up keys.
They should release this cap set for the race 3.
Well it's just sa profile so you would just need the compatibility
I think I'll wait when they add USB-C and/or full backlit.
I want one, but I'll wait until they release the rgb version.
And I'd like to have the option to buy the ISO-UK version, just for the fat-ass enter key.
I don't give a rat's arse about rgb's, but my old eyes do appreciate the led lighting, my Ducky boards spoiled me for that. And it should be simple enough for Vortex to release the rgb boards, their review samples were rgb. Some guys are even modding the boards themselves with led switches.
A single colored led would suit me fine, but I'd settle for rgb if that's what they choose to do.
The ISO-UK, NOR, and DE boards have been available from some online sellers in the UK and Germany for a while now, albeit in limited quantities.
Perhaps for the next drop, Massdrop could use their "influence" to get Vortex to make an rgb and ISO version of this lovely board available.
What connection is the USB?
Would consider if they offered MX Silent Black version.
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Silent Black is the same silenced switch mechanism as red, but with a heavier spring, i.e. more resistance to actuate the keys.
Hmmmm. I have a DREVO with red's but they have more resistance than my Corsair speed reds. Feels like a heavy resistance like a black but without the silenced bottoming out. So I can relate to how enjoyable that would be.
How do I order Silent Reds... Its not showing up in the order options.
If you want you can get one with silent reds here.
Thanks. Massdrop discount is often not proportionate to the patience it needs in return. I had joined the drop for vortex race3 last time, but dropped out of the drop(!) because of a waiting time of half an eternity.
Shame. At first joined but then unjoined the drop soon thereafter. '~' tilde nowhere to be found so going to have to map to an invisible :/
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If it's like the Vortex POK3R: Fn + Esc = Backtick Shift + Esc = Tilde
So tilde is actually the same muscle memory, and backtick is one extra modifier. Personally, I mapped CapsLock to Fn(via dipswitch on bottom) and Fn+C to CapsLock. I do use backtick in (bash/zsh or Cmd+` on Mac), but with it available as CapsLock+Esc, I don't mind the tradeoff.
Edit: I just checked the manual and the above appears to be wrong. It lists tilde as Fn+Shift+Esc, which personally seems like a pain in the ass. http://www.vortexgear.tw/db/upload/webdata4/6vortex_201711212081117526.pdf (page 3)
Yeah. Ugh. Thanks for checking. It is a pain. Seems this one is geared for typists, just not shell users.
ISO please :'(
Please drop this soon.
Wow how did I miss this o_O I was even on the join screen when it ended !!
Sounds like you're in luck now mate!
Lovely looking board, understand the appeal, but this board would be way better if it was tenkeyless w/ directional keys. imo
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The firmware update is kinda mandatory unless they flasehed the new version at manufacturing. The toggle for the numpad(tkl mode/numpad mode) was pretty broken on mine when I got it, until I flashed the firmware. Once done it's an awesome board. !
Nice. Just updated, working great now
I'm a keyboard noob, is there a full keyboard with this same style, where you can see underneath the buttons?
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Did you have trouble finding a full sized option with floating keys design ? Amazon has a ton of those. They are cheap, if the bottom case is plastic, and that's typically what you'll find on Amazon.
I personally have a red dragon K555, with blue switchs. Its a really good board. That was my first mk. This community has since introduced me to way better switches - mx clears, Halo clears, zealios, aliaz or even browns. and programmable keyboards.
I have looked up a few I like. Most of them have a lot of bells and whistles which are nice but I'm looking for more simple design for office use. Some keyboards I ran across are the regular keyboard trays with half length key caps and those do not look that good, hah.
Red dragon K555 looks pretty good. I don't know that much about different switches, currently using mx brown at home. I recently ordered the switch tester here but Massdrop is taking their sweet time for delivery.
I know i can program the arrow keys where the 0,00, . and 2 are. But can i also program the numbers 0 to 9 by moving 1 row higher. This way i can have both arrow cluster and numbers. I dont need 00. So 0 will be where the 1 is presently.
Is this fully programmable?
Besides all the wonderful things others have said about the Vibe, my personal conclusion on this board:
It's very tall. The case and the SA flat profile making it almost feel necessary to have a wrist-rest; even then, it never felt comfortable for me to type on for extended periods. Just my experience though, others might find they love it.
Very well built, nice out of the box.
Is that just the keycaps ? SA is high profile. I thought the keyboard itself was quite short and thin. Have you tried replacing the caps with some shorter ones like Cherry or DSA or XDA ?
So I got a vibe with MX Clears from another site a couple of week ago.
Some thoughts : Context - this is my fourth MK, I got a Red Dragon with Outemu blues (I don't use this anymore), a K-type with Halo Clears (daily driver) and a cheap Ergodox (testing the ergo lifestyle). Then came this, mostly because I want to try a 60%, but I use the arrow keys pretty heavily so have been reluctant to try it out. This seemed like a good way to transition, while also having a Numpad. The Numpad is like a TKL by default and turn sin to a Numpad only when the Numlock is turned on. I also use and love SA profile caps. I use SA on all my boards, both SP and MaxKey. I prefer SP's profiled/sculpted SA. This was my first experience with uniform R3 SA set.
Thoughts: - Replaced K-type at work and is now my daily driver. K-type moved home with me.
- The board is really solid. Best typing experience so far. Way better than K-Type in terms of the feel.
- Solid - Just solid. thats the best to describe the feeling. Sounds great - muted thocks.
- The keycaps are "hmmm....???". Its PBT and all that, but as an SA user who used both MaxKey and SP, these don't really "feel" like SA. Its like the top surface area of the caps are smaller than the other SA sets I have. I also think I personally prefer the sculpted SA profile than this uniform R3 profile.
- Felt broken out of the box - keys & typing was great, but the firmware was not. Weird issues like it was on numpad mode by default and capslock turned on the TKL mode and once in TKL could not go back to numpad. All fixed with firmware update. I hope this comes with new firmware already flashed.
- Firmware updater is windows only !!! No Linux or Mac support. There was a tutorial online on how to use Virtual box to run a windows VM to update the firmware. Works fine, but a total PITA.
- The programming is a bit weird. But enough tutorials on the web. For those who are unfamiliar with vortex or familiar with only flashing (like me), this keyboard does programming via the keyboard keys itself and LED indicators on the keyboard itself. No UI to remap keys and flash firmware.
- I wanted to remap Fn to Caps Lock, but this is not possible **on the default layer** (you can on other layers). A sort of inconvenience. This was big for me personally because I was trying to use this like a 60% with a numpad by default.
Here are some pictures.
On the left is the "SA" caps from ViBE and In the middle is MaxKey SA (orange on black), and On the right is SP SA (Carbon).
To me it looks and feels like the ViBE caps are a little smaller than the other two. The last one shows the thickness. These keys do feel great, but I find them a bit hard to type on, and I do enjoy typing on the MaxKey and SP keys (its not SA hate, I love the profile)


made some minor edits and added what the out of the box issue was.
Added a picture with my vibe looking pretty with MaxKey SA foundation.
I got a vibe a couple of weeks ago and so far I am enjoying it :D
I have since put some rgb on it, just like the review samples, and am waiting to get my switches so that I can swap the Cherry out with something good. Hopefully some holtites will fit to make it swappable!
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I haven't got to try it out yet but you can solder the Holtites in, if the hole is loose. Check out this video for how to do that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4wzFJPTPHM
There are also solder recepticals like these Mill-Max, https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=7305&keywords=7305-0-15-15-47-27-10-0&pkeyword=7305&v=. They might work better since you can fill in the extra space with solder. Here is an album that a reddit user made using them. https://imgur.com/a/uN1HhPC
I have also started a poll for some Holtites and the Mill-Max
If only the switches were hot-swappable!
can you change what the keys do?
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oh i see thank you!
watch out for this! on main layer at least you cannot reprogram those specific keys! see my post under regrets.
they can go in the standard inverted tee as diagram shows in other post but trying to map them onto 2/4/6/8 keys is a nogo.
from chat with vortex rep:
it is the same as the mapping for a full size TK keyboard - so I guess its more of not having to retrain myself every time i switch. is that capability built in? i think the manual said it was programmable?
Yes, you can do it through programming
ah thanks that is great to know - also means i can put custom keys on.
just got a new vortex vibe - great build quality. is there anyway to program numpad mode vs non-numpad mode? so on layer two the num pad keys are programmed differently depending on whteher the numlock is on?
Oh! Sorry to inform you that this is not work on numpad and non-numpad mode.
too bad i have my vortex race 3 on to run now... :(
I just brought my VIBE and I love it. But unless it's hard to get in the states, just... buy one. I paid $140 (converted from pounds). I think twenty dollars is worth not waiting until september.
Interesting board, but I am still not a fan of Cherry mx switches. It would also be nice if Vortex would come out with a completely programmable keyboard. For example, it is apparently still not possible to remap the Right Ctrl -- I would like to use that key as a Fn key. If anyone here knows of a way to remap the Right Ctrl to Fn, please let us know. Thanks.
They updated the default firmware and made it so you can map CAPS LOCK as a function key, which previously wasn't possible. I was actually under the impression that CAPS was the last remaining key you couldn't map as a function key (so long as you're on layer 1), so maybe this same update fixed the "Right Ctrl" restriction as well?
Try in layer 1, following the programming steps to map the function key to another key. I thought it was possible, but I no longer have the board to try myself.
EDIT: Oh, I also forgot to say that Vortex recently teased via their Facebook page that they're working on a user interface, either through software you download, or a web interface, for programming their keyboards.
That would help a lot.
Vortex Vibe is my first SA profile keyboard.
Vortex Vibe and Vortex Core keyboard height Comparison.

After using Vortex Vibe 1 day, key caps are not so bad... but I changed DSA profile keycaps...
SA R3 and DSA key caps on Vortex Vibe keyboard like mountain and hill...