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Just got my keyboard 3 months earlier than expected, looks like they had extras from the last drop. I had silent red switches. Im sorry to brag but this is the first Massdrop purchase thats ever arrived on time or get lost or had to be returned and didn't piss me off
Please bring this back..
Can I select my switch type?
Yup! When the drop was last up, there were a few cherry options. Red, blue, brown, I'm forgetting which others. I opted for the browns personally. :)
Here's a quick opinion for anyone interested in this board as I received mine earlier in the week.

First impressions? This is a very well built board. The combination of the amazing keycaps, MX Clear switches, the rock solid stabilizers and the overall build makes this such an awesome board to use.

The keys are very easy to type on, and the slightly wider spacing works for me really well as I'm pretty bad at fat fingering keys and I haven't had that yet on this board.

Issues? THERE IS NO NUMLOCK LED. There is a Capslock LED, but no numlock. This is frustrating because the whole premise of the board is that you switch between numpad/functions with the Numlock, but you never know which mode you are on! Seems like a stupid oversight.

Second is just an issue with my board, the ' symbol won't register on first press and double actuates on the second... So you can't write a single apostrophe without writing 2 and removing the second one. But I can live with it.

But these are small quips, overall I love this board and would probably buy a second one if the drop comes around again. Either that or the Racer variant...
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May I ask, when did you join the drop? I'm curious about how long shipping will take.
I received mine yesterday and after flashing the firmware the led under the caps lock will indicate the number lock and caps lock status. It's all I. The user manual on their we
Anyone selling theirs with MX Clears ?
I hope it doesn't com in July, thats a long time to wait...

It's a nice keyboard!
Are the keycaps included with this SA Profile?
Received my vibe at last but not happy at all. Removing keycaps to put o-rings, it seems that all mod sliders are stuck as it were glued... And I don't find how to put those back without breaking something. First time something like this happens and it is at least my 20th mechanical keyboard.

Five switch off. Keyboard unusable. Extra quality control.
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Unfortunately the plate prevents this so you have to open the keyboard case, unsolder the affected switches, pull them out from the plate, open their cases, put the slider back in, place them back and then finally solder them back. I personally know somebody that fixed his Vibe this way. Also of note: this will most likely void the warranty.

Some people also reported being able to force the sliders back in without opening the switch case but this can potentially destroy the switch requiring replacement.

Anyway, while waiting for my Vibe to be shipped, I took precautions and got 10 Cherry MX Clear switches since I also have two more KBs with them.
What happened there was a combination of mx clears holding tight normally and the super tight vortex caps
Aargh. Really doesn't do Mac as shipped. According to the instructions, Fn + Num should toggle the num pad. On mine, the num pad is on when plugged in. Pressing Caps Lock once will switch from Num Pad to TKL mode and turn on Caps Lock. Another press turns off Caps Lock. It stays in TKL mode. The only way I have found to switch back to Num Pad is to re-plug the keyboard. Anyone?
Updated the firmware. Now Fn + Num works properly. However, the Caps Lock will still turn off the Num Lock mode.

Edit: The "00" key now works, too. Makes me wonder how the previous firmware got out in the wild. It was massively buggy.
And now, for the ultimate question: what colour is the plate?

In the video (, it's white.

In this video (, it's black, like on the pictures, save for two, where it seems... unpainted?

So what is it? Please let it be black!
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The point is that I have used rubber domes up until now and find the bump on the MX clear reassuring, but I've seen the clears described as 'fatiguing' after much typing and especially while holding down a key while gaming, which made me hesitant. Did you experience any of these issues?
I don't game. I can imagine the extra spring force would be an issue with the rapid typing/pounding done in gaming. The browns would feel like the best rubber dome keyboard ever. Better than a Happy Hacker 2 IMO if anyone would like to add to this.
Just to be sure... If this keyboard is programmable, can I just make the right 'Alt' function as an 'AltGr'? What even is the 'Pn' key? Can it be used in shortcuts? And can the keys that serve no purpose with Num Lock turned off be used in shortcuts as well?
It is programmable, but I believe that the firmware that Vortex uses doesn't allow full programmability of the keyboard. I think there are one or two keys that can't be reprogrammed (ie. "Fn", "Pn" keys), but you can check out their programming documentation for the Vibe and Pok3r at
Pn = PhoNy key? It can be used for ProgrammiNg as well. Especially the RGB backlighting that is not installed.