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Vulture Premium Badalassi Carlo Leather Watch Strap

Vulture Premium Badalassi Carlo Leather Watch Strap

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SUPER soft! I really like mine.
I just got mine, it feels really light which makes wearing my watch all the more comfortable
Although it fits perfectly I would prefer if it was a bit longer but then that's all my own fault for ordering the wrong size

I ordered it for a 21mm lug width but fits fine on my 20mm sarb033
overall i'm happy with the purchase
Just got mine and it is beautiful! Very well made - single piece of soft leather, nicely stitched, glue in the stitching not visible from "outside", stiff buckle. Great job! :)
The website has not been connecting for a few days. Until yesterday it at least showed up in the Google results, but it's disappeared from those as of today. Only if I search for do I get results, but the links don't connect.

Maybe his web provider discovered he's a Harvey Weinstein fan or a Donald Trump supporter? Or is Ted Su coordinating a DDoS attack? (Joke. Joke. Just jokes.)
I am in the midst of re-working my website.
Anyone had theirs ship yet?
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I wish I could provide shipping info, but Massdrop does the shipping. Thank you, Will
Got the shipping notification from Massdrop on saturday :)
Looking for help getting the proper size strap for a Seiko Alpinist my wrist size is 7 -1/2” ??
I would go with the 130/80

Thank you very much, Will
I want to get a new band for my seiko flight solar but I don't know if the springs will fit correctly
was going for a 22mm 125/75mm strap.
I don't see any reason why it wouldn't. The watch appears to have straight spring bars, so pretty much any 22mm wide strap should work. The only way there could be a problem is if the watch has really thick spring bars (I believe there's a few different gauges) and the strap has really tight opening for the spring bars. But I really would't worry about such an unlikely problem.
Do the straps taper?
nevermind, options are available for ordering.

Vulture_Premium do you have a 18/16 option available?
Hi Will,
What type of leather is this i.e is it cow, pig skin, horse hide? Thanks.
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Wow, great service.. extremely prompt reply, I'm from the other of the world. Mulling over it :)
The problem that I have with this "Badass Carlo" drop is that the photos show the straps lying flat on the table, without the sexy curves that are in the photos for the Horween and Tochigi straps.

Is this just a function of the limpness and flaccidity of the leather?
Massdrop chooses the photos. I provided a link below with a gallery of photos. A 2mm soft tempered minimal strap and a 3.5mm medium tempered fully stitched strap are completely different animals. I don't see how this is a "problem". They are different leathers so they act and appear differently.
I wouldn't offer a junk leather strap. This is an incredibly nice and supple leather.