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Walkera Furious 215 Mini FPV Racing Drone

Walkera Furious 215 Mini FPV Racing Drone

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Do not buy this. Search for Eachine Wizard X220. Much better as a starter rig IMHO
This is the dumbest thing I have ever wanted so badly.
Sounds like you should probably purchase it then :).
I've been flying mini-quads for 3 years now...I'd recommend finding something else. If you end up liking the hobby, you are going to want to upgrade to quality gear (Fatshark Goggles, FrSky transmitter, etc) pretty quickly. If you don't like the hobby, you won't get any resale value from a Walkera. Check out UAVFutures or Joshua Bardwell on YouTube for in depth reviews and recommendations for good gear to start with.

If you're up for building your own, I get most of my equipment from FlightFury.com. They are smaller company based out of the US so they are really good about customer service. Building your own is a good idea with this hobby because you will break things in crashes. If you can build it, you can rebuild it :D
I have the Walkera F210-3D. Was a fun flyer until I upgraded my Devo 10 transmitter to Deviation and my F210-3D to be opened in Cleanflight/BetaFlight. Big mistakes on both parts. Both don't bind and I cannot fly anymore. After numerous attempts at returning back to original firmware on both via YouTube and Walkera/Deviation Forums, I gave up. Both were fine for the beginner interested in faster RC quading, just don't install or tweak any of their products unless you are an experienced builder or math genius. As for this new Walkera Racing Drone, it looks cool but now cautious on buying Walkera brand RCs now.
Figured it out all good now. BTW I crashed hard into a light pole and the thing survived better than I thought. Only Bummer, waiting for replacement parts from China.
Do not buy, a few tips:
-Not repairable, you will break, it will get ugly.
-VTX ant is not secured properly and will snap real fast.
-Batt is mounted in a way that will both destroy batt on crash and also rip frame apart
-Cam mount is problematic, vibration issues
-The white label TRX is not something I would allow on the field
-The motor guard/feet will rip the drone apart on landing
-Flight time is wrong, 2-4min max
-Firmware? (prolly betaflight, but seriously)
-Arm mount pattern is known to fail faster, stick to mono-frames for learning, replace as needed (this is why we oppen source all our frame designs)
-Most images are CAD, not a real product.

This is a junk you, like all Walkera RTF. You need to know how to build in order to fly and these people are just taking your $. If you want to learn this is a very bad unit, you will destroy it and never repair and then dislike the hobby. In the hands of a skilled pilot it will fly tolerably, but this is NOT how you start.

I am a lead engineer (CAD and EE) for a small bespoke custom quad shop.
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I'll second wabv's question but add on - if you're looking to get an entry-level drone what would you recommend/look for?
best place to custom build drones and order parts? I've been ho-humming about this for years. I live a pretty good location for flying drones too.
Where did the option for Goggle3 go? I only see Goggle4 on checkout..?
Is the remote compatible with other, non-Walkera drones? DSSS? FRSKY? FLYSKY?
I have a Devo 7e and it does dsm2/dsmx I believe it does the same
Does this package come with the USB transmitter and drone training simulator that you get if you buy through the Walkera site store?
I really want a small or mid sized FPV racer to play with. These look awesome and the price seems reasonable. Just curious why there are no buyers so far.
Debating... seems like it might be fun to build one. But, would be nice to get a ready-to-fly.
The reason there are no buyers so far is mainly because this is an unknown drone brand. The drone is also overpriced , and looking at the frame design, puts the camera in a bad position. Drones such as the eachine x220 will perform better, and are more inexpensive than this. If you really want to get into drones though, the best way is to build it. You will save money, enjoy the experience, and know your drone inside out. So that, in short is why this drone is not selling
I've been into drones for the last month and have about 3 phantom 3 and 4 inspire 1, still building a s800 and F450 with A2 and A3 but so far total flight time is less than 10 minutes. Maybe due to where I live, since indoor flying might be my other option, what I really want is a racing drone. Was looking at the F210 3D but this model seems newer, lighter, and stronger. The shipping date also seems like a gamble on my interest.
Amatuer question: Is this drone too much to handle for a novice drone flyer? I've a Yuneec 4k, which is fun enough. And I may rely a bit too much on the stability controls that it offers.

Is a drone like this a dirt dart waiting for my inexperienced self waiting to happen? I'd love to be able to enjoy a dron from the first person perspective.
There is a learning curve, and you will eat dirt. But the carbon fiber frame should take a beating. If you get one get at least 10 sets of propellers and 4 batteries.
Lol! Sounds like the voice of wisdom, experience, and a bit of crazy. Ill probably need 20 extra props... thank you!