Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTFsearch

Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF

Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF

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Speed & Agility in a Palm-Sized Package

A tiny, feature-packed racing drone designed for flying indoors, the Walkera Rodeo 110 comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box, even an extra battery! The brushless motors, slim fuselage, and carbon-fiber frame keep it light, fast, and agile, while the 600TVL camera—optimal for racing—captures high-quality video of all the action. Along with an F3 professional flight control system, which allows precise control and aerobatic maneuvers, the Rodeo 110 is equipped with 5.8GHz live-video transmission technology and front lighting that keeps you flying even in the dark. Finally, because this drone weighs just 101 grams (less than your average smartphone), it doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have the option to add the Goggle 4 (+ $120) or 2 extra batteries for ( +$25) a pair. 

Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF

Remote Control & Modular Design

The DEVO 7 control features an ergonomic contoured design, an intuitive layout, and a responsive joystick and buttons. The OSD (on-screen display) shows the flight data on the return video channel, so you can view real-time telemetry on your control screen or in your video goggles. Finally, the Rodeo 110’s modular design makes it easy to install, disassemble, and maintain.

Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF
Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF
Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF

Optional FPV Goggles

The Walkera Google 4 glasses offer a truly immersive FPV experience—like being in a dark room and watching a large TV screen that’s just a few feet away. The Goggle 4 features a 5"HD large screen, intuitive controls, a built-in 5.8Ghz video receiver to avoid cable mess, and soft silicone eye cups for long-wearing comfort and excellent visibility, even in sunlight. The built-in gyroscope converts your head movements into RC control signals, and the AV input/output port allows you to use your Goggle as both a video receiver and a playback device. All necessary cables, antennas, and user manuals are included.

Walkera Rodeo 110 600TVL DEVO 7 RTF

Goggle 4


Walkera Rodeo 110

  • Frame: Carbon fiber
  • Main rotor diameter: 2.8 in (70 mm)
  • Fuselage wheelbase: 4.3 in (110 mm)
  • Dimensions, L x W x H: 4 x 4.6 x 2.2 in (101 x 117 x 55 mm)
  • Weight, battery excluded: 3.6 oz (101 g)
  • Remote control: DEVO 7
  • Receiver/main control: Rodeo 110
  • Transmitter: TX5836 (FCC)/TX3847 (CE)
  • Camera: 600TVL
  • Brushless motor: WK-WS-13-002
  • Brushless ESC: Rodeo 110
  • Battery: 7.4V 850mAh 25C 2S Li-Po 
  • Flight time: 7–8 min
  • Operating temperature: 14º–104º F (-10º–40º C)

600TVL Camera

  • Horizontal resolution: 600TVL
  • System: PAL/NTSC
  • Video out: 1.0 Vp–p/75 ohm video out
  • Power input: DC 5–12 V power input

DEVO 7 Remote Control

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS
  • Output power: ≤ 100 mW
  • Current drain: ≤ 230 mA(100 mW)
  • Power supply: 5# battery 8 x 1.5V or NiMH 8 x 1.2V 1600–2000mAh
  • Output pulse: 1000–2000 mS (1500 Ms neutral)

TX5836 (FCC) / TX5837 (CE) Transmitter

  • Wireless image transmission: 5.8G
  • TX5836 (FCC) bind B section: 8 channels
  • TX5837 (CE) B section: 8 channels
  • TX5836 (FCC) output power: ≤ 200 mW
  • TX5837 (CE) output power: ≤ 25 mW

Goggle 4 ( +$120)

  • Image transmission: 5.8G
  • 40-channel receiver
  • Image resolution: WVGA 3 x 800 x 480 pixels
  • Pixel size: 45um x 135um / color dots pitch
  • Virtual image size: 60 inches
  • Distance of exit pupil: 30 mm
  • Power voltage: DC 5V
  • Built-in battery: 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po
  • Work time: 120+ min
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.9 x 5.7 in (18.4 x 14.9 x 14.4 cm)
  • Weight: 18.6 oz (528 g) with battery
  • Working environment: 32ºF – 113ºF (0ºC – -45℃)
  • Storage conditions: -4ºF – 158ºF (-20℃ – 70℃)


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