WE Knife 605 S35VN Flipper Knifesearch

WE Knife 605 S35VN Flipper Knife

WE Knife 605 S35VN Flipper Knife

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This is a beautiful knife like most WE Knives! I actually ordered a WE Knife Isham Eschaton, two different Isham Echelons, the Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent, the Rike Knife Titanium Hand Spinning Knife, the Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua and the Massdrop x Tashi Bharucha Prism. I definitely do not see myself spending another 250 USD for a knife that is half as fancy as the Eschaton, the Echelon or even the Prism. How am I suppost to afford all these sexy knives. Ahhhhh I think I am a knife addict at this point! Stop giving me all this hard dependence causing substances, Massdrop!
Sorry, I meant: A ferrum forge falcon, for twice the price, with non-standard fasteners, right handed only clip which isn't deep carry?
It would be nice if BladeHQ did not sell it for $5 US less with free shipping.
No deal to be had here.
I ran over here when I saw the pictures, slowed down some when reading "3 in. blade", and then the price completely scared me off.

$160 yes, $180 maybe. I mean, it's pretty and functional, but it's also yet another S35VN / Ti framelock.
Not a bad looking knife, although the blade is much smaller than I would prefer. Regardless of the materials used or the country of origin though, it's *way way* overpriced, IMO anyhow. This would be a decent value and worth considering at around $180. For $250, there's just no way. Companies like We and Reate are going to quickly price themselves out of business if they don't try to keep their costs more realistic.
Really neat knife, ultimately too similar to my beloved Falcon and I've joined the Wing edition already, but the 605 is definitely a cool customer.
Agreed-On paper, the specs are almost identical.
In looking at it, they certainly aren't the same, but definitely have enough in common...

But most importantly, I'm not seeing anything THAT much more intricate here to justify almost double the cost??
Yep, adds ~nothing to the already excellent Falcon, except the cool ano jobs
Another s35vn/ti framelock. It does look quite nice. It's unfortunate this is up when I don't have the cash to spare on it.
Don't worry, it only costs $2 more at bladeHQ whenever you're ready to buy it ūüôĄ

No deal here worth waiting for, even if you are interested at this price.

Sad that we get crazy discounts here on Bestech and Kizers at like half off.... But NO discount from a company who does collaborations on MD projects. Bad form WE.
Oh, well never mind the regret xD. I've been waiting for a while for them to do any thing from WE and it's disappointing we couldn't get a decent discount.
Yeah, more pictures would be nice but the 605 has been out for quite some time. You should be able to find lots of pictures if you google images of "WE 605".
And the pocket clip.
It'd be nice if massdrop could include pictures if what it looked like folded.
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