Wigwam Merino Trailblaze Pro Socks (2-Pack)search

Wigwam Merino Trailblaze Pro Socks (2-Pack)

Wigwam Merino Trailblaze Pro Socks (2-Pack)

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I bought a 2-pack on the October drop and although they've only been washed twice, I already have a massive hole in the one. I just wear these to work so no hiking or bush bashing involved.

Pretty disappointed actually. I can't return these for warranty as I'm not in the States. More Darn Tough I suppose for me in the future.

There is no sizing chart? I didn't ordered cause i couldn't find which size do I need
What about sizing?
I'm wearing 8.5-9US or 42EU. Should I get M or L?
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
Darn tough are better: better made and with a lifetime warranty (just send in worn out socks and they'll give you a new pair). But they are more expensive. I was a skeptic, but I bought some Darn Tough socks through Massdrop and I'm a total convert.
So you own a pair of the wigwams? What exactly is the difference?
Anyone perhaps know how these compare to Darn Tough socks?
Wigwam is an ancient company. I get the best biggest wool socks from them. That is what they are known for. These are tempting due to the known quality of the aforementioned best biggest wool socks known to mankind ever.
I think you sold me.
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