Wildlands: 4-Player Core Set Board Gamesearch

Wildlands: 4-Player Core Set Board Game

Wildlands: 4-Player Core Set Board Game

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Recover the Crystals & Defeat the Darkness

The era of the Great Darkness has begun and chaos has descended upon the empire. The arcane crystals that once powered entire cities have been shattered and strewn across the globe. All that remains are lawless ruins full of death and destruction. In Wildlands, it's up to you and a few brave souls to seek the shards and harness their power once more. But beware: not all who search for the crystals have the best intentions. Choose from one of four factions—the Mages Guild, the Lawbringers, the Gnomads, or the Pit Fighters—and scour the ruins for the crystal shards while defeating evil.  

Review by Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower


  • Designed by Osprey Games
  • Players: 2–4
  • Playing time: 30–60 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up


  • 42 battlefield cards
  • Double-sided playing board
  • Counters and tokens
  • 4 factions
  • 5 character cards
  • 30 action cards
  • 5 ink-washed miniatures


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