WinMix Retro Gray DSA Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

WinMix Retro Gray DSA Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

WinMix Retro Gray DSA Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

is there any hope of shipping early like the guy 2 weeks ago?
I messed up and didn't get the numpad. Anyone got an extra? Damn it.
I also messed up and didn't get the extra modifiers.
I finally got my set, canada post had a strike going on so I got it late even though it got shipped out on early December.
The PBT quality is quite good, it has a texture similar to other OEM PBT sets. I am happy that the spacebar is not warped as this seems to be a problem with other PBT sets. This is my first DSA set so I am not sure if the typeface alignment is normal to be all over the place but the worst offender is on the wasd cluster, the A is quite off the middle:
All other keys are either perfectly in the middle or a millimeter or two off towards the bottom left. Other than that, I got the modifier sets and they all look good and have no issues as above. Maybe I got a b-stock for the base set -.-
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Are you juka on reddit? I only see one with a post 12 years ago
My bad, it is u/jukaforever. I thought I had jukaforever as a username here, I just noticed it is only Juka -.-
How is the quality?
how many caps come with the colour 9 kit, 9 or 36? Is it a random set of 9 different color caps, 9 same color caps or 4 sets of 9 caps?
Does the Base-Set include extra Homing-Keys (flat F and J key)?
There are no extra F and J keys, the ones which you get are more spherical than the other keys but that's it.

I guess thats how they differentiate the 2 keys but damn I wish there was a lil nubby
Will these be any good with box switches?
Hi, is it possible to order the extras without the base set? I got this the last time it was an available drop but ended up using it for a split ortho build. I just want the colors and modifier pro sets but I don’t need a whole other base set. Anyway to work that out?

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Looking for just extras as well.
Is the quality good?
If I order the kit + color modifiers will I be fine for the Massdrop ALT? The only special thing about the alt is the 1.75u right shift.
I already have this set - but really want the colour 9 and colour modifiers. Any way I can purchase just those?
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Just got these in - they're not as smooth or thick as higher end caps but they're not bad. Will be using them and for the price, you can't really beat them.
Would the base set work on a white fox? Or do I have to buy extra?
pretty sure you'd need to also get the modifier pro
Just got a shipping notification, more than a month earlier than expected :)
Hey, did you get your keycaps yet? I was wondering what the texture/quality is like. Is the plastic smooth or is it rough and grainy like other inexpensive kits?
It took a while for my package to arrive, due to customs. But here are some images

I'll echo the disappointment comment regarding no homing kit. I'd snap this up if there were a homing kit.
Same here. C'mon guys, this is DSA. We're talking about 4 keys: HUNT.
Does this come with the actual keyboard too or just the caps?
Caps only
Anyone know where to get blanks that match the color and material?
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I think the dark grey is GQT in SP's color codes. It is definitely lighter than GSF.
What do you think the light grey is? GTA?
These Chinese dye sub kits should put 1% more effort into making this Ortholinear compatible. Theyre seriously missing only 2 keycaps (Tab and Enter) to make this Planck friendly.
Buy the color keys and just the arrows for Enter and Tab.
Does the base set include flat (non-homing) versions of F and J, so I can rearrange for Colemak?
Any shot with the colored modifiers on?
This looks great for one of my boards, but it would be super-nice to get Colemak/Dvorak-compatible homing/non-homing keys (F and J non-homing; H, U, N, and T homing).
Is there a 2u shift key in the coloured modifier?
Nevermind: There is a 2u, had to use paint to check
What is the space bar size in base set?
6.25u (standard) size.
for european buyers it might be better to get something similar from aliexpress, like this one has an option for all 1u keycaps, which is nice for some boards :)
Pretty sure that is the same set.
And it's cheaper to get all black/gray caps there than it is in this drop. I'd order for the colors except I'd like to see them being used with the rest of the set to judge them first
Finally some nice colors but no Norde/International kit. That was an option in the retro beige set. Why not this time?
This price point is great. Is that just because it's not Signature Plastics?
Could you put more detailed descriptions of which keys come in which sizes with each kit?
Does anyone know if these will fit the Magicforce 68 key keyboard? I'm new to this world and I want to just get a second opinion before I come to any conclusions.
Yes, just the base kit would be enough, the magicforce 68 has no odd key sizes.
That's what I thought and was hoping for. Thank you!
IDK if I would call this styling retro...
It is modeled after Dolch computers, so yeah, fairly retro.
No Norde kit? Shame.
Any chance for an ErgoDox child kit?
Thank you for fixing the child kit options for this drop. The WinMix Retro Beige DSA Dye-Subbed Keycap Set drop was a bit of a let-down since we could not select all of the child kits that we wanted for that set.
Now if they will only run the Retro Beige again with all kit options...
I agree. They should have opened up a fixed version of the drop before submitting it to the vendor so that those of us who joined anyway would still be able to get the kits instead of waiting until the next drop for the set hits.