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Just got my box today, arrived in Wolf package and wrapping in ‘mostly’ prestine condition.

As I got the model with the tray drawer, the drawer I had wasn’t perfectly aligned with the shape of the box (not a big problem) and had some leather on the edge becoming a bit loose.

Overall though, still reallly happy with the purchase, as I still have not been able to find any box of the same quality at the price point, even with the small defects mentioned above.

Also, wanted to share the photo of it being filled with my watch collection. As I wasn’t sure how this would have worked with female watches when purchase, what will all the photos I was able to find were being showcased with menwatches, but as you can see, the dimensions work perfectly for both small female watches (talking about Small Cartier Tank) or larger men/unisex tool watch with reasonable dial sizes (<42mm).

Just received 4 boxes today and after quite a long trip USA->Germany->France, no damages ( am I lucky? ), just one missing locking key.
Again, I recommend these Windsor watch boxes, for the price ( $69.99 ), you can store anything from expensive swiss to budget chinese or quartz.
Did not come with a key as was advertised. Massdrop could not do anything other than give me a 10 dollar rebate for my next purchase. Booo! I do not want 10 dollars, I want my key.
Ordered the box and got it on time too. It’s a great product for some TLC for the watches .Just wish there are colour options for the cushions while ordering
I'm so pissed at myself for not checking notification email on time. The one I want is AGAIN out of stock. UGH.
Made in China? - Capitalized NO.
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actually just saw. they're made in china, but WOLF owns the manufacturing process.
Certainly understand the reluctance. Though realistically, I have no idea where else would we find something of this quality at this price point. Please do share if you have other sources.
I got the Windsor from the previous drop and recommend it to people looking for a nice watch box.
Don't waste your money on a winder or any other useless and overpriced gadget, you need a few straps and a good box.

I read comments about the use of leatherette and not genuine leather, it doesn't make sense for several reasons:
-Price obviously.
-Uniformity, it's produced in a factory not by an artisan.
-Material wasted during manufacturing.

You could have this box made with genuine leather but not at this price or eventually with low quality corrected grain leather and not with the same fit and finish.
Last time I saw many people wanted to get the 10-Piece Black/Purple with drawer (+$25) but was quickly out-of-stock.

FYI that for this drop you won't see the 10-Piece Black/Purple with drawer (+$25) as an option on the description page, but the style option is still available for you to choose once you pressed join the drop, at the time this comment is written.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I clicked to see sold out items and totally forgot to check the styles actually available.
You're welcome. I did that as well, in fact I had almost went to Amazon to order this as I've had my mind set on this particular model.

Lucky I was trying to compare the shipping cost so I had to click to join the drop.
Please make this drop happen soon! I can't wait to get these beauties.
What was the price in the last drop?
Base price was $69.99.
Anyone remember the prices of the boxes? Not sure If I should wait for the drop.
I got mine today and it was damaged in shipping, the wolf box was placed in a thin cardboard box with no bubble wrap or any materials to provide a cushion. Something penetrated through the cardoard box, the wolf paper box, and finally into the leather of my Windsor leaving s one inch gouge. does anyone know what massdrop will do?
I just received my 10 piece box. The build quality is excellent. However, my box has a hole in the back that I'm befuddled about. It's a square hole, about an inch wide by half an inch tall, and trimmed in chrome to match the rest of the hardware (so it's definitely there on purpose). However, it is in non of the product images. Any thoughts as to what it's for?
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My 15 piece has it too, my other 15 piece, bought in the previous drop, does not. I too assume it's for ventilation.. be nice to know for sure.
I have a feeling it's a passthrough for a charging cable for a Smartwatch, but I could be wrong. Take a look at the WOLF Smart Watch Storage Box. There's a similar hole. Possibly? Maybe? Maybe Not?