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I got mine today and it was damaged in shipping, the wolf box was placed in a thin cardboard box with no bubble wrap or any materials to provide a cushion. Something penetrated through the cardoard box, the wolf paper box, and finally into the leather of my Windsor leaving s one inch gouge. does anyone know what massdrop will do?
I just received my 10 piece box. The build quality is excellent. However, my box has a hole in the back that I'm befuddled about. It's a square hole, about an inch wide by half an inch tall, and trimmed in chrome to match the rest of the hardware (so it's definitely there on purpose). However, it is in non of the product images. Any thoughts as to what it's for?
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Me too I don’t know what it’s for I thought maybe a light.. or a fan air dryer lol I have no idea....
My guess is it is for air circulation, temperature regulation to prevent condensation accumulating on the viewing pane.
Any chance for the 10 piece purple with a drawer in future drops?
orange one with a drawer, able to restock?
would loved to have gotten an orange one with drawer. too bad
Will there be more inventory added? Was looking to get the Purple 10-piece box!
I want the brown + drawer..... When's the next drop? :(
No black/purple with drawer....?
Dammit. I was late on getting the brown 10 piece with drawer. Next time!
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They're back.
Grabbed one and still available.

Edit: Gone....again.
I ended up getting one. It came back in stock after checking later.

Yep. Happening. Running out of space in my 20 box. (Don't look at me like that...)
Username checks out.
i would love for this to come back
Is this drop coming back anytime soon? Pretty please? :)
I extremely need this to drop again, like, right now. Been waiting for *ages* to have the extra money to spend on this. This is one of the drops where the Massdrop deal far outweighs any other price on the market so I'd feel bad buying from anywhere else cause I'm cheap.
Just got the box and it looks great!
Can Massdrop please tell me why the drops are only going for 4 days now instead of 8 days? Making it very hard to purchase the stuff I want. This drop ends one day before payday :(