Woodlore Epic Shoe Tree (2 Pairs)search

Woodlore Epic Shoe Tree (2 Pairs)

Woodlore Epic Shoe Tree (2 Pairs)

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Bought these and happy with the results. These are not just cedar shoe trees, because of the extra springs toward the outside part of the shoe. While another person suggested that the stretcher part doesn't add anything, I have found that it slowly stretched my shoe in a particularly tight area in the shoe and made them more comfortable. It may be that you don't need this feature, but it proved useful to me, and recommend if you need a little more room in your shoe than the standard shoe last allows, without having to go to a wide.
I was on the list of those asking for this deal to come back. However, when it did come back, the cost of shipping made the deal, no longer a good deal. Had to pass, hopefully the next time they bring it back they will have worked out a deal on shipping to make this a worthwhile deal.
Go to a local cobbler shop and ask for cedar shoe trees. I'm sure you'll be able to get a pair around 20 bucks.
Not disagreeing with you or anything, but this is 2 pairs for $36.
You can buy for the same price made in America Allen Edmond's shoe trees. Free 2 Day shipping.

I dont understand this website, only once have I seen a good deal.
I have the Allen Edmonds trees but I don't like the way you grip them to remove them from the shoe. I don't get that much leverage when pulling them out to avoid rubbing the heel too much as they slip out. I've been looking for one like this with the knob for more control...but I guess I could just drill a knob into them now that I think about it.
Nvm, misread what you wrote.
I actually purchased these from Amazon a few years ago (for less: $32 for two pairs) and they are great. This is still a pretty decent deal, though it looks like people are getting rekt on the shipping costs :/
The shipping and handling is excessive. 2 sets of 2 is 72 USD. That is way too high. I was good to go until then.
$32 to ship to Canada? That's nearly the same price as the drop...
Disappointed that there is no XXL sizes, I was ready to pull out the card and everything.
I have ordered this in the last drop and got it delivered on time, The product was very good and cedar smell was very noticeable, they fit perfectly and i didn't see any defects or mold, This is a very best one it got and par with the nordstrom shoe trees, I am planning to order more with this drop.
Just noticed that I can get the same product from eBay within EU. And as more ppl mentioned before, these are made in China and sold by msny many retailers over the world.
You can buy US made cedar shoe trees from Nordstrom for 19.99 each with free shipping. Why would you buy these imported ones for more money?
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You will be disappointed. It is difficult to stretch that area and you certainly won’t achieve it with properly sized shoe trees. You could try a shoe stretcher instead.
Just a heads up to anyone interested in this drop: I received my order today from the most recent drop and 3 of the 4 pairs I ordered had the white mold that another user experienced a year ago. You can take apart the shoe tree and wipe the mold off, but it's kind of gross.
I just noticed the boot trees on Woodlore's website:

I wish there were a drop for these. Somebody create a poll? Pretty please?
EDIT: There already is a poll: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/Shoe-Trees-Men-s-Shoe-Accessories
Woodlore is having their Black Friday sale right now through November 26th, 30% off site wide. I use the boot trees and like them, they just have some problems fitting in my chelsea boots.
Thank you! Gotta go buy some.