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Got this set a few weeks ago and put it together shortly after. Love the keyboard so much (it's my main keyboard I use at home now), but I've had many issues from the moment I've opened it until now.

First, I kind of expected this to happen: I got the wrong plate. I ordered the 2.25 U left shift plate and got the 2 U plate. This wouldn't have bothered me much, but the keycap set that I used for the keyboard (GMK Yuri) does not have a 2 U left shift, so I had to get a shift from a different keycap set of mine. It looks a bit odd, but problem solved at least.

Second, the keyboard is preventing my computer from booting. If the keyboard is plugged in and I boot my pc, the screen hangs at the motherboard screen and nothing happens. This is NOT an issue with my pc, since my pc boots when other keyboards are plugged in and even when nothing is plugged in. I've found a somewhat strange workaround to this though. If the keyboard's underglow LED's are OFF and I turn them ON while at this screen, my pc boots normally. If anyone has this problem and/or has a solution to this problem, please let me know; it's really irritating (I've tried changing various MoBo settings, but none have worked).

Finally, I'm having issues with the underglow LEDs. If the LEDs are on and I turn my pc off, they stay on. This isn't much of an issue, but if there is a way to turn them off when I turn my pc off, I'd like to know. However, there's one big issue: if the underglow LEDs are OFF and I turn my pc off, one of the underglow LEDs (the left most one) will turn on and stay on. The only way to fix this is to unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. This is really annoying to do. If anyone knows why this is happening or how to fix it, please let me know.

I understand these are small, petty issues, but these aren't issues that should occur when you spend so much money on something, especially something like a keyboard. Additionally, the temporary solutions to this are annoying, since no other keyboard does this to my computer. Please help me with my issues if you know solutions. I can provide more information if needed. Thanks for reading!
Got mine yesterday and to my surprise it was the correct plate, but is it normal that there is this wide empty gaps seems a bit week on those points ? Massdrop's pictures shows a bit better plate structure.

How to Program your XD60 v2.0

If like me this if your first board, and your struggling with flashing it here is some simple documentation to follow.

- Under your PCB is a small (RESET) button, pressing this will put your board into its "Boot/Flashing" mode
- Check to see if your board has drivers by going to Device Manager and see if there's a "Warning Triangle" next to your ATm32u4dfu
- My Board (and most) come without drivers, so download:
- Make sure your board appears as " ATm32u4dfu" (Atmega 32u4 - DFU Programming) by pressing the "RESET" button
- Install the Drivers (WinUSB)
- Board should reboot and display as GH60 or XD60 in Windows Devices (If not unplug/replug)
- Build your layout with KLE:
- That is the XD60 default layout
- Set your board to XD60 RevXD_Mod (If your only doing one layer - Choose simple)
- Copy your Raw Data from KLE to the Composite Layer on (If this site doesn't load correctly, try googling for it instead - It has to be YANG if you want underglow to work) Language is Top Right drop down
- To copy the default FN keys go back to KLE > Keyboard Properties > Copy then go to YANG and hit Tools > Import FN keys > Paste
- To understand the Chinese custom functions go here:
- Hit the Reset button and then you should be allowed to hit burn.eep

- Now that you have used TKG your board can now be put into boot mode by press LSHIFT+RSHIFT+Pause Break
If you leave Pus Brk in the FN layer like i did you also have to hold FN, it will take a second or so, no more unscrewing :D

Enjoy your new flashed board!!

Useful links & Info:
List of all TKG supported KLE buttons:
Don't worry if Zadig says you have no WCID - Mine works fine with a Red X in there
Another write up can be found here too:

My Build:


This section is about setting up what colours should show when your NOT using the pattern RGB mode.
They are written as they appear :

Red = When Caps Lock is Reversed (e.g. Not on - CapsLock needs to be pressed on and off once for this to apply)
Green = When Layer 1 is active
Blue = When Caps lock is On

I still don't understand the other two
I believe Caps lock is there to allow you to toggle on that specific LED
Not sure about Backlight - Don't have any LED's in mine yet

I have mine setup like this as i don't use the traditional LAYER setup just SIMPLE
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Can you share your raw data for your keyboard file. I keep getting an error with my changes and I would like to see yours. Our layouts are similar.

Of course,

Here is a link to the KLE File so you can visualise the layout easily.
Just finished my build. It was my first and I didn't have any issues, other than soldering 3 led sip sockets in the wrong location. I still haven't figured out how to turn on the leds or program the keyboard. I love the keyboard and the Kailh keys (bronze) and Maxkey Limes from KBDfans. The order was super quick from KBDfans. China to the US in less than a week and I took the free shipping. The keys have a nice feel and the actuation of the switches is much better than the blues that I usually use.

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I'm on a Mac, so I don't think the Zadig applies.
The mac could entirely be the problem here, i've never flashed with one and i don't know many who do, if you can get hold of a windows machine i think you will have no problem

if you imported my FN Settings via the text file it should replace that accordingly, it should turn into Default RGB Toggle

The leds with the kit don't appear to fit in my Kailh switches. I was looking at substituting 1.8mm leds. Is there a particular voltage for the leds?

Where can I find replacement polycarbonate diffuser layer, mine cracked from tightening the pcb snug?
After many many months, I have finally completed this build. Since MD wasn't ordering any more replacement plates, they refunded me the purchase and I ended up getting the correct plate from aliexpress. So in the end I guess I saved a little on the overall expense which was a pretty big investment considering the penumbra keyset, shishi artisan keycap, 67g zealios, and zealencio silencing clips. I have the RGB underlight working but currently the white LEDs I installed are not and I will have to troubleshoot. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this and nothing went to awry since this was my first build and I hadn't soldered since high school.
So I received my order the other day with the incorrect plate (go figure.) Is there any way I can request the "wrong" plate this time instead (which as it turns out will hopefully be the correct plate due to the mislabeling).

Massdrop should seriously just up the price on this drop by 10 bucks and include both plates from the start. They'd probably save money rather than sending dozens of the identical mislabeled plates to people.
Is it more than I who just got a shipping notice?
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got mine too, but very stressed about receiving the wrong plate!!!
When it comes to Massdrop purchases, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Edit: received mine today. The odds were not in my favor apparently.
Does anybody know how to turn on the Cat light under the space bar? My underglow is working, but my cat is not illuminated?
You need to solder LEDs on the back of the PCB where the cat is. There are small pads around the rectangle where the cat is.
Two LEDs should be enough.
Looks like a lot of people here want to trade, but fail to check back on the thread.

Please read previous comments first before posting. Chances are someone already offered what you wish to trade. Reply to relevant comment.

Or use /r/mechmarket.

Good look with trades! :)
I'd add thou. In my case i've read alot of the previous comments. But alot of people do not include their location. Which doesn't help in a trade scenario. If people could include their location when offering a trade please.
Anyone in Australia want to swap for a 2U plate for my 2.25U plate.?