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ive tried every possible usb driver a thousand times and disabled driver signing and this thing still clicks like mad. every time i scroll past a video. If anyone had this problem please let me know. maybe massdrop/xduoo will take it back
What USB-OTG cable are people using for the Note 8? Just got my dac/amp on the 15th. Like it so far! Just using it with my phone.
Right angle cable are always better to stack
I found someone write the detail of Xduoo xd-05, as for a newbie on audiophile world, I learned a lot there.

Here it is the link, if you would like to visit it.
If anyone is interested, I am selling mine. I upgraded the op-amp with the burson v5i and am including extra items. The original op-amp will also be included. Please see the fain scratch on the lcd that you can only see at certain angle.

Selling for $170 which means you get the $50 op-amp for free and the extras for free also.

dispute opened; its my first in 17 years with American Express... so I win already... I'll pay out of pocket to ship this back to you. holler.
yo this is fucking bullshit... this doesn't work... the random install suggestions here don't work... I'm disputing this with AMEX... this is trash... fuck this.
How the actual FUCK do you install this in Win10?
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The device is worth the required extra steps , for Windows 10 owners: Go to & download the drivers. The XDUOO driver that is required is dated 9 November 2017, if you have the Windows 10 Creative Update and using USB. However, I would first establish on my computer a restore point; then update Windows 10 and all drivers for the computer; then establish a restore point again. I say that so you don't panic if your computer undergoes several restarts after installing the XD-05 drivers. My computer went thru several seemingly random restarts over 2 days, & I have no idea why. Neither Malwarebytes Corporate Edition nor Norton Core Security detected a bug before nor after the restarts. Still, I was upset with myself for not having set a restore point prior to the driver installation, whereas some of the restarts were anxiety producing. For most any new audio device, I recommend an initial 150-hour burn-in before critically judging its performance. Some components require aging/settling, especially those that have a capacitance. Muller's "Eastbound" is an excellent burn-in challenge. (Set Headphone/Earphone volumes @ 85db & use your longest cable length for the burn-in: use your most challenging load.) Periodically change the settings during the 30-day return period. Critical listening should only follow 30 minutes of being on. Even pricey test equipment requires 30 minutes of warm-up before reliable measurements can occur. After warm-up, Shelby Lynne’s “Just a Little Lovin” is an excellent WAV file for evaluating inter-transient silence.

I was initially disappointed with this device, but after 24 hours, the disappointment considerably lessened, and after 48, I became as a happy camper. The initial culprit may have been the set of headphones that had not undergone the factory's recommended burnin from the factory's rebuild/upgrade. Regardless, the quality of sound that is now heard is superior to to that from the computer's headphone output and the portable audio players' outputs, that were previously enjoyable albeit wanting. I do not feel disappointed by my having spent $200 for a portable device to realize the quality of musical experience that is available to me without having to listen in my dedicated listening room wherein my interconnect cables cost more than this device. I do not believe that this device can replace my component DAC and my component power amplifier. However, neither will fit into my bookbag nor can fit onto my desk, nor can be powered in a car or train or airplane.
Thanks for sharing.
So I get a lot of buzzing in my left and right channel how do I fix that?
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I have tried different cables. It's usb to angled micro. It's not the cable there is something wrong internally
Well that sucks rma time I guess. Hope they do right about it.
I just received mine for a little less than offered her and so far so good. It has serious power, in low gain it powers my AKG7XX better than my Fii0 E18 in high gain. I don't have any of the aforementioned problems and if they arise they aren't anything you can't fix with a soldering gun... I'm going to upgrade the amp to bursion V5 for comparison at a later date. OBTW The KZ ZST has made me a believer in Chi -Fi (not derogatory) After these I'm putting my RHA T20's for sale.
I have the KZ KS6 and they are freaking great. What pounding power they can take. I'm paired with the Sony Walkman ZX2 and the Cayin C5 portable amp.
Interesting Drop!

I wish I coud hear one here in Romania to know if it is worth the price
I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my Creative Sound Blaster Z. This device seems intriguing as a potential replacement. Can it charge while being used as a sound card, like when connected to a PC via USB?
yes, it can
Welp, just got this from amazon all well. Great dac/amp lots of power. When I used my STX in my pc I preferred the V5 over the V5i when burson sent me one for review when they were developing it. And like wise compared to the stock one on the 05 it is more detailed but not as good for my iem's for my sound preference. I'm wondering if I can put the V5 in there.
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"cut a hole in my case top" rofl, what a freakin crazy idea! please post pics!
Will do, I have the extenders coming hopefully, Burson has my money but no shipping info yet. I was going to use a friends cnc to make a square hole but for portability and shielding will drill press a small one put the extender though and mount the opamp on the case. Will make future rolling easier too. If I had made the bigger hole then would have used his laser to make an acrylic top to protect it lol still might for kicks will see.