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XDuoo XD-05 DAC/Amp

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Hmm..wait 48 days at this price, or get it in two days for $211.

Let's see...$51.00/48 days equals $1.06/day in savings, but--also equals a $1.06/day you're paying not to listen to music with it!

In other words, if someone said to you: "look kid, I'll pay you $1.06/day not to use this cool DAC/Amp." how many of you would say: "Okay mister, but only for 48 days!"
I'm new to the dac/amp world, so between the Topping NX4 or the XDuoo XD-05 which has a better value in the long run and which of the two the Topping NX4 or XDuoo XD-05 would better power a Sennheiser HD660s (going to purchase the Sennheiser HD660s within the end of the year)
NX4 powers my HD600's past comfortable listening levels. It has a much nicer/smaller form factor than the XDuoo IMO, but it doesn't have a display like this one. Since I've never A/B'd them, I can't say which gets louder, or sounds better to me.
How does this compare to the Schiit Fulla 2?
I know Fiio is probably already as inexpensive as it can be for the price they sell to customers and the products they sell at that price, but if mass drop could somehow get a less expensive dollar sign on the Fiio Q5 I would be all over it.
I know this site is all about tried and true American/United Kingdom Netherlands Germany Japan type - audio companies for the most part from what I’ve seen being sold, but Fiio is coming out the gate with some of the most impressive portable dAC amp and Bluetooth enabled devices I’ve seen ever.
This or the cayin c5dac hmmm
Could you plug a microphone into this and listen thru the headphones ?
Every time I see this here I get a little closer to replacing my Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card.

It appears I could use USB input from a PC, line level output for powered speakers, and headphones as needed. Is that correct?

And does anyone have input regarding the viability of this proposed upgrade?
Yes. You can use a USB cable. It's a female (to xduoo) to male (to PC) cable. I remember one comes in the box.
You can most certainly do as you proposed.
I have a Creative E5 in a box full of other DACs and I still prefer to use the XD-05.
I connect a 20ft optical to the XD-05 for watching movies when I don't need to shake-the-house with external speakers. Even with the added surround features of the E5 I still prefer the XD-05.
Hey everyone,
I’m technically challenged. When I bought this, I thought the usb in the back was to plug an i phone into, but it’s a male port??? What’s it for and what would I use it for? Also, it won’t drive the Senn 6XX, could I add a headphone amp to it and just use it as a DAC and if so, how? Thanks everyone👍
They have the male port because it lasts longer and puts less strain on the pins if the cable is yanked. Ifi audio uses the same system on their stuff. You need a usb extension cable to plug into the unit and connect through the official Apple camera connection kit or Apple lightning to usb camera adaptor to your iPhone or iPad. The included usb extension cable only lasted a day before going bad, but I’ve been using the same replacement cable for almost two years now. No problems at all. Haven’t looked, but these could still be on gearbest for $150. Thats where I got mine. The dac is output via 3.5mm jack on the back of the unit that is always active and unaffected by the volume knob.
Anyone have this, and the Topping NX4DSD? I prefer the form of the Topping, but this could work if it offers anything more. Also looking at the iFi Nano BL, but don't care for the shape.
I'd go for the iFi, and if you don't need the portability of this or the dac/amp combo, I'd say stick with the Topping, this isn't really anything noteworthy in comparison.

Not to say it isn't nice, but it's nothing above or beyond other portable dac/amp combos. The iFi would be more to test against. Even then, you kind of hit a cap on portable units, but iFi tends to do good things with their units.
Headfonics review of the XD-05

July 6, 2018 UPDATE: after a more careful inspection, the solder joint looks good on the bottom side of that pcb. The problem is not the solder joint, but the USB cable. You'll need a very specific kind of usb extension cable that fits SNUGLY into the port on the back of the XD-05. I bought 4 from amazon, and I finally found one that works 100% no drop outs with my device.

TL/DR: its most likely a poorly fitting usb extension cable.

ORIGINAL POST, hypothesis is wrong!!! Sigh - xDuoo is still selling XD-05's with unsoldered USB ports. See the photo. I sent Massdrop support an email yesterday, still waiting to hear back. If I don't hear anything soon I'll take it directly to xDuoo support.
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No it does. It's an issue of finding a good usb cable that fits very snugly into the port. Here is the 1.5 foot usb3 extension cable that i finally found that gives a solid 100% connection. Try to find cables that have ports that look like that.... Best of luck, the DAC/AMP sounds GOOD after burnin!
Thank you for the update brother
Just curious, does all this clicking of the relay switch that some people seem to have cause it to wear out quicker or break?
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went and pulled the datasheet for the nexem relay

10 million is a lot of cycles. And that's just what they're rated at. Chances are they last longer than that.