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XDuoo XD-05 DAC/Amp

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Sigh - xDuoo is still selling XD-05's with unsoldered USB ports. See the photo. I sent Massdrop support an email yesterday, still waiting to hear back. If I don't hear anything soon I'll take it directly to xDuoo support.
So the DAC is not working?
It works. I think the problem isn't poor solder joints but bad cable. I had to purchase a few but I have a USB cable that is more reliable now.
Just curious, does all this clicking of the relay switch that some people seem to have cause it to wear out quicker or break?
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I was wondering the same thing. Maybe we should open it and take a look at the relay and see if its marked... maybe we can pull a datasheet?
For $160 it's not that bad.

2a1734f ud2-4.5nu relay

I would like to sell my xduoo if anyone is interested it has the upgraded op amp from Burson . Let me know :)
Would the TA-01 woth golden lion tube be the worse or better than this?
The TA-01 is not a portable device that will operate on internal battery power and as the TA-01 is tube-based I would not compare the two. If I didn't want portability, I'd go with the TA-01.

I do own both of them and each will drive all of my headphones, including (K7XX, Elear, & LCD-2f) with power to spare.
The TA-01 is running a dual set of CS4398 DACs and is an unbelievably good value.
I have nothing negative to say about either the TA-01 or XD-05. Both are reliable devices with excellent sound and, as I stated in another post, I keep the TA-01 around to remind me how little it costs to get premium sound.

I have an extra XD-05 I will sell for $125 delivered.
I had ordered the TA-20 from a dealer and they sent me the XD-05 instead. I opened it to verify that it charges and works properly and then re-boxed it. I'll hang on to my other XD-05 indefinitely, though.
I found a discount code somewhere for Xduoo xd-05, 20% off, code, DH7DB0J4XGK6 , valid date June 4 to June 10.

Looks a good price after the discount, i am thinking of buying one this time.

I have one for sale if interested- great sounding but to cumbersome.
After the battery charged for a while it came back. Working fine.
This device really does not like to have low battery. Sound degrades and clicks at times.
It does very odd things. Hope my image helps future users.
Funny how they mis-spelled "Default" wrong in the message. HA
Well, it's best not let any rechargeable battery go all the way to empty to begin with. The funkiness must be from the drop in supply voltage as the battery nears empty. It happens to a bunch of my own electronics, unless they are designed to auto-shutdown before voltage starts to drop, I'm guessing.
I may have broken this by tring to fix the USB.
Has anyone seen this on the screen?
I tried the side buttons but nothing is making it do anything like accept or move to YES. Now it does not work.
Or do I need to fully charge it. I mayhave inadvertently left it on over night and I did not notice it before I started messing with it. thx.
Specs of Topping NX4 DSD says it has 293 mW x 2, while the XDuoo XD-05 mentions 500mW. So, does that mean NX4 is more powerful than XD-05?
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Thanks for the response. The reason for my confusion was that NX4 boasts 114 mW at 300 Ω, while XD-05 measurements shows only 50 mW at 300 Ω. That made me wonder if the 32Ω output of NX4 was higher. Can someone here explain this?
Amps can have very different topographies that effect their outputs across a changing load. If they can output a high voltage cleanly they will handle high impedance loads well as we know from Ohm's law V = IR. But for a lower impedance load it will need a higher current output as R (ohms) has dropped. The xDuoo could just have a worse voltage gain stage. Unless your using 600 ohm headphones though it might not make a difference and the extra current capacity would help with low impedance planars. You really need a Vrms vs THD graph to see what's going on
What was the price on the last drop?
ive tried every possible usb driver a thousand times and disabled driver signing and this thing still clicks like mad. every time i scroll past a video. If anyone had this problem please let me know. maybe massdrop/xduoo will take it back
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The E17K's USB is fine. Never really used it for a PC DAC, just confirmed it worked on a few occasions.

I didn't use the Signstek as a digital-to-analog convertor (but did confirm those worked), and I could be mistaken, but I reasoned that digital USB-in to digital COAX-out on the Signstek would bypass the PCM2704.

Either way, I couldn't hear any difference as for stationary use at the time I primarily used the setup to run 4-5 mediocre speakers with a 5-way aux-splitter.

I switched the setup to the SMSL AD18 to power a decent pair of Pioneer TS-X200's and a pseudo-woofer -- delegating the E17K to portable use, and a car Amp.
Coax-out can't bypass the 2704, something has to convert the USB input for the S/PDIF (coax-out) format.