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Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey Everyone! Good news. We’re excited to announce that the Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboards have arrived at the warehouse and we’re planning on sending them out a bit early. The keyboards are now undergoing quality control checks and we expect them to ship by next Wednesday (Mar. 21). We’re looking forward to everyone receiving the XMIT Keyboard ahead of schedule!
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Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about that. Please reach out to our Community Support team via your transactions page ( and they will help you out.
When you want unique items like this and the only resolution is that I take a small refund and decorate my shelf with it or return it, neither of those seem like resolutions. Now instead of getting this cool keyboard I get the frustration of lending my money for 5 months, being teased with a non-working unit, and having to ship it out. This seems to be a trend.
Received mine on march and this is already broken.... Also when I got this keyboard I've noticed that the keyboard wasn't even leveled so I had to put some padding on the lower right side of the feet so they wont shake each time I press on a key. Very disappointed in the quality of the board I was expecting a lot fore than this considering I payed over 170 including the arm rest. I didn't even use this harshly, especially since I didn't pay games for about half a year after I got the keyboard. I'm back to my old keyboard which i bought in 2012 and still working fine. I guess in terms of durability Cherrys are far superior.
Are any of these boards programmable? I'd want the 60%, ideally with the layout of a Poker 3.
hey all, i am selling this, with these gradient caps (, here is the reddit post i made, feel free to message me there or on here :) we can work something out maybe!
Opinion on 61-key 2nd Rev. clicky version: Goods: Awesome materials. Switches are detachable from PCB. Switches can easily be downgraded to linear. Bads: Not able to remap Esc key. The remap tool is a joke and the producer is just not willing to work on it. For like 20% of keys click did not trigger the switch. I had to rebend all the click leaves into tactile mode. On closer inspection click mechanism is a joke. Often it doesn't push the switch stem, only makes a click. The part it is pushing against is a weak bit of plastic so no way it could be consistent. Should not be manufactured like that. Space switch has stiffer spring but otherwise it is same so it took more effort to balance. . Overall, this keyboard brings some fun but I do not recommend it to common people as out of the box it works surprisingly bad.
QUESTION to anyone who got the 1800 model: How do I do a print screen? There's no distinct key for it, so I'm not sure how to do it.
Starting to play around with my keyboard and I absolutely loooove it. Got to try one at the NorCal meetup and I've been excited to get one ever since. The only problem I've had is that I've been having some issues with a sticky spacebar - sounds like this is a problem for a lot of other people, but I don't want to return the keyboard (I love it too much).
Has anyone been able to find a quick fix for this issue?
Is a next batch planned anytime soon? I've missed the last drop and my hands are aching to get a tactile hall effect keyboard.
I've got a tactile TKL for sale. Email me if you'd like to have it! :)
Hey @XMIT my connector to my keyboard has been finicky for a while now and now it has stopped working entirely is there any way you could help? thanks
Sorry, I'm not able to take on repairs at the moment. You're welcome to try soldering the USB connector back onto the board, or find a friend who can help.
Anyone have a issue with squeaking spacebar? I think it might be the stabilizing bar, but not for sure.
Anyone have any fixes for "sticky keys." I've used all my spares already to fix some of these, and to replace one key that was getting stuck.
Keyboard remapping and firmware restoration tools are now available at Please forgive the delay!
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I just want to swap the locations of the right Fn & Ctrl keys so they're both where I'm accustomed to punching them, but "This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500" Great concept! Please stick with it and make this product what it should be, or I might do it myself.
@Dr_Rodney_McKay the Error 500 issue is now fixed. One of the many issues with the firmware and programming tools of these boards is that Fn and RCtrl can NOT be swapped. I know, it's super annoying, and you're not the first to ask.
Can you bring this keyboard back? Its super cool and I need a keyboard!!! PLSSSS
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@XMIT what changes are you planning to implement?
@Lucasho I don't typically comment on unreleased product, but I have a feeling you'll really like my changes. :D
hmm so i received mine recently and have also been experiencing some of these issues. some of the keys feel like they need bottoming out in order to activate. i got the clicky switches and for some keys, the click itself doesn't seem to activate the switch-- it has to go a tiny bit further than the click to activate. and yeah spacebar problems like everyone else it hurts cuz the whole thing is soooo A E S T H E T I C just wished it actually works/functions as well as it looks :(
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It's certainly not intentional. I chalk this up to inconsistencies in manufacturing for either the switch housings (less likely) or click leaves (much more likely).
I went rebending all the leaves...
Received mine a couple of days ago. No major issues whatsoever. Came totally intact and all keys and LEDs are working well. Bamboo is glorious looking and wonderfully smelling. If I wanted to nitpick, some keys look slightly rough around the edges, and the alignment of some of them are ever so off.
Here's the thing: this is my first mechanical keyboard. I've done some research in the past on them; never really pulled the trigger. But when Massdrop announced these Hall Effect switches, I was intrigued.
So I took the plunge. I really have no benchmark to go with, so I don't know if it is too clicky or not clicky enough, or if the actuation point is too high or too low. But I'll say this anyway - it feels and sounds like a damn good keyboard. Except for the spacebar which is kind of mushy and has a muddy click, everything else is truly splendid.
Typed out this comment on the keyboard. Many more documents, emails, scripts to be banged out on this. Thank you @XMIT.
How much was the drop?
Received my board a couple days ago and so far I'm really pleased with it - no major issues are plaguing me and the feel of the switches is lovely. The only thing is that I can't cycle through any backlighting options. I'm not sure if I'm just ignorant on how to do so but pressing Fn + any function keys, insert, del, etc. seem to do nothing exciting (except maybe change the speed of the pattern?). Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? I have a 98-key so no Pause/Break keys, etc.
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@gijinkaglaceon @squallor Here's what *should* be the 98 key layout, this is the specification I gave to the (terrible) firmware vendor. Sorry this didn't make it into the manual in time. The backlighting keys should be the same as the 61-key, so try Fn+ \| . Yes, DO NOT flash a Round 1 firmware onto the boards.
+The LED effects are nice +bamboo looks fantastic. +tactile bump is better than I expected -actuation point too low for my preference -springs are a little light, but again, just not my preference
Solid keyboard. Not like any other switch I've felt. I got this keyboard mostly because I was just interested in the switch, but it's actually really great. I've been using it as a daily driver for a couple weeks and it does not disappoint.
Love the keyboard and feel, except for the ping noise/ resonance. It's driving me mad. I hear it after depressing any key or even tapping the case with my nail. @XMIT is there a workaround for this? I read that the new springs should have fixed this issue. Really nice keyboard otherwise!
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Thanks for the reply @XMIT. Yeah I need to remove all to test that :) If I try it I'll give my feedback here.
@XMIT converted all the switches to linear, but unfortunately, the ping is still there :\ Anyone thinking of doing the same, don't bother. Now I have a linear keyboard. Hunf... Well I never tried one before so I'll give it a go. I guess the next try would be to put some padding against the board but there is barely any space inside for it.
Did some poking around in mine yesterday, because it is beautiful and I wanted to know things...
I can trigger the hall sensors with any slightly magnetized object... I think the LEDs are 0605 ones... They're definitely in a 2020 package, but I'm pretty sure they're not APA102's because they only have 4 pins. I'm curious if they're charlie-plexed or if the design just had tons of GPIO to spare.
I'm leaning toward some sort of multiplex layout because with the LEDs turned off, they appear to be just dimly lit. I took some more photos and videos. Maybe I'll post them if I think of anything interesting to say.
@PierreCoueffin The LEDs are matrixed. The MCU has a bunch of spare GPIOs but not *that* many. Yes of course, the sensors trigger at a certain field strength so any object with this field strength will work. I haven't tested the board near magstripe cards so be careful until I do. Enjoy!
Got my 60% keyboard a week ago, and so far I love it. Switches sound great, and caps are good, but I plan on replacing them with GMK camping or SA camping as soon as I can get some money saved up to buy on r/mechmarket or thru a group buy if it comes through. I love the bamboo build, as it matches the table its on very well. The only problem I have had so far is the leds turning off after about 6-7 hours of continuous use, which is fixed by replugging the micro-usb in. I am really glad to have bought this.
I just received my board today, and I'll be writing my initial impressions of it here.
The bamboo is great. It does have a slight smell, but that'll go away soon enough. I haven't noticed any key sticking, but others have said they have been experiencing that; although one user has posted a workaround.
The keycaps are... alright. The font is pretty nasty, and they're quite thin, but everything else about it is pretty nice.
Backlight is nice and bright, even, and comes with many modes that users will be happy with.
I purchased the tactile version and I have to say... the tactile leaf is appalling. Not really in the feel department - they feel average, with a slight bump, but certainly better than most cheap MX switches. However, my biggest issue is the way the leaf is installed. It is very loose, and results in a very nasty rattle sound on each key press. Luckily you can just take these out without any hassle (besides taking the board apart), and the linear variant of the switch is actually really nice - not very scratchy and due to the contact-less nature, are nice and smooth.
The stabilisers on the other hand... they're even worse. They are loud, cumbersome, and are too loose on any keycaps other than the default to actually stabilise any of the keys. To be honest I don't think they'd do a very good job even if they did work. If you inspect a stabilised switch closely, you'll notice that even slight uneven pressure will make it wobble.
Overall, I'm fairly happy with the keyboard. For the price, the quality of the (linear) switches are great, and the case is top-tier so far, but everything else is pretty bad.
Note; you may be able to reduce the rattle sound of the tactile keys by inserting some sort of foam or paper in-between the tactile leaf and the switch housing, but I haven't tried this as of yet. If I do, I'll comment below.
@nan0s7 Thanks for the feedback! I'm incorporating all of this and more into Round 3. I hope you enjoy your board!
Hey! Glad to see you reading the comments, and thanks for reading mine! :D
If you would like to know more about the board feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing how things go for Round 3! Keep up the good work! :)
EDIT: I think the complaints I had about the tactile version of the switch is because I received a clicky version of the board (watching Chyrosran22's newest video review Looking at the review (the part showing the clicky and tactile leaves), the leaves I took out of my switches more closely resemble the clicky versions as they move around a great amount. So thus my disappointment has shifted from the crappy tactile leaf to the confusion someone along the chain has made with my order. Yes I know he is reviewing a different brand, however they're close enough and work the same.
Hi folks - I've been reading all of your feedback below. I'm responding as able but good responses take time. I've heard privately that many folks received high quality boards that are working well! But I've also heard, privately and publicly, that there have been more than a few issues.
First and foremost, if you're not happy with your board, return it for a refund, end of story. For many supporters who are not satisfied this is probably your best option. We are working with the manufacturer to remedy these problems.
After that, please realize that Massdrop support is limited with the technical guidance they can offer. The best guidance will come from me, and be on my Web site, I'm working on posting an update user manual, remapping tools, and keyboard firmwares there. Until I do so, please realize that everything posted as of now to that Web site is for Round 1, and you use those tools on Round 2 boards at your own risk.
I'm really upset about the quality issues we've been seeing. Nearly all of these were brought up with the manufacturers before, and all are regressions. I put my name on the line for these boards and my name is being dragged through the mud.
The manufacturers also read this page (they lurk quietly) so please continue to speak up if you are seeing any issues. Praise is welcome too, but please post your issues here.
Until next time, happy typing.
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@squallor I have the firmwares here, just need to find some time to throw them up on the Web site. I'll post an update once I get to it.
I would LOVE to make the firmware open source. In fact, I'm committing to doing so for the next revision of these boards. But the manufacturers have flatly refused to do this. I didn't write the firmware, they did, and that was a mistake. I've since fired those particular manufacturers (with prejudice). Long term my boards will run either Kiibohd, a variant of TMK/QMK that supports backlighting, or something else.
@skriefal Contact Massdrop support to arrange for a refund.
When I received my keyboard I was super excited. I love the look and feel of the keyboard. Then after using it for a few days, I have to say I am quite disappointed in this keyboard. Several keys are sticky or catch when trying to push them down. Several other keys have to be manually pulled back up when pressed. The quality control on this keyboard appears to have been nonexistent.
I was trying out the remapping tools on XMIT's website ( and aside from being pretty useless, I seem to have flashed my 120 board with 108 firmware, making the PF keys completely non-functional. Not a huge setback since they were useless without some sort of programming tool. But where can we get the 120 firmware?
I've been waiting to put the hammer lagoon space bar on this board for ages. Here it is. First week impressions: 1. I love the wood quality on this keyboard. It's solid and feels like very well made. It's just overall a very handsome board. 2. I have to agree with some of the others, the stabilizers are terrible. I feel like they affect the switches because sometimes it just feels like I'm only half pressing down on the board. Also, space bar - I pushed the wire down and tried multiple different space bars to try to see if it'll fit better but it loves doing this weird seesaw thing when I press too far down either side. 3. I'm not sure how I feel about how this keyboard sounds. Its just sounds like the springs are loose or something.
Overall, it looks great, but the more I type the more I get bothered by things about it. I'm still unsure about how I feel. Maybe one day I'll fully come around to it, but this keyboard makes me feel like I'm pretending to like coffee because because drinking coffee is cool even though I think it tastes terrible.
I am extremely disappointed with this keyboard... There are multiple problems. The biggest problem is that multiple keys are either stuck when pressed down or are "sticky". The next problem is that there are a few keycaps that are not aligned with the other keycaps and are slightly taller than the others. The keycaps are also poorly made... I thought quality control was supposed to be a lot better this drop... This is disappointing.


Super excited that the new keyboards have shipped! Quick question though.
Does anyone know where the config software is for the new keyboards (especially for the 120-key), and which OS'es it is available for?
I just received my 108 key Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard.
All the keyswitches operate smoothly. Some have a louder click than others but that’s OK.
All the LEDs and LED modes seem to be working properly.
Three of the keycaps in the upper right hand corner (Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down) had popped off the keystems during shipment but were easy to put back on the switches.
Also, the space bar had come lose from the keyboard. I tried several times to install the spacebar back on the stabilizer bar without success. I had no trouble getting the spacebar to mount on top of the keyswitch and it works but I couldn’t figure out how to get the ends of the spacebar stabilizer bar to fit into the openings on both ends of the spacebar. I moved the spacebar into several different positions, including to a horizontal position, but couldn’t manage to get them to fit into the openings on the ends of the spacebar.
I assume that there is some “trick” or procedure to get everything to line up but I, so far, haven’t been able to figure it out and I’m reluctant to risk breaking the spacebar. Can someone explain what steps I need to take to get the spacebar properly installed in the keyboard with the stabilizer bar?
One minor annoyance which perhaps you could avoid in future runs is, although the font is OK and not one of the hard to read, weird SciFi fonts that so many gaming keyboards have, the way the numbers and the symbols are arranged on the numeric top row is annoying because makes it a bit harder to decipher each key. I’m referring to having the symbols associated with each key being on the same line and to the right of the number, rather than having the number be toward the bottom of each key with the symbol above it as it is on the IBM Model M and most American designed keyboards. In the future, I would encourage you to try to find keycaps that have the number and the symbols arranged vertically, rather than having the symbol beside the number.
Thanks for your help.
Any word on when these will be dropped again?
So what's the story with the PF keys on the 120? How do I program them? The manual labels Fn + F as "Macro" but doesn't give any more info beyond that.
@iobus is all I've got from the firmware vendor. I've just added the latest tools there.