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Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey Everyone! Good news. We’re excited to announce that the Massdrop x XMIT Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboards have arrived at the warehouse and we’re planning on sending them out a bit early.
The keyboards are now undergoing quality control checks and we expect them to ship by next Wednesday (Mar. 21).
We’re looking forward to everyone receiving the XMIT Keyboard ahead of schedule!
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Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about that. Please reach out to our Community Support team via your transactions page ( and they will help you out.
When you want unique items like this and the only resolution is that I take a small refund and decorate my shelf with it or return it, neither of those seem like resolutions. Now instead of getting this cool keyboard I get the frustration of lending my money for 5 months, being teased with a non-working unit, and having to ship it out. This seems to be a trend.
Are any of these boards programmable? I'd want the 60%, ideally with the layout of a Poker 3.
hey all, i am selling this, with these gradient caps (, here is the reddit post i made, feel free to message me there or on here :) we can work something out maybe!
Opinion on 61-key 2nd Rev. clicky version:
Awesome materials.
Switches are detachable from PCB.
Switches can easily be downgraded to linear.
Not able to remap Esc key. The remap tool is a joke and the producer is just not willing to work on it.
For like 20% of keys click did not trigger the switch. I had to rebend all the click leaves into tactile mode.
On closer inspection click mechanism is a joke. Often it doesn't push the switch stem, only makes a click. The part it is pushing against is a weak bit of plastic so no way it could be consistent. Should not be manufactured like that.
Space switch has stiffer spring but otherwise it is same so it took more effort to balance.
Overall, this keyboard brings some fun but I do not recommend it to common people as out of the box it works surprisingly bad.

QUESTION to anyone who got the 1800 model:
How do I do a print screen? There's no distinct key for it, so I'm not sure how to do it.
Starting to play around with my keyboard and I absolutely loooove it. Got to try one at the NorCal meetup and I've been excited to get one ever since. The only problem I've had is that I've been having some issues with a sticky spacebar - sounds like this is a problem for a lot of other people, but I don't want to return the keyboard (I love it too much).

Has anyone been able to find a quick fix for this issue?
Is a next batch planned anytime soon? I've missed the last drop and my hands are aching to get a tactile hall effect keyboard.
I've got a tactile TKL for sale. Email me if you'd like to have it! :)
Hey XMIT my connector to my keyboard has been finicky for a while now and now it has stopped working entirely is there any way you could help? thanks
Sorry, I'm not able to take on repairs at the moment. You're welcome to try soldering the USB connector back onto the board, or find a friend who can help.
Anyone have a issue with squeaking spacebar? I think it might be the stabilizing bar, but not for sure.
Anyone have any fixes for "sticky keys." I've used all my spares already to fix some of these, and to replace one key that was getting stuck.
Keyboard remapping and firmware restoration tools are now available at Please forgive the delay!
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I'm afraid so. Sorry. I'm not terribly happy about this either. Never say never, but it is unlikely.
what about swapping the `~ and Esc for 61? Maybe I just don't know how to use the tool correctly?
Can you bring this keyboard back? Its super cool and I need a keyboard!!! PLSSSS
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XMIT what changes are you planning to implement?
Lucasho I don't typically comment on unreleased product, but I have a feeling you'll really like my changes. :D