57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Setsearch

57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set

57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set

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Be Able to Build

The most used tool in almost any collection is the screwdriver. Whether you're a 3D printer enthusiast, a knife modder, a PC builder, or just an average person who simply needs a screwdriver, this kit is for you. The key feature in this kit- other than the 52 different precision bits and the two rubberized, non-slip handles- is definitely the flexible bit holder. Not every screwdriver fits in every nook and cranny, and this kit lets you literally screw around corners.

57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set

An Excellent Set of Bits

The bits in this set are metric, but they will certainly work well with screws in the USA. There is a full set of Torx bits, as well as some precision Phillips and Flathead bits for jewelry scaled work. For those of you who really get into screw bits, there are also Tri-Wing bits, Hex bits, TA bits, and Spanner Head bits in this kit, but if you are encountering screws of these sorts, you already know your way around a screwdriver.

57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set
57 Piece Yellow Screwdriver Set

Kit Contains

  • 32pcs- 6.35mm CR-V bits
  • 20pcs- 4mm CR-V precision bits
  • 1pcs- 120mm PP&TPR plastic precision handle
  • 1pcs- 125mm PP&TPR plastic non-slip handle
  • 1pcs- 125mm Aluminum extension rod
  • 1pcs- 60mm Fine steel extension rod
  • 1pcs- 130mm multi angle extension rod


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