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Zeal PC Tealios / Zealios / Zilents Switches

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+ $25 in customs/import fees. awesome. i'm done with massdrop.
Posted 7th July with DHL, still not arrived (UK)...
Coming from Cherry MX Red Silents, has anyone experienced the Zilents? Obviously the MX Red Silents are linear, so curious how the tactile Zilents might feel? Anyone gone from one to the other?
They feel closest to Topres actually for me. They're very tactile, but still smooth.
Even with massdrops $3.75 shipping, it is still cheaper for me to purchase from ZealPC with his $15 one day shipping.
For 110x switches: ZealPC $101.21 Massdrop $104.81, out the door. That being said, if I commit at $56.99 on Massdrop it will cost only $97 for 110x switches... However I would probably still pay $4 extra to Zeal for one day shipping and the better feeling of buying from the man himself. Anyone looking for the best deal though, should absolutely commit at $56.99 on here, assuming your shipping is not higher than $5.
Came to confirm this as well. I did the math on my own too and wasn't thinking that there was too much incentive to go MD versus ZealPC. Thanks for the confirmation. Cheers!
I'll just leave this here: https://www.1upkeyboards.com/shop/switches/zealio-switch-packs/

spend an extra $2 get them this lifetime.
Better yet: https://kbdfans.cn/collections/zealios-switches/products/zealio-swtich-tactile

Spend $4.50 less than the commit price, use KBDFans easily find-able coupon code to get a further $2 off and shipping is free.
So sad I guess these cant be used on gk64 :(
I believe these should fit just fine on a gk64.
Yes, you can. Buy a pair of flush cutters.
Why are Zilents so much more expensive on here than they are comparatively to buying directly from ZealPC? Seems absurd to me, I was at least expecting them to be the same price... MassDrop markup for profit?? Guess I'll be buying directly from ZealPC
I believe that is due to Zeal still charging the pre-order/GB pricing at this point. Since the round 11 stock just came in last week or so, I'm betting after all those orders are fullfilled the price will jump back up. Granted, you would think that this drop with such a large lead-time would feature at least the zeal GB pricing.
Whait Tealios sailent )
Zeal say summer)
I just bought 70x 65g Zealios for $52,50 and they will be shipped tomorrow (free shipping).
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I started with MX Clears, then went to Zealiof 78g but they indeed turned out to be too heavy. Tactile bump in recent 78g round is better than the old one but I still like 67g better because it seems to be better balanced for me. I still want to try 65g to see how do I like it in comparison to 67g. I type a play games a lot and my hands were in pain after long sessions, especially gaming with MX Clears and Zealio 78g.
Good to know, thanks! Will probably stick with 67g:)
lol Zilents are literally priced higher than Vintage cherry mx blacks harvested from old keyboards.
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Oh, I'm glad Aliaz finally dropped in price. And silent browns have had limited availability for quite some time; unfortunately they are still Gateron switches, and Browns.. and more expensive than regular Gateron Brown switches when looking at regular storefronts.

I mean, it's fine and all to have an opinion on what you prefer and what you're willing to spend, but Zealios have a reputation for a reason. About as similar as complaining about GMK or SP keycap pricing.
Those aren't even 'vintage' blacks, I bought one of those boards and tore it down in record time, but it was a windows key layout 1800 whose PCB matched the Windows 8 era 1800 I bought Nib on fleabay a while back.

That said you can get unquestionably vintage blacks for around $30 and also get a case, plate and keycaps for free