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I immediately regret cancelling this order. Also, why in the hell are zealios so hard to get in the first place?
Guys, time is running out. Someone please help me to decide which one I should actually go for.

I would prefer something like the force of Cherry Red with a tactile feel. Should that be 62g?
Yeah sounds about right. You'll notice Zealios are a lot smoother and more buttery goodness than cherry tho
Wow.. Now I wanna try it asap. Thanks for the answer!
Zealios and Box switches on sale on same week? Time to get more keyboards..
I have tested the 65g and I feel the bump could be more pronounced. Between the 62g and 67g, which one would have that feature? Logically the 62g cause the lighter it is, the more pronounced the feeling. What do you say?
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What about the 67g?
it's hard to say, the 67g feels about as tactile as the 65g but the added spring weight masks the tactility a little bit
I have some R1 65g purple Zelios from the initial White Fox keyboard drop a year or two ago.

I thought that would be my endgame keyboard, but while smooth, the feel was just a bit too light for my taste. And I‘m a huge fan of Cherry Browns. There just didn’t seem to be enough of a distinct tactile bump to them.

Then a short while ago, I got a different keyboard from Massdrop, but chose the 67g Zelios.

Crazy thing is that between the two, the 67g now felt too much on the heavy side. Almost like a crisper version of Cherry Clears, but with a more precise action and a more defined and distinct tactile bump.

The difference in the two Zelios was huge, belying the mere 2g difference in the spec.

Do others have the same experience? I wonder if the feel of the 65g has firmed up since the changes after R1.

I’d like to explore the Zilents, but my experience with both the 65g and 67g Zelios has revealed that neither quite hit the sweet spot for me.


Edit: I went to the website and saw that the 65g have a smooth, long, drawn out bump, where the 62g have a more tactile bump.

As I was thinking the 65g not tactile enough, I may try the 62g, as they are more tactile and also a bit heavier than Cherry Browns, which I like.

So it does seem the different models have different characteristics in addition to just weight.
It may be the stem design changes from R1. Do you know which round batch your keyboard Zealios are from? I have similar experience: purchased R2 and purchased R6 and they are noticeably different in terms of tactility. It was an unfortunate experience in my case because I had mixed two batches to complete one keyboard and it resulted in an inconsistent feel across the board.
Sorry to hear about the problems with your mixed switches!

My set was from R1. Those were the Zelios offered with the the Whitefox keyboard kit the very first time it dropped.

Yeah, they were a lot lighter than I expected. Smooth, but even less of a tactile bump than Cherry Browns, IMO.

I wonder how they feel now. The reported inconsistency is frustrating. We just don’t know what we’ll get.
So this is R10?
I would assume so since R10 GB is running on Zeal's website right now as well.
78g zealios or 78g zilents?
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If you are really concerned about silence, get the zilents. Otherwise, just go for the zealios.
Wow, just found out about those box navys's and those look awesome buying both navy and jade 110 each at that price point!!! They look stupid tactile!)
I am totally not commited to build my own keyboard, but as soon as a decent keyboard comes with the choice of 62g Zilents you can definitely count me in ! this + Zealencios and the dream for a truely silent mechanical keyboard with great switches and great feeling can come true !
Could always get a K-type, GMMK, or other hot-swappable keyboard to use these in!
Go grab that Tokyo60 along with the 62g Zilents =D
Zeal is there anyway to add 90 switch pack? I and some people only need 90 for TKL
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That is perfect. Exactly what I needed then, pronounced tactility and no sound! Do you sell or recommend any tool specifically for clipping the switch's plastic tips?
Any pair of flush cutters/nippers will work well. Amazon, local hobby shop, etc.