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I'm using Zealio purple 67g and these are the best tactile switches I've ever used. Smooth as butter and not light as browns etc.
If you actually wanna buys these they are cheaper on zeals actually website zealpc.net, thats including shipping tax, about $10+ cheaper for 70
also did an order there last week. There already shipped :-)
Just a not to all zealios have a sale on on their website which actually makes the switches cheaper than these
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Still with the shipping it works out $5 cheaper for 110 switches and comes far faster.
How so? I paid $5 more and have had my switches for a few days now already.
These are RGB compatible right? The bases seem clear but I just want to make sure.
yes they are
As long as your RGB LEDs are through hole or sit flush with the pcb. Zealios do not have a window for a surface mount led.
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How do the 67g purple switches compair to cherry mx browns and can they be installed on a cherry board
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Make sure you actually have cherry stabs, I think the k70 has costar stabs.

EDIT: Never mind, I was looking at the wrong board. I personally use the band aid mod, lube my stabs, and clip my stabs.
I imagine this question may sound stupid, there are no markings on the keycaps? I am on drop for masterkeys m, someone suggested zealios to me, are those the zealios switches i need to get later?
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Thanks for reply, i confused switches with keycaps.
That's right. Thanks for clarifications. I effectively mixed up switches with keycaps. Thought they were same. Thx. Not buying those, no no no.
I'm really in love of the Aliaz Silent 80g, someone know if there is any Zilents with more or less the same feeling?
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You might want to look into this a bit more. The 80g Aliaz is going to be between a 67g and a 78g Zealios for overall weight. They measure their weights differently. Even I might be mistaken here, I just know to be careful.
they are better in everyway, aliaz is a copy of zealz but just bad