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Zhen 3-Layer VG-10 Forged Kitchen Knives

Zhen 3-Layer VG-10 Forged Kitchen Knives

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3.5in knife is the same price on amazon, wtf massdrop? And according to camelamel it was $13.50 on sale.
Please stop shoving garbage deals to us, there's nothing here except an occasional massdrop-only audiophile item.
It would be nice to know the blade thickness
Steel coming out of China deserves to be treated with suspicion. I love massdrop, but when it comes to knives I’ll stick with German Steel. Even Japanese foundaries have been found to falsify steel qualities.
I only have 6 options available. The chef's knife and the santoku are not options, please look in to this.
I don't see the 8'' chef available as a model
BLADE GEOMETRY PHOTOS PLEASE. (thickness...). All the Massdrop kitchen knifes deals seem to be missing that...
The 3-layer veggie (which is prominently displayed here in images 2,3 & 4) would be much appreciated!
Can someone with more experience let me know if vg-10 at 60ish hrc is too brittle for a cleaver? I am interested in the big cleaver, but normally I would expect a tougher, softer steel for that kind of knife.
Your right on the money. I want a hard steel for slicing.
You are absolutely right. A lot of cleavers with high Rockwell ratings are meant for cutting vegetables, not chopping bones or separating poultry. I don’t have this brand but my own kitchen cleaver has a thinner profile (yet full sized) - strictly used on vegetables.

The exception being that I don’t use my cleaver on leeks or anything that could contain small rocks or gravel. That’s how you get nicks on the knife edge.
For the money, very nice knives. Received mine today. Happy to have them.

I'm a bit troubled by the lack of ANY documentation with the knife that states, clearly, that these are VG-10. Nothing on the box, in the box or on the knife itself. Makes me seriously question if these really are VG-10.
I warned my wife multiple times how sharp it is after 5 minutes of stropping....
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Ohhhhhhhhh, damn.

Hope she made it through okay (sry, shoulda said that already in the first message lol)
Did that a couple weeks ago, except the knife landed right next to my foot, stuck into the floor like I’d thrown it at it. I shiver when I think of it landing an inch to the left. Hope your wife is ok.
is the cleaver for "meat" heavier and thicker?....that is what I want...getting through rutabagas is like sawing wood.
Based on the weights listed here, and comparing with descriptions of the knives on Amazon:

The 6.5-inch Cleaver and 7-inch Veggie Knife should have thinner and lighter, 1.8mm thick blades.

The 6.5-inch 'Bone Chopper' Cleaver, and both of the 8-inch Cleavers should have thicker and heavier, 3.5mm thick blades.

Zhen also make a thinner 1.8mm version of the 8-inch cleaver, but it's not available as part of this drop. Which is perhaps a pity since one of the reviews for it states "It's my only knife that I feel safe using to chop up large rutabagas. I can safely pound the cleaver through a large rutabaga while keeping my fingers far away from the cutting edge".

From what I've read you're probably better off with a thinner blade for rutabagas, thicker blades are more inclined to wedge and jam.
You should be able to cut rutabagas with 8" large cleaver easy.
still waiting for shipping notification :(
Anybody received theirs yet? I still haven't gotten a tracking number
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Got my Tracking number while I was at work today. Should be here sometime next week.
Got mine a week ago. Very pleased.