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Upgrade Your Cables, Upgrade Your Sound

ZMF already has a reputation for crafting gorgeous, high-end headphones—and now it’s made a striking line of cables to match. Choose from two types: the Atmos C or the Silver Michanikos. Both cables measure 5.5 feet long and come with connection options for a range of headphones, including Massdrop exclusives like the Sennheiser HD 6XX, the HIFIMAN HE4XX, and the Focal Elex. The stylish case makes for easy storage and transportation.

Note: At checkout, choose the Atmos C cable (base price) or the Silver Michanikos cable  (+ $60). You’ll also have your choice of connectors: ZMF/Audeze, HIFIMAN 2.5mm, Focal 3.5mm, HD 6XX, or HD 800 (+ $60).

About the Cables

A 105-strand, nylon-insulated Litz cable with a red splitter, the Atmos C measures just 4 millimeters wide, with very small strands that allow it to pack a full 420 strands into the four wires. The Litz copper adds resolution, presentation, and atmospheric staging, and the combination of the black sleeve and braiding looks stylish to boot. ZMF’s current flagship, the Silver Michanikos has 133 strands per conductor (532 total strands in the four-wire cable) and a purple splitter. The nylon-encapsulated TPE internal damping core ensures vibration control and a more linear signal path. This is silver plating at its best: the high amount of strands and internal damping make for a very smooth, natural sound with exceptional clarity.


  • PU leatherette case


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