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Get rid of the Pee-yew leatherette case and sell them at 120$, would sell much better this way. Not a hater tho! I'm a fan of ZMF's stuff.
No gotta keep the Leather case we need that to give a reason to our wives why this was a worthy purchase .

Women understand bag's but cables uh not so much
Yeah, these are expensive, but they're far from some $10,000 snake oil. I mean, I am not sure I would be willing or able to make these for much under $75 in time and material, and 100% markup is normal retail.
I hope the people who joined this drop speak up after receiving them to let us know everything except how they "Sound" cause they could be worth the cost just in craftsmanship, and ZMF does know craftsmanship.
Do any of these connectors properly and snugly fit the Fostex TH-900 MK2?
Ugh I am so tempted to get the 4ft Michanikos for my ZMF Atticus! :(
Any chance of one with the LEMO termination for the AKG K812
I'm certainly a Cable Guy myself and as Zach mentions if your in the market for one his are truly some of the best! Not only the quality & workmanship but also in terms of fidelity. I've had a chance to hear a few variants over the last few months and compared to a lot of what I have in my own collection, I can say these are phenomenal! Kinda wish he had some of them on the market back when I was shopping around lol
Meanwhile, at the Kool-aid stand:

Atmos C 5.5ft for HD6XX 4-Pin Balanced ($149.99)
Could someone confirm the pin assignment for the 4-Pin XLR (for Oppo HA-1)
And the PLUS and MINUS on the headphone end (the letter R or L should be facing outward)
8 people bought this, Atomic kek.
Nothing to laugh about if the build quality is nice. I'm someone who doesn't believe for a second that cables change sound but I'd gladly pay the prices being offered here if these cables nail the build quality

The price is exactly the same as if I bought a 4pin XLR cable for my LCD2Cs directly from Audeze and their own cables are unweildy
Would any of these work for Beyerdynamic DT1990
so can we just have a drop for the headphones already
Does anyone know what the base price was?
A bit more than I was hoping for. Whish they make a drop with their ofc cable
I’ll agree with everyone that more e pensive doesn’t equal better but if someone wants to pay a lot for quality cables then who cares? It’s their money. I wouldn’t pay that much but that’s me. I did pay 60 for those venture electronics cables for the he-4xx and my 650s but that’s only because i wanted xlr. Sennheiser cables are legit so I wouldnt pay for cables unless it’s for a different connector. Some cables can use an upgrade, like the emu-teak ca that break easily from what I hear. Some also just like the different lengths or different materials. Some stock cables also tangle up or are just too stiff. Those are the reasons I’d upgrade. Not for a sound difference.
The pricing seems to be pretty competitive for an aftermarket cable. For the silver cable is it Litz type-6? and im assuming 26AWG? oh its inactive now ):
What kind of jack is the 3.5mm?
standard termination on 99% of headphones
No i was asking about if it was a Rean, Eidolic, Furutech, etc.