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Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector's Box

Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector's Box

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The Ultimate Undead Collection

Fans of Zombies!!! behold: This bundle is chock full of undead destruction and mayhem to satisfy any mortal. The original game, included here, involves a group of survivors roaming the city streets, which have been overrun by zombie hordes. As you roll the dice, you’ll carefully move about the board, attempting to either evade the undead or take them on in head-to-head combat. If you make it all the way to the center of the getaway helipad and defeat the last zombie—or if you kill a total of 25 of his cohorts—you win. If you die, you go back to square one. This drop includes all 16 expansions to this cult-classic game. The expansions add characters, settings, new gameplay mechanics, and much more to keep gameplay fresh each time you pick up the dice.

Note: This drop is limited to 20 units. 

Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector's Box
Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector's Box


  • Designed by Todd Breitenstein and Kerry Breitenstein
  • Artwork by Dave Aikins and Kurt Miller
  • Players: 2 - 6
  • Playing time: 60 min
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up


  • Zombies!!! Third Edition
  • Zombies!!! Deadtime Stores
  • Zombies!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e)
  • Zombies!!! 3: Mall Walkers
  • Zombies!!! 3.5: Not Dead Yet
  • Zombies!!! 4: The End
  • Zombies!!! 5: School’s Out Forever
  • Zombies!!! 6: Six Feet Under
  • Zombies!!! 6.66: Fill in the _____!!!
  • Zombies!!! 7: Send in the Clowns
  • Zombies!!! 8: Jailbreak
  • Zombies!!! 9: Ashes to Ashes
  • Zombies!!! X: Feeding the Addiction
  • Zombies!!! 11: Death Inc.
  • Zombies!!! 12: Zombie Zoo
  • Zombies!!! 13: DEFCON Z
  • Zombies!!! 14: Space Bites
  • Zombies!!! 15: Another One Bites the Dust
  • Bag O’ Bullets
  • Bag O’ Hearts
  • The official Zombies!!! board game soundtrack from Midnight Syndicate
  • Hundreds of Zombies!!! (humans, dogs, clowns, kids, office workers, and more)


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