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Zuli Smartplug app currently not available in US. WTH?
US buyers beware!!! There is no app for US iPhones!!! No way to use this product!!!
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They do not work in the US... NO APP AVAILABLE!!!
Your comment is inaccurat, I have an iPhone 7 and downloaded the App from the Apple App store. Everything I got works great. If you are having issues. You should contact the Zuli manufacturer.
Amazon reviews on this product make
me wonder why massdrop would think any body would buy this cheesy junk
I bought the Depstech Wifi Smart Plug a while back and it's perfect. But I'm unsure how long they will be functional or relevant if the app is no longer supported like ncdogdoc is saying below.
the app is no longer supported, worked great for 3 months and now cannot even log into account to use the app on iOS. Now I have six of these as pretty paperweights. DO NOT BUY.
MD needs to cancel this drop ASAP.
It's a dead product. It was Bluetooth only, never integrated with any home product and never worked reliably. The android app never left beta and didn't really work and the iOS app barely worked better. The company is pretty much dead so buying these will get you devices that won't do anything for you.
Do you know if there is an alternative? It would be cool to be able to adjust my reptile heaters and lamps without having to bend down (bad back/knees). I'm just using $12 lamp dimmers right now.
This would be really really cool for my snakes' heaters.. but... the comments make me suspicious :(
A LOT of amazon reviews say the company's site wont connect with the app anymore, making these things completely useless. Better confirm that this Startup is actually still a thing before joining this drop.
Is this compatible with any standard home automation protocols/devices? Smarthings, wink, etc??
Won't shit to CA :(
The iOS app was so disappointing I ended up just throwing it out.
I would have bought this if there was an Android app.
Officially does NOT support Wink yet:
No android app or alexa integration
Thank you that's exactly what I was wondering. Guess I'll look for something else that supports ITTT.
This is cheaper on Amazon. What's the point?
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I have prime, is there anyway to increase shipping speed.
I played 19.99 for a 3 pack, did you apply a coupon or something?