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So, we are pleased to announce that we have the TEX Yoda live on the site right now. The Yoda is a 60% mechanical keyboard with a TrackPoint and since you have to solder the switches yourself, you can have any Cherry MX switch you want, including clear and green switches. It's programmable via dipswitches, and it has the most amazing CNC aluminum case we've ever seen.

Enjoy your keyboards everyone!
Hey everyone that missed the Poker II drop, I have some good news! We have the Blackbird from Max Keyboards live on the site now -
This is an awesome looking tenkeyless with backlit LEDs AND Doubleshot keycaps, which is actually fairly rare. I figured since there were roughly 3000 people in this poll, you might appreciate another chance to get a get a cool compact mechanical keyboard.
Any news from Leopold, or you guys just stop trying since we got a Poker II drop? :(
I have heard back from a vendor who can get us Leopold 660M's, there will be a drop coming in about a month.
Hi Everyone,
Poker II backlit version is live! There's only 174 of these available this time around and it's doubtful there are very many backlit Poker IIs left in the world at all.
Thanks for your patience, good luck in the drop!
Any updates ? its been 3 weeks now and still no drops on the 60% or TK keyboards.
Drop is live <3
There are a bunch of options to choose from that don't really fit into what the poll is about (ie. not mechanical, not compact). I get that this is all community based, but come on people... the poll is about compact mechanical keyboards. Do some research before items are added.
Any more news on the poker lot?
Will, Help a brother out drop the Poker PLEASE!
Update Time!
Exciting developments in the world of Poker IIs. They're not being actively manufactured but, from the looks of it, we've found a wholesaler with about 180 units available (blue or green LED with blue, brown, or red switches). Right now we're working with them to decide all the price details but hopefully we'll come to a conclusion soon and make a listing for you to jump on : )
No news from Leopold as of yet, still trying to get in touch with the right people (language barriers are no fun) but hopefully we'll have more news soon.
We'll keep you updated as this Poker II buy develops,
Oh man, I hope you guys manage to track down the folks from Leopold!
What is the word on these units....I'd buy blue switch, blue led within seconds of this drop.
Hey Everyone,
What time is it? MASSIVE UPDATE TIME.
Leopold FC660M: We're calling Leopold every couple nights in an effort to speak with someone (ideally in English or Mandarin) about sourcing their FC660M and a variety of other keyboards they make. So far we've left a few messages but we're expecting to speak with someone in charge of international sales within the next few days. Additionally, we're speaking with the rest of our overseas vendors to see if any of them have the ability to list the FC660M on Massdrop.
KBT Poker II: Right now, KBT isn't making any Poker II keyboards. They're focusing on the Pure Pro and a couple other new keyboards. The new keyboards aren't finished yet but we'll be listing them as soon as they are. In the mean time, you'll have to wait on the Poker II until they start making them again (if they do).
Filco Majestoucj MINILA: Sadly, Filco isn't interested in expanding their North American distribution right now. That said, we're checking with our vendors and looking around for an introduction. Massdrop is a new sales channel for these companies and it's often hard for them to understand it without the proper introductions. In short, we're working on sourcing everything from Filco but it's going to take some time. We appreciate your unending patience!
KBT Race: We're talking with KBT about arranging a listing ASAP. Right now we're waiting on quantity confirmation (switch types, LED colors, etc) but once that's done we'll try to get a buy launched ASAP.
CM Storm QuickFire TK - Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX BROWN: We've been in contact with CM Storm over the last couple weeks and I'm pleased to say they'll be listing the Quick Fire Stealth w/ MX Brown switches on Massdrop soon. This is a direct listing from CM Storm so you can bet the price and delivery times will be exceptional (I'd love to tell you specifics on pricing but they're not decided yet). Additionally, this first buy will act as a test for our community. Just like AKG, if CM Storm's first couple buys go well, we'll be able to work with them on listing a broad variety of other products in their lineup. If the buy goes REALLY WELL, we might be able to talk with them about listing the Novatouch very shortly after it's release later this year.
HHKB: As you know, we've been told (by PFU Fujitsu) that the HHKB has FCC compliance issues. If that's the case, then how are a select few businesses able to import and sell them in the United States? We started asking around and we haven't been able to pinpoint the reason behind these compliance problems. Given that, we're ignoring them and moving forward in our efforts to find a vendor to list these on Massdrop. We're speaking with a few of our existing vendors and hopefully we'll have more news soon.
That covers all of the top options for now. Hopefully we'll be able to list some of these options soon but for right now, sit tight and rest assured knowing we're doing everything possible to source vendors to list the keyboards you voted for.
I'll update you as more information becomes available.
The Apple keyboard isn't mechanical...
Vote for the novatouch, guys! Not gonna get a hhkb in a while due to FCC compliance and Poker ii is out of stock for a while!
I added the Cooler Master Novatouch, it's not yet released but will feature Topre switches compatible with cherry mx keycaps.
Although I want the Poker2 to win. If the HHKB 2 wins would there be the option to get the white version also?
I like how the white version has the two tone key set.
I think the two-tone HHKB2 Pro looks best too. If they could do a deal on the Type S, I would be in. Currently very happy with my Poker II that I found elsewhere.
I'd like to see both Topre HHKB 2 and Code Clear MX!
If the Poker II wins, could we have the option of white or black? They're the same keyboard, but in different colors. The black version is so much more common so having the chance to buy it in white would be cool.
lets go poker II !
I would have to agree on the Happy hacking keyboard pro 2, mostly because I would love another Topre switch keyboard. Secondly they are more expensive so a mass buy would help with less the cost slightly, and then there is the fact of desire for a great keyboard other than the poker 2 and or something along those lines.
cmon HHKB, I'd love to get a deal on one of those babies
Any update on the next potential compact keyboard drop? Hoping for the Poker II as well.
Vortex isn't making the Poker II currently but are making the Pure Pro instead?
Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
Thermaltake Poseidon added
who the fuck wants a pure pro
the layout makes them less than ideal for not only general usage but for keyswapping, which is what most people who buy a poker 2 do
Urk, I accidentally duplicated the Minila entry... can someone from MD remove it?
Totally been wanting a good compact mechanical keyboard. Only trouble is I have yet to find one that has directional keys, uses preferably Cherry Brown keys and has back lit keys (preferably white or blue).
that pure pro key layout so bad though :(
I'm really liking the Pure (Pro), but if it drops I really hope there's an option for PBT caps and more than the usual red/blue/brown switches. In particular I'd like to see clears.
How are we going to select which colour switches we want if we actually get this going?
Assuming we source multiple options (we're definitely working on it), you'll be able to select your switch preference during the check out process.
why not a full size one??
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Probably because it says compact mechanical keyboards...
It is much more comfortable to use the mouse as close to the main typing pad as possible, and being right-handed it means where the tenkeypad&stuff usually are. I would not have minded one with tenkeypad&stuff on the left hand side, but compact is cooler. :-)
Can you estimate when the listing of Pure pros will be active?