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Found this on Newegg. can anyone please clarify

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
Proposition 65. In summary Nanny State BS. Resolution, ignore anything the state of California tells you and most of all "do not move here".
So since I will not be able to test run these before I purchase them, I am asking to see how the Massdrop + Universal, Nobel X and the LS-300is all around this pricing best for my need...
1) on portable device (NW-ZX100) only, I prefer over the ear headphones at home
2) preference of music - classical (mainly violin and symphonies) and some JPops
3) use them during daily commute in public transportation (buses and subway), I use over the ear NC headphones when I am having my plane ride
I some time feel that unlike using a DAC, Amp and listen in a quiet room, I only use the IEM on my portable device which isn't top notch, I am listening in a kind of noise environment... so is the quality of the IEM even make that much difference? Will a cheap one work as well since I am not listening in a quiet environment anyway?
I will post this under the other 2 IEM I am interested as well. Any advise will help!
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Thanks for the reply. That's how I feel, any critical listening I will leave it to over the ear phones in my quiet man cave. Have young kids, so can't use speakers at this phase of life. I do have Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEM already and I think that will suit my needs for now for portable listening. Save up some money and not going for impulse buying this time! When I am on the road with portable player, I just feel that I can't tell the details anyway...

Good choice. The MEE PX should serve you well anyway. IEMs can get real expensive for a marginally better sound
Obligatory...This or the Massdrop Plus?
Any Bluetooth adapter with a2dc connectors? I have ie80 and due to senheiser's property connector I'm limited to a tiny selection of Bluetooth cables that support aptx (and the coincidentally only work with Samsung not pixel phones in aptx mode) from AliExpress, or use Bluetooth to 3.5mm adapters which are cumbersome.

Nothing normal on eBay or Amazon from a reputable source I can find.
Yes we make a Bluetooth adaptor for the A2DC model is ATH-WLA1. Please let MassDrop know if you would like to purchase one and I will make it happen.
Skip the 300s. Clarity on the mids was surprisingly bad for a $300 IEM.
I love my 400s. Not sure of my love at $450 as I got them for less but a solid IEM. In summary:

Lows are well defined with two dedicated drivers, one mid and one high covers the full range of any song. Since two balanced drivers cover low frequencies any song with a dominant low end will sound deep, slightly overpowering the mids and highs. Listening to Joan Armatrading’s "Willow" or Melody Gardot's "Once I Was Loved" give great representation of the mids. Full, smooth, mellow. Imagine a strong, savory Zinfandel or a bold French Roast. Jump over to some thump like Kraak & Smaak "Dynamite" and enjoy the two drivers covering the low tight base. Grove on The Beauty Rooms "Don't You Know" and "All in My Head" and I am floating, lost in detail and resonance.

Isolation is fantastic with good tips when you find some that fit your ear well. The tips that came with these IEMs where minimal at best. Three pair. One small, medium, large and large were too small for me. I picked up some XLarge silicone tips and isolation is great.

The only real issue I have is not spending more on IEM's of greater complexity with more drivers..
Read MajorHifi’s review of the 400s for a good idea of what these represent for sound quality and value. Wonderful.

Enjoy the music folks.
The issue I have with high end IEMs is that fit is everything. Ear shape varies wildly and as the air force learned a few decades ago, there's no such a thing as average shape/size. I can drop $50 on them and if they don't work, I can just pass them on to a friend or family. $300+ is just too much risk w/o trying them in person first.
affordable, high-end lol
Anyone can compare them to the massdrop plus? They are both currently available for 300$
I've just joined the drop for the ls200iS, and I am wondering if this includes warranty.
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Service and Repairs: 19/43-53 Bridge Road

They should honor international repair.
They said they don't offer international repair if I imported the earphones.
I just missed this drop by two days as I was waiting to get paid. Any word on when they might pop up again.?
they're back
I won't be joining this drop but I've owned the LS200 in the past and can vouch for it being good. I liked it quite a bit more than the CA Orion/Nova & Noble X if that means anything. For those of you that owned the legendary IM02 in the past these fit better and have a little more energy in the upper mids that makes vocals sound heavenly.
with the $450 quad drivers is how they get that insane 50,000% mark up! Lol I’m sure they’re great iems but if you’re budget is $450-500 you have A TON of amazing options.
Also it looks like the same tips/case come with the ls400 at 450$ most companies will at least throw a super nice case and a lot of accessories with it. To the person above If you’re interested in trying some quads look for the UE 900s to come back around for $175 with great sound and a ton of accessories but hit or miss bq which for me atleast has been flawless.
Also remember usually the higher you go in Audio the less of Audio ‘return’ you get for the additional money so nothing unusual here. Love the design of these though
Hi RareAirs do you have any recommendation other than UE900s?