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I've just joined the drop for the ls200iS, and I am wondering if this includes warranty.
Yes this includes full manufacturers warranty.
I just missed this drop by two days as I was waiting to get paid. Any word on when they might pop up again.?
I won't be joining this drop but I've owned the LS200 in the past and can vouch for it being good. I liked it quite a bit more than the CA Orion/Nova & Noble X if that means anything. For those of you that owned the legendary IM02 in the past these fit better and have a little more energy in the upper mids that makes vocals sound heavenly.
with the $450 quad drivers is how they get that insane 50,000% mark up! Lol I’m sure they’re great iems but if you’re budget is $450-500 you have A TON of amazing options.
Also it looks like the same tips/case come with the ls400 at 450$ most companies will at least throw a super nice case and a lot of accessories with it. To the person above If you’re interested in trying some quads look for the UE 900s to come back around for $175 with great sound and a ton of accessories but hit or miss bq which for me atleast has been flawless.
Also remember usually the higher you go in Audio the less of Audio ‘return’ you get for the additional money so nothing unusual here. Love the design of these though
I had the IM02 but sold it then bought this as a xmas gift to myself. For me, much better than the old model, fitting and soundwise. Mids is life.
Did I read it right - Is it an additional $250 for 2 MORE drivers?? So its $199 for the 2 driver LS200 but $450 for the 4 driver LS400
That cant be right. Its not April 1st yet ;)
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:D Yes, of course. I researched a while back how they tune the armature drivers themselves and the degree to which even the tiniest positioning inside the shells can make a huge difference
I do take your points but lets just say i think there can be a 'healthy' profit on some ;)
I agree with you on that. I wouldn't say the price is extreme and totally prohibiting, but at this price range these phones do have a lot of decent competitors ;)
Damn those cables look quite nice, but they are so expensive!
These cables are cheaper than aftermarket ones. A2DC connectors are better than MMCX since all parts that can potentially be damaged are on the cable side. MMCX was not designed to swap cable constantly and can leave wear in your earphone as well.

Just get the 313. 323 is a special version that's hard to locate in Japan. I heard that 323 is changing characters of the headphone too much.
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