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Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle

Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle

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The Complete Package

Audio-Technica's MSR7 provides a rich, detailed musical experience in an over-ear, closed-back can. Armed with a trio of cables and equipped with memory foam earpads & headband, the MSR7 offers a supremely comfortable listening experience, whether you're at home or on-the-go. This bundle is only available on Massdrop and includes the muted Antlion ModMic 4.0 Omni and Brainwavz Zirconia headphone stand at no additional cost.

Note:  At checkout, you have your choice of MSR7 color options: Black and Gunmetal Gray. This drop is limited to 270 units.

Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle

All About the Sound

Some of Audio-Technica's greatest innovations have gone into the MSR-7 and the 45mm True Motion Drivers boast a triad of notable improvements: lightweight voice coils, a custom-mounted printed circuit board, and a specially designed diaphragm that all work in harmony to improve transient response and minimize distortion.

If you hear an extended low and mid frequency response, the multi-layered air damping technology may be to thank. Three precisely placed vents in the lightweight aluminium/magnesium mix housings work to control air flow and improve dynamics while reducing unwanted resonance. Still not convinced? Tyll's crowned the MSR7 as Innerfidelity Wall of Fame worthy. For even more information, check out our interview with Audio-Technica on Head-Fi.

Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle
Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle

Included Mic & Stand

Antlion ModMic 4.0

We've teamed up with Audio-Technica, Antlion, and Brainwavz to bring you a drop to be excited about. The AntLion ModMic 4.0 is a mounting mic for use with your headphones that comes with a bendable microphone, distortion free transmission, and a convenient carrying case that protects your set from the elements. For more information on the ModMic 4.0 Omni, check out its product page on Massdrop here.

Brainwavz Zirconia Headphone Stand

A good headphone deserves a worthy perch, so place your MSR7 on the included Brainwavz Zirconia stand. Stylishly designed to balance headphones on their headbands without placing pressure on the cups or cushions, the Zirconia ensures your headphones remain in tip-top shape.

Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle
Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle

Additional Pictures

InnerFidelity Video Review



  • 45 mm True Motion Drivers
  • Lightweight voice coils
  • Custom-mounted printed circuit board
  • Specially designed diaphram
  • Frequency response: 5-40,000 Hz
  • Maximum input power: 2,000 mW
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 35 ohms
  • Connector: 1/8 in (3.5 mm ) gold-plated stereo mini plug, L-shaped
  • Microphone: condenser, omni directional
  • Frequency response, microphone: 50 – 4,000 Hz
  • Weight: 10.2 oz (290 g)
Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle


  • Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • 1/8 in (3.5 mm) jack
  • Sensitivity- -38 +/- 3 dB
  • Response- 100 Hz - 10 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • SNR- > 50+ dB
  • Impedance- 2.2 KOhms
  • Operating voltage- 1 to 10 V
  • Max current at 2.0 V- 500 µA
  • Max input SPL- 110 dB
  • 3.3 m cable with 2.5 mm diameter, coaxial shielding, and mute button
  • Boom length- 6.89 in (175 mm) max
  • Clasp height- 0.69 in (17.5 mm)
  • Base clasp footprint- 0.50 in diameter (12.7 mm)


Audio-Technica MSR7

  • 3.9 ft (1.2 m) detachable standard cable
  • 9.8 ft (3 m) detachable standard cable
  • 3.9 ft (1.2 m) cable with in-line controls and microphone
  • Carry pouch

Antlion ModMic 4.0

  • Carrying case
  • 2 base clasps
  • 1 top clasp with cap
  • 1 extra 3M adhesive pad
  • 1 foam pop filter
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Instructions

Brainwavz Zirconia Headphone Stand


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