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Ball Trainmaster Power Reserve Automatic Watch

Ball Trainmaster Power Reserve Automatic Watch

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FWIW, I bought this in the last drop, and I could not be happier. Performance is above COSC even though it is not an officially certified movement. I am getting just under +1sec per day (mixture of both worn and unworn) so I am well-pleased.
It is also full of detail when examined closely, and certainly does not look like it has cancer, as stated by a particular commenter below. ;)
This review has the best photos of this model that I have found:
Thanks to MD for making this available again. I've been thinking about picking up a Ball for quite a while and at this price it's a no-brainer. Would love to see some more models from Ball offered here.
Received mine already, very quick as far as Massdrop goes. I'm very pleased, it has a simple, classic look and exudes quality. It matches my wrist well (I have small-ish wrists), and goes along perfectly with casual work attire. The bracelet is very easy to adjust because the links are simply held in by long screws. All you need is a good precision screwdriver set and in about 10 minutes you can size it yourself. Its accuracy is testing my ability to measure the far as I can tell it's gaining about 1/2 second per day. Overall I'm glad I jumped on this drop and don't regret it one bit :)
Ball's prices are much lower than equivalent watches by more famous names, like Rolex and Omega. I am waiting for a chronometer with a white face and metal bracelet. Have a winder, so don't need a power reserve. This one comes close, but is a bit too traditional for me. Mass drop.....please offer more choices of Ball.
Very functional classic watch at a seriously good price. Not this month for me, but hope it'll redrop before too long...
GMT is the one I would consider. This watch is so bland, pale and sickly, It looks like it has a leukemia.
Definitely a beautiful vintage style watch, but I'm still looking for Massdrop to drop the Engineer II GCT. I hope there's enough in stock for me to scoop one up from MD.
Watch arrived today. Looks great. Only complaint is the warranty card serial number isnt matching the watch serial number? They are handwritten on the card and someone wrote the wrong serial number on the card.
Just got my shipping notice last night.
Just realized that June 19 was the ship date? Shipping very early. Anyone else get an email about shipping?
I am in... although I already have a similar a Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece tradition power reserve. A good price for a great watch!
Only 50m water resistanceūüėā
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Mbot, do you troll every watch listing noting they are not dive watches? Cool hobby!
He appears to have a hard on for water resistance on dress watches, like it's the only sign of quality. Buy an ISO certified Seiko if that's all you're after.
Again no mention of warranty for this watch. Can MD please include this? The last Ball watch drop I did not join for not knowing.

Please clarify.
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I assumed no warranty. However MD should state this. I bought multiple glycine watches on MD and other drops explicitly state warranty or not.

Just looking for full disclosure on their drops is all I ask. More pics would be nice too as other have commented. Thx
Agree the risk is minor for buying into a watch with a well established record of quality. For the money this is a really good buy! Beautifully made; a sensibly sized dress watch packed with tritium tubes that don't detract from the elegant aesthetics of the face, nice white enamel dial with attractive legible numerals, and one of ETA's best movements. I'm jumping on this deal!
Is it me or does it look like they used the same picture of the stainless band version 4 times?
What about papers and guarantee?
Assume that papers are included (every watch I've purchased from MD included them), but guarantee not - Ball is very strict with their warranty - they are non-transferable even if you purchased the watch from an authorized Ball dealer.
Thank you for your reply.