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Its a great knife, but why machine the whole thing out of s35vn? That's what makes it so expensive
Agree--Beautiful & practical design; but if it were made from gold it would be cheaper. I wouldn't want to pay more than $75 for this and even then it would be a hard price to swallow.
Wow, these look awesome. Too bad they're so over priced :(
Looks great, maybe it is worth it for a collection or something, but you do not need to spend this kind of money on a functional, and practical survival blade.
Looks great. Anyone know of a similar knife at a more affordable price?
Boker licensed the design from Bawidamann Blades, it's the Boker Plus Pogn DCW... and it's significantly cheaper, but is 440C
300 dollars. A bit much for a machine-made full tang blade made from a steel that I would call just above par. Also this knife would suck for combat vs another knife with actual grips. And it looks like some weapon a Scientologist would use......
bark river and mike stewart and over heated blades is an interesting internet read.
WHY LIMIT TO USA??? People should know local laws before purchase! Massdrop needs to ask a question to member to know whether their region/countries let knives to be imported in. If they answer wrongly then ban their accounts from purchasing knives!
Why ban them, they will be in trouble with the law, not MassDrop, lol.
If we were talking about a little more exotic CPM steel....S90v-like.....I could see paying close to this....but not for S30v
The description says its a 'Tanto blade with a Drop point recurve', except I see neither a tanto style blade nor a significant recurve to the blade nor a drop on the spine to the point. Its almost as if the just added knife buzzwords to try and gain more appeal. While its a cool design it looks neither very practical or anything like its described. Plus theres almost nothing that i can see or look into that justifies such a high price for this blade
Its a Japanese tanto. Those tanto blades with sharp edges are modified tanto in aka American Tanto! Hope that helps
How about having this as a discount as opposed to bawidamann same pricing on his site?
Seems like every higher end blade drop on this site follows the same fantasy/sci-fi aesthetic... Todd Begg, Brous, Bawidamann... Does Massdrop have something against classically good-looking, functional knives? How about a Bark River drop? Or Survive! Knives? People keep on asking, but why do I feel the next drop will probably be a Darrel Ralph design? Sheesh.
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The 4 year lead time with $50 deposit might have something to do with that?
Id have a hard time not being all over a Bark River drop.
I don't get the pricing. I have no problem paying a lot for a knife -- I thought a 500 dollar sebenza was worth it, but I keep looking at the description and web site to see if I'm missing something in the materials or manufacture of this product that explains why it costs even more than comparable sized striders which are themselves overpriced.
Wow, am I the only one who thinks this is over priced? Any reviews on this blade or other information?
Owning one, I can say they aren't overpriced for what they are.
It's a pity Massdrop won't ship knives to Canada, the laws are amazingly simple.
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These are great for rich couch potatoes like u to buy so they feel all "tactical", just remember pointy end will give you ouchies! Lol
I rekon u work in an office somewhere and the closest to ever needing a knife u get to is to cut off your belt after eating too much! Lol
It's a skeletonized knife, it's not tactical at all, it's an EDC knife.
Why would I cut my belt? That's what a cobra buckle is for.