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Beyerdynamic DT880 & DT990 32 Ohms

Beyerdynamic DT880 & DT990 32 Ohms

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Of this and the other massdrop headpohones, which would you guys recommend for gaming? I play a lot of FPS and RPG games, I hope there is one that can be a good fit for both genres :-)
$165 and no removable cable? These are the highest end disposable headphones I've ever seen..
Anecdote time: I've had a pair of 990 since Jun 2014. The "Pro" version, which have a different grille but are otherwise the same as the pictured "Edition" version. Pro have the flat black grille, Edition has angled vents.

They're pretty robust, even with the fixed cable. Removable cable would be nice for convenience, but fixed has been perfectly fine for me.
Why offer two different models, but provide absolutely no specifics about the difference between the two?
There's a ton on the internet about the differences. The DT990 is supposedly more "v"-shaped, meaning relatively emphasized bass and treble, de-emphasized mids. Might be described as more "fun", and perhaps best for rock. Some of the more negative reviews (like Zeos) say the treble is over the top. Painful. I'm a classical listener so I wanted the more neutral DT880. I have the 600 ohm version, which requires an amp. I doubt there's much of a difference between it and the 32, at least not for those who don't have the most sensitive ear pallets. The DT880 is really terrific. Incredible detail. Can't go wrong, although it's definitely not for bass heads. The bass is accurate but not as present as, for example, the HD650/6xx. I own and prefer the HD650 as well, but I'm not sure I can argue that it's "better" than the DT880. I just like it more, subjectively speaking. When you get to this level of audio equipment, it's less about "better" and more about taste. Which makes it a great buy...only a few years ago, the DT880s cost a lot more. They were worth it then. Now all the more so. Anyway, I feel confident in saying that the DT880s for $165 are significantly better than anything I know of that costs $100. That extra $60 is worth it. The more difficult question is whether going up to the $200 HD6xx is worth it.

990 do have that "rock 'n roll smile" EQ that makes your girlfriend's favorite scooped t-shirt jealous. It can be harsh, no doubt. While these are my favorite for low-level listening at work, I can't recommend them to anyone as a daily driver. They will bite your ear off if you use them for pleasure listening at any decent volume.
It's literally cheaper on Amazon, free 2 day shipping. cmon Massdrop.
Seriously people. There is virtually zero difference in between the 32 ohm versions of these and the 600 ohm versions. They all sound like a pair of DT 880s. I'd be very surprised if there were much measurable difference in characteristics between the different versions of the cans at equal SPL.

They're good cans that are easy to drive. If you don't like them, don't buy them.
In the past, maybe, but now I don't see much point for these low impedance Beyers :(
as usual no shipping to my asian country...

o well
The 880s are the best in their lineup, neutral overall, with a decent boost which enhanced upper frequencies and therefore soundstage and timbre. However, still too many amps and devices out there with a 10 Ohm output impedance. The 250 Ohm versions of these would have been better.
I run the 250’s through two different amp combinations with a 3 channel eq. Love them like a second wife.
I'd say my wife is a bit more ethed in the highs than my 880s, but I hear ya! ;)
For the people that need a 32ohm version of the DT880:

$179.99 is the same price as the DT880 Premium Chrome edition on Amazon... It may be 250 Ohms, but most people in the market for DT880s have an amp or are planning to get one. That and the fast Amazon shipping... Massdrop better up your game and get a more competitive price, like the price difference between the HD58X and HD6XX and the HD600 and HD650. Sell these for $130-$150, and you'll attract some buyers.
Does anyone know if the 32 ohm version of DT880 cord detachable?
You would either need to retrofit a detachable cable (which has been done before) or purchase the DT1990.
I have the DT880 600ohm and while I like them, they have a huge flaw. They have a huge treble peak at 10khz that makes them painful to listen to for long periods. They're only good if you have a convenient way to EQ out the 10khz peak, ideally with a parametric equalizer.
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I enjoy treble so I might be biased but I don't suffer any fatigue from the 880 600ohm. It's a great headphone to pair with the 6xx or 58x. 880 works really well with fast music where you don't need huge bass and classical.
880's treble is terrific and anyone claiming it fatigues is just a basshead with the brains of a fish.