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Beyerdynamic DT880 & DT990 32 Ohms

Beyerdynamic DT880 & DT990 32 Ohms

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I have the DT880 600ohm and while I like them, they have a huge flaw. They have a huge treble peak at 10khz that makes them painful to listen to for long periods. They're only good if you have a convenient way to EQ out the 10khz peak, ideally with a parametric equalizer.
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Maybe your ears are different but they definitely hurt mine. My stock ear-pads were also a bit compressed, which might have made it worse. I just recently switched to brand new sheepskin earpads which were much deeper and seals better. Now they sound a lot darker and the brightness issue is gone. They sound perfect now.
I've tried them with sealed pads........ the midbass gets disgustingly strong.
I agree the stock pads can be a bit shallow especially for us fellows with pop-out ears.
These? Or the HE4XX?
Anyone which would be best value between DT880 vs DT990 vs HE4xx ? I mainly listen to hip-hop and electronic and "enjoy" bass. I am upgrading from 4 yr old ath-m50. Or at the least outline the differences? I am new to nicer open back headphones
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I can try to answer. The 6xx are close to the 650s, and I have a pair. They are an amazing lol around pair. The most detailed of all. The bass isn’t super present but it is detailed, precise and tight. Probably the most balanced sounding of all in terms of treble bass and highs. Everything is where it needs to be. I have a pair of 4xx coming in. They are easier to drive and I hear they are fun to listen to with more bass, but won’t be as high resolution overall, although most wont hear that really. I also hear they are slightly more open. The beydynamics will be the easiest to drive at 32 ohms, literally with just a phone. But I hear they are hard to listen to. The 990s have more bass than the 880s but the treble is just to high on both from what I read. I want a pair really bad but I can never pull the trigger. I honestly would narrow it down to the6xx and 4xx to be honest.

Between these 2, it comes down to a few factors. The 4xx will be easier to drive, you can listen with a phone but an amp will definitely enhance it. Do not even try with the 6xx. the volume is not there and the sound is just dead without an amp.

If if you have an amp, I think the 6xx is a better all rounder. Sounds great with gaming movies and music. but remember that you will have to wait way longer. Shipping is like October for those vs July for the 4xx.

As as for the jubilees. No one has them yet but I have a pair coming in in a month. they are supposed to be much flatter sounding. I got them for the lower ohm, because they are sexy. And for the modding of course. I of purse am also just a collector and have about 11 pairs now.

Btw. All of my listening so far has been with a schiit jotunheim with a multibit dac.
dt990 or the he4xx. I'd go for the 990 because the he4xx is heavy man, 370g...
oh come on! why the 32 ohms?! these just suck... please get 600ohms or 250 at least
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I will do that. My akg and hifiman adapters are crap. Thanks man
Ironically I just recieved a balanced 4 pin cable for my hifimans and sennheisera today and yep, dead silent. Thank goodness
I have the 880 250 ohms and they're top notch. Very comfortable. Bought it as Amazon at $160+.

Not sure why it costs more on MD. Just a heads up for anyone who wants to buy, other sites have it at a lower price.
Most of the times, you can get stuff from amazon, ebay, or newegg for cheaper and with quicker shipping times compared to massdrop.
Those look really comfy.
why not 600ohm -,- these 32ohms suck -,-
Can someone help me understand the differences in 32 vs 250 vs 600 Ohm? Will these work with a standard 3.5 headphone jack/smartphone?
32 ohm should be fine with a smartphone, and most headphones use the 3.5mm 1/8" jack. Ohms used to power the speaker don't relate to the connector.
If a headphone has a higher ohm rating, it will take more power(amps) to drive that headphone to an equal volume. The need for an amplifier arises when you have headphones around 80-100 ohms that need lots of power to get to higher volumes. For example, I have a pair of Beyer Bustom Studios that are 80 ohm. My Nexus 5X can only drive them to moderate volume, while my samsung s8+ can drive them to uncomfortable volume.

EDIT: The debate of whether a higher ohm rating = better quality sound is a whole other discussion. I personally believe driving a tube amp more by using higher ohm headphones produces a fuller sound with higher gains. When it comes to solid state (regular, non-tube) amps such as the ones in motherboards and smartphones, the sound quality is the same at high and low gain/volume.
only 32 ohms version... THIS!- IS!-AUDIOPHILE!!!!! (I kick massdrop down the pit) AAAHHH!!! (my fury as I see massdrop falling in the bottomless pit).
Why so expensive? A 250 ohm DT 880 Premium Special Edition is 170 on amazon. Shouldn't massdrop have real discounts?
The 32ohm version is usually more expensive, probably due to it being easy to drive with a smartphone thus popular among those without a dedicated amp... which is most people.
I think the following links are somewhat needed information:[]=2141&graphID[]=2751&scale=30
Source: /r/headphones sidebar
The frequency response database didn't say it exactly had the 32 ohms model, but I would imagine it's still close. Read the post from Head-Fi for more info.