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Beyerdynamic DT990 All Black Everything

Beyerdynamic DT990 All Black Everything

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It seems like a lot of people are confused about what this product is and how to price shop it. Here a few tips and pointers.

1. Beyerdynamic makes four DT990 models:
DT990 premium (32, 250, and 600 ohm variants)
DT990 Pro (250 variant only)
DT990 Pro All Black (250 ohm variant only)
DT990 Premium Manufaktur (32, 250, and 600 ohm variants). Technically the same as the DT990 premium just with custom colors and parts. All audio specs are the same.

2. The DT9900 premium is selling on the big online marketplace in 250, and 600 ohm for $249 right now. The Manufaktur versions are typically only available for special order directly through Beyerdynamic or someone that partners with Beyer like Massdrop. These are more expensive than the normal premium models as they are customized by hand in Brooklyn by Beyerdynamic.

3. The Pro model is the one everyone is referencing as being $130~ which is correct and is specifically for monitoring and studio applications (not to say you can't use it for anything if that is the sound you like). This however is the cheaper Beyer model and a completely different model than the one Massdrop is selling here.

I have included images below of the four different models so you can see the visual difference. Please just note all these differences when price shopping.

Hopefully that helps clarify as I was a bit confused with all the variants at first as well.

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My comment is for all sites customers use including stores( anything where a service is provided)
Mmm hmm
How often do they drop?
i have a fetish for matte black
How do these compare to the HD650s? I had a look online, but everything's kinda confusing.
Amazon 189 plus free shipping same headphones but not black
Got an email that this drop is finally available again; but of course the 250ohm model is already sold out... AGAIN !!
Yeh whats up with that? They should let us choose all the 49 units freely so it could be possible to purchase all 49 in the 250 variant if we wanted to!!!
Knew that many people here will miss out this joke; these are the Manufaktur versions, so being customised means that they are going to be slightly more expensive. The title is a tad confusing, and that may what believe in people thinking that this is a poor deal.

Remember, the Manufaktur editions are not widely available to purchase anywhere. They're either bought directly from Beyer or their specialised partners; in this case, here.
Whats the sound leakage like on these?
I have them and it leaks a lot since they are open. Not for outside use
Why?????? Never understood this drop. I got the standard 250 ohm version for $115 on Amazon maybe 4 months back.
I don't understand it either. Does this All Black Everything version offer a different frequency response? Is the driver actually different or differently tuned? There's also a "limited" (it's always on stock) black version available on amazon
Beyer Dynamic warranty sucks.
Not a deal if you're in Europe, as per usual with Beyerdynamic.
Just adding to my comments, the 250 ohmmodels between the DT990s are sonically the same. The differences are in color and cord type ( straight vs curled). The pro model is cheap because it is more industrial. The deluxe models may (may?) look nicer, but there is no difference in drivers. The pros are very good looking anyway.
Whether this is a good price or not, these headphones look dope as hell.
Terrible deal. Great headphones though. I have the DT990 Pros 250ohm model. They work well with my Pono player, ok with iPhone, excellent with Schiit Asgard. They reveal every last detail. Pricing can be had well under $200 however through Amazon. These are well constructed, quality headphones.
$219? Ridiculous. They are $139 on Amazon right now. Do not do this drop if you read this.. Much cheaper on Amazon.